I'm not a dtube curator guys ! But I'm passionate about it ! - This is how @dtube curation could be improved !

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A lot of steemians know that I was one of the most upvoted by @dtube for months.

Of course that made me happy about the platform and I was creating videos everyday for a year.

I have more than 400 videos created on dtube, more than 100 are collaborations with steemians.

And yes, I was a curator of @dtube and not because of that I was the most upvoted, but because a lot of work I was doing.

It's the blockchain and we can't hide anything, everybody saw how much work I put in my videos and how positive I am. Even some people like @chesatochi told me once that I should work for @dtube if I'm so excited about it.

But, even though I wasn't allowed to tell that I'm a curator and I kept that in secret because that's the rule of curators in @dtube, to not talk about that. So, I respected this rule all the time, even after they removed me from the team.

So, this is what happened in that time.

One big troll in steem joined our community @dcooperation and delegated to us and showed us a big support and kept asking me about how they can be upvoted by @dtube. I told them everything I know about that, that the upvote is not guaranteed and that you just have to make quality videos and good thumbnails with your face to be noticed and try to upload in different time, because curators maynbe not online the time you posted.

Curators have only 2 hours to upvote videos. So, they are not allowed to upvote after that, unless not many hours pass and if the video is really high quality and deserves the upvote.

Anyway, hate speeches also are not allowed to upvote and people we are not sure about.

We have a lot of people just uploading videos from the web to get the upvote.

So, the troll faked a screenshot claiming that I said that only @dcooperation members should be upvoted.

But that's not true and that was a fake screenshot, it's really easy to fake anything in discord, we just write anything we want and copy and paste the picture of a name and paste it on the picture using even paint in our pc. I mean that's not that hard to fake a screenshot and that is what was done to me.

So, the things I was doing when I was a curator were :

  • Checking new video creators by interviewing them or asking them to record an introduction video.

We had even a rule in @dcooperation : to be a full member, people had to record an introduction video and put it on @dtube.

  • I was always checking the new page and those accounts who are not that supported by @dtube to support them.
  • I was reporting to @steeminator - the main curator - all the abuse I see.
  • I was still helping people in understanding how @dtube works without telling them that I'm a curator.

A lot of people are still thankful to me for my help, like @cryptospa, @rehan12, @hafizullah, @zainenn and others.

I reply to all messages in discord and never miss one and never ignore one unless it's a spam.

If you are a curator and you want to check if my words are true, just go to curation channel, write there my name in the search bar and you will see what I was upvoting before !

Recently I noticed one of the curators writing a post about being a curator in @dtube, but after contacting him, he said that I was doing shady things and that's not true.

Even if someone was not getting upvotes or is not getting them now, it deosn't mean that we can put all the blame on one curator. When I was a curator, we had 12 of them and I couldn't upvote everybody.

And if you are a curator reading this, you can check what I was upvoting, just by entering my name in the curation channel.

I was upvoting a lot of creators even if they weren't members of @dcooperation , I was upvoting art, music, vlogs and a lot of things.

I was upvoting creators like @tanbay , @romafedorov , @sergiomendes , @reseller , @priyanarc , @elsiekjay , @chesatochi , @adetorrent , @world-travel-pro , @ninjavideo , @blind-spot , @hauptmann , @sergiomendes , @enjoyinglife and many more others. Not because they delegated to @dcooperation, as they never did that. But I was upvoting them because they are great content creators. They make great and cool videos. And that's not true that I was doing favorism.

I was blamed of upvoting @behelen just because she is living in the same city where I live, but I wasn't upvoting her because of that at all. I was upvoting her because she was making really great videos.

And there is no such rule in the curation channel, to not upvote people we know. Most of curators know all creators here. We all know each other. And if you remember @steeminator , when I just joined your team, you said that we chose you because we know that you know a lot of people here !

And I hope @whack.science and other curators will check the curation channel just by writing my name there and you will see what I was upvoting. Unless that wasn't deleted. That's the only proof I had that I wasn't upvoting only @dcooperation members and I wasn't doing any shady things at all !

All steem community, can prove that all I do is helping people, showing them how to grow on @dtube and how to improve. That's not true that I was upvoting only a cercle of people, I was upvoting all quality videos.

Let me tag some people here and they will tell how helpful I am and how much I did in steem to build my reputation !

These are 42 people who are delegating to @dcooperation and I'm all upvoting them and not myself, so my steem power is distributed between them all :

@calisthenicsdrop @emsonic @robertandrew @behelen @sp-group @holgerwerner @steemflow @freecrypto @soufiani @bobaphet @hafizullah @moncia90 @indigoocean @ireenchew @eftnow @rehan12 @mamun123456 @iamjadeline @steemitbaby @thecrytotrader @camuel @paulag @mrchef111 @jeronimorubio @clicked @ireenchew @jgvinstl @dmilliz @saiful39 @ilazramusic @zekepickleman @certain @hmetu @madushanka @romafedorov @mjtravel @alokkumar121 @cryptospa @mediumjack @fruitdaddy

These people I know also can prove how useful I am to the community :

@tanbay , @josediccus , @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @joythewanderer , @zainenn , @intrepidsurfer, @binkyprod , @dearw, @eugelys, @julisavio , @mediahousent , @mvd , @yanipetkov, @ivansnz, @geekoverdose , @exzorltg, @ninjavideo

So, no one has the right to blame me for something without the proof !

I was attacked just because I was the most upvoted by dtube, all my followers were attacked, all the delegators of the community. Think what you would do if that happened to you ! But I was ignoring that to not create the drama !

I invested in steem my own money, never powered down, 2 years from my life and a lot of time helping everybody here.

I'm a dolphin now on steem, and a lot of witnesses and powerful people know me here.

Let's respect at least that and not keep blaming me and trying to put me down !

I'm still here after all, when so many great content creators left !

Even after being kicked from the team @heimindanger , I kept being positive and trying to not talk about what happened. I kept testing with you the new dtube and inviting testers to it, even knowing that's on another blockchain.

I kept upvoting dtube videos and uploading videos on dtube, I kept my positivity on !

I even created an initiative to support those videos who are not supported by dtube and that initiative is called ''Dtube Raiser'' and you upvoted that yourself. Here are the links to that : Launching ''Dtube Raiser'' - An initiative to support Dtubers !

When @nathanmars created dtube snap, I even had a little fight with him because we both wanted that to be useful for dtube and steem. So, I fought for @dtube even with a whale which could put me in big risk. So, I risked myself for @dtube.

Even though, my friends, I'm still powering up and participating in #spud and #spud2 created by @streetstyle.

Everyone knows about my initiative about connecting communities.

And even if we talk about @dcooperation members, they are also upvoted and most of them make videos, so my power delegated to the account and theirs is also going to @dtube , a part of it at least. @dtube is earning curation rewards not only from his upvote, but from the upvotes of others as well. And a lot of people know that @dtube is earning from powering down. So, the power of @steemit is not touched.

Anyways, whatever happens with me after posting this, I still want to keep suggesting good ways to improve @dtube curation.

With the initiative I've created, I already found 3 members not supported by @dtube and I shared their names and told @steeminator about that. I also told him about those accounts who are upvoted in one day with videos made by the same peson. ( I noticed some creators using 2 accounts to upload videos and both videos were upvoted in one day ).

So, the first video about ''Dtube Raiser'' was to support @ninjavideo and thanks god he is supported now.

The second was about @jeanwandimi and she was supported as well. For more details check here : ''Dtube Raiser'' is working - @ninjavideo supported - @jeanwandimi noticed

This video is also a kind of ''Dtube Raiser''

I noticed 3 creators not supported by @dtube recently.

Those are :

  • @travellit who is creating really quality videos. Just like movies and I hope they will be supported and they have nothing to do with @dcooperation . I also was upvoting them when I was a curator ! So, @travellit was chosen today to be supported by @dcooperation , sorry that our full upvote is only about $0.4, that's the maximum I can give. I'm delegating all my 5000 sp to support our delegators and members who are supporting us and I even find sometimes some power that can be destributed between quality content like yours. We have even a channel for that where anyone can share good posts of others there.

  • @navaneeth not supported for a week even if he is making great videos about books. I was also supporting him and he has nothing to do with @dcooperation or me. He was also supported by me !

  • @phoneinf is not supported as well. He has nothing to do with me or my community and I was supporting him. He is a youtuber with more than a million subscribers. He is legit as well.

I'm not creating this to create drama or something, I just have some solution for you guys.

I'm 34 years old man and I'm not the kind of people who will say bad things just because I was blamed for something I didn't do !

Here are the solutions I propose to the team :

  1. Not to upvote curators everyday with 20%. I think 5 upvotes a week are more than enough. I'm sure a lot of them are ready to work for that even with such condition. I'm ok to do that for example. If anyone really care about the community, I don't think he will dislike the idea. I know anyway that most curators don't create everyday. Unless you want to pay them liquid steem as was proposed by @reseller and I think that's even better.

  2. Not to miss someone creating good videos everyday. At least 5% upvote a week will be good to not make the creator feel that he's forgotten.

  3. You can create a bot that whitelist people and in case they are not creating that often, it will notify curators about them uploading videos and great video creators like @travellit will not be missed.

  4. Increase that 2 hours for curators to upvote. It's hard to notice all videos during that time. Anytime during the first 24 hours after uploading videos the curators could upvote videos. That will give them more time to find good videos.

  5. Create a healthy compitition between curators by giving them rewards like 100% upvote in case they are very active curating. I was one of the most active curators and I know how it's hard to do. Motivate those curators you have to find better videos and to be more active. That way, curators will not only upvote people they know, they will look for more good creators to upvote.

  6. Create a team of curators who will check if the videos are legit or not. That team can interview newcomers, tell them to create introduction videos like I was doing. Or just to help them improve in @dtube what was @dcooperation always doing all the year when I was a curator.

Don't take it personal guys, I'm just trying to help @dtube curation get better !

Let's keep our greate work in steem blockchain productive and useful for the most users.

You can also learn from @acidyo and what's he is doing with @ocd , they have really interesting curation system. Even @theycallmedan wrote once that he will be happy to delegate to them.

What if more whales delegate to @dtube , will we all happier with better steem power ?

Anyways, that's all I want to say.

Sorry for tagging you guys, I really needed that to feel better, I'm not even sleeping well after I was accused without a crime.

The other reason why I'm creating this is because a lot of dtubers still think that I'm a curator because of that troll who created drama about me. And they think I'm bad because they are not that upvoted by @dtube. But guys, even if I was a curator, you can't blame only one of them. There are about 17 curators right now. So, if something is missed, it's not by one of them, but by all of them. After all they have only 2 hours to notice your video. Maybe if that rule will be changed, less video creators will be missed.

I hope as well stuff @macron , @mercussio, @hetmasteen, @albanlaurent and even the developer @nannal and the moderator @captainbob will take a look at this.

I care about your business guys. Because we are all a community after all.

As you see I still respect your confidentiality and I didn't tell names of curators I know.

I wish you good luck. After all it's a project on the blockchain and it should be transparent.

That's me, the steemian who became a dolphin from his hard work and learning about how things work.

I'm thankful to @reseller who noticed me and nominated me as a curator.

I'm moving on, keep being positive in steem, creating vidoes, building @dcooperation and linking steem communities and helping newcomers to grow and supporting those who really need support.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here to watch my interviews

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

Check the new project we're starting with community leaders here : Our Steem Network

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Photoshop is a tool I keep learning how to use. Someone with minimal skill levels could easily change what you said and create a fake screenshot.
I think that there can be a lesson learnt and growth from this experience. You are a kind and trusting person. Perhaps too trusting? I am too. People like us sometimes trust the wrong people or give out too much information to untrustworthy people and then they take advantage and know how to trap us and exploit us.

I understand that curators have rules to follow so that they can be able to upvote certain people at certain times. For me that is not enough freedom. I want to be able to upvote whomever at any time, no matter my percentage of upvote so that they know I liked and appreciated their content. I appreciate the work that curators put in. They have to schedule time on Steemit and they dedicate mire time than maybe they can afford sometimes, it's their job, so to say.

It's a shame that some people will take advantage of someone else's transparency and make them look shady. We need to be careful who we trust and to whom we reveal certain information about ourselves and our projects. Some people, trolls, live on and strive from petty drama, and they like to create it. The best you can do now is figure out the lesson to be learnt, and go from there. Sometimes people attack us just because they are jealous. You do so much, you create so much, you are a giving person. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Don't let the troll get you down. Sometimes it's tough. I've had to limit my interaction in a certain group on a platform (not here) because I was getting flagged for posting my videos and no one ever gave me a reason as to why. It started after someone was bitching at me about my content, and was angry I was making it and sharing it. Perhaps it was just a fluke, but I suspect there was a link. It's a challenge, when people try to stop us from succeeding. Those people are mean and petty, and then again, they never received the love we did that they choose to attack others. We cannot heal their wounds, but we can learn and become better creators for it. And most importantly, never stop, never give up and always keep on creating. The truth always comes out in the end and if you can't provide enough evidence of it, trust that the universe will.

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Thanks a lot for such touchy comment. You nailed it. But mostly I'm down not because of dtube, but because I wasn't accepted in other big projects because everyone think I'm bad now. If you want to support me a bit, you can tell them why I should be in 3speak, they didn't accept me there as well.

You can do that here if you want : Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians!

Also @theycallmedan is asking about the same here : Help Bring Big Content Creators To Steem & Earn An Upvote!

An other video hosting platform will be a solution for me. I hope they will accept me there. Maybe it's the last chance for me .... .


Don't give up. They may reject you because it's so soon and they might not want to get tangled in the drama that was recently following you. Sometimes we need to give a bit of time. I suggest reaching out to them again in a few months and putting together concrete evidence, stats and such, of why you are legit and why you would be a good pick for them to include in their project, without mentioning anything that has recently happened that tarnished your name. Rise above it and then act as though it never happened, just show how good of a person and content creator you really are.

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You have my gratitude for the support you have provided. For the prosperity of DTube and the success of Steem. :)

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Thanks a lot. You deserve all that, you're really useful to the community, even if sometimes you are not that noticed. I wish all the best for every active steemian who is trying his best to spread positivity about steem.

Wow, you have done a lot. Why would someone as positive and hard working as you are be removed from the team?


I don't know my friend. They prefered to believe a troll rather than supporting the hard working guy. I hope an other powerful team in steem will notice me and invite me to do a work for them.

Wow! This is a huge post!
I actually had no idea that you were ever a DTube curator... I just thought you were an extremely passionate and helpful person.

You've helped me so much, and I can confirm that I've never been a part of the DCooperation initiative, even though it's a great community.

I'm sorry there has been so much drama, if it was the person that I think it was, then that person has created so many other dramas on the Steem Blockchain, so I hope you don't take it too personally... I don't think you did anything wrong at all, I think this person is kind of addicted to creating drama and the attention that generates.

I have no idea what's happening in the background of our little and amazing DTube community, but I'm glad you care enough to try and help and clear the waters. I think that's really important.

Thank you for everything you do!


Thanks a lot for confirming that. I wasn't defending myself after that drama, because I don't really have time for that. But now I got pissed when one curator told me that I was doing shaddy things, that means that most of them think that way and they may all not support me as before just because of that. But the most important for me is that I worked hard to build my reputation in steem, and I will not let anyone ruin my reputation even if he was a dtube curator or even someone else. I was defending my self only in discord, but it doesn't brough anything. That why I had to bring that to public. I'm not against any project in steem and I wish all of them success and I'm not criticizing them at all. I'm just sharing my feedback about the experience I had and the feeling I have now. I hope everything will go well for me after that. After all I enjoyed being on steem and I hope I will be here for a long time.

My goodness! What a great content I definitely applaud your honesty and all this ramifications I definitely think it is not easy to vote a lot of people who have bringing in so many content but I guess with your input people can learn how to upgrade their content to be better noticed I guess with whatever I have gotten from I'm definitely satisfied so I don't complain or whatsoever because I believe however it happens deep down I know my contents are good and I think you can learn one or two things from this video


Thanks a lot. I just said everything I was thinking about for a long time. That was really hard for me to keep all this inside. I feel that I'm getting depressed and my health can became worse because I'm sleeping less. But knowing that I'm not an abuser, not a spammer and doing so much for this blockchain, I better take care of my health. I still feel sad about everything happened to me, but at least I can think much less about that. That was hard for me to stay positive with those attacks and I'm feeling tired. Maybe in this case, I should for sure take a break to comeback with better powers.


I know how it feels for you to always get accused of getting voted every time sometimes people do not understand how it works and when I basically finally understood how dtube worked that was when I knew that it wasn't even easier at all I think you need to take care of yourself if you are feeling depressed because I see you are putting in a lot of work to help people who are not noticed and I said that is very selfless of you no one can definitely be perfect there must be Flaws and mistakes I no need for you to worry because you are doing a good job and I applaud you for that


Thanks a lot. I'm really glad you appreciate that.

Feedback it's always important and that's what made you part of something.


Yeah, I enjoyed being part of that really. I'm even ready to comeback if they invite me, because that was fun to curate videos and It motivated me to comment more, to follow more and to just became better in my life. I also learned a lot of things about most dapps , communities and people. That was a great experience as well.


sure thing, but you're still part because you are here, writing about this so, this pasionates you, the growing envolved in being on touch with people and having some feedback, im not frecuently comenting but when i had the time i do it, but my passion it's on music and arts directly.


That's great, I like music so much. Keep doing what you're doing.


and you too if what you're doing fills you.

I personally don't agree and think the curation team has been doing a great job, more people are upvoted than ever before. Granted I haven't posted a video in a month I am still happy to see so many different accounts get upvoted. Seems like people aren't supposed to talk about how they are or were curators, but now that cat is out of the bag isn't it? Looks like favoritism will commence for that particular dtube curator.


That was my feedback. I'm glad that more people are curated now. But I also want to clear my name. Anyway, let's see what will happen. ''Dtube Raiser'' still on and I always find people who need support. That will be my contribution to help curators. Or to help the community if you want. Thanks for your comment.

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read it later, I found in in #PYPT channel discord

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