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In case you haven't noticed, we have a direct attack on our freedom of speech. Hundreds of free speech accounts were wiped off of YouTube with no reasonable explanation. This is exactly why 3Speak was made, and right now, some of the biggest content creators in the world are without a place to post their content.

My Tweet: "With the most recent Youtube purge of freedom of speech, tag a de-platformed content creator that isn't banned from Twitter yet & let them know about the free speech platform on #Steem.

Freedom of speech is still alive, well & is immutable on #3Speak."

It seems Twitter is the last centralized platform that people are banned. However, don't hand your hat on Twitter, these creators are standing on thin ice, 3Speak is a solid rock for them to stand!

Mission: Tag a de-platformed content creator on my tweet ( with a short explanation on 3speak being a place they can have a chance to post their views.

Post a pic of your contribution in the comments below and receive a nice sized upvote.

Examples of people who have recently been banned from Youtube but are still on Twitter: @Lukewearechange ‏/ @WeAreChangeNYC ‏/ @PressForTruth ‏and countless others.


Alright, looks like I got Sinatra_Says attention.148k subs. Political commentary channel.

Would be stellar if yall would approve my application. I am ready to join the fray. I'm somewhat of an antiblogger and weaponized meme expert.

Also, have been banned for expressing my views on political subreddits and FB groups when my logic meets feelings.

You give me a chance and won't disappoint.

Also, could you give a brotha a follow? Would help me out with votes which in turn helps power the antiabuse community. I am a hodler.

I tagged @secureteam10. He was demonetized on YT a few days back.


Done 💪

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would be good to also promote platforms people can actually join. most people have complained to me 3speak isn't decentralized and requires approval to post. Dtube requires no approvals. Even if you are banned from you can still roll your own and post quite easy. .exe will be released soon.

Yea I did up a pretty good little video on the onelove twitter account for emphasizing the censored from YouTube 😉 I agree though the easy on would be!

Stoked to see that application come to reality @gray00, that’s a pretty big development ❤️

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We'll keep calling out the censored to enjoy the freedom that @Threespeak offers on #steem .

Thanks Dan for this.

Invited one more now he thinks I am twitter employee too.

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😅 thank [email protected] Will invite more people to feel the total freedom on 3speak.

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Btw on steemit is some guy called @carrioner he has 4 times deleted channel from YouTube you can check him :)

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this is an example how twitter also bans people to stop freedom of speech. so I invited kaya jones @kayajones on steemit and 3speak, she has large no. of follower of twitter
Screenshot_2019-06-06 Kaya Jones on Twitter Every time I post about Clinton, Obama or Biden within a day I get shadow banne[...].png

Tagged JFGariepy.


Done mate asa.PNG


@topcriptomoneda Bro currently were banned several content creators on youtube, I know you're a content creator on instagram, twitter, telegram, facebook and youtube. I want to invite you to #3speak without censorship to freedom of expression #Steem 💖

Done my task

Done sir




Hi Dan, cheers hope they come.


Done sir
Have a nice Day

Done, have a great day

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Hi Dan,

I did it and hope to see them here on 3speak.

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Great initiative. Thanks for doing this!

What you guys doing is amazing??? But what about all the content creators that we have already in the community and that have been working really hard to keep it alive and keep content coming and invested time and work in growing in here. Many of them are abandoned and forgotten in the mix don't you think???

I'm not saying we don't need new content creators and that we shouldn't support them. But should we also focus on the ones that have been here and have been faithful to the Steem Community??? Just saying.

3Speak is specifically for content creators who have been de-platformed off of YouTube and Twitch, etc. For most people, DTube is a great place to earn and be seen (I quit YouTube for DTube). We wanted to offer fast HD video and just as important, streaming, and to do that we can only host so many people (the cost are exponential, and without a good business plan it is easy to sink before you even get started). We are a niche specific to solve this issue.
The selection process will become much more decentralized as we introduce the community into voting which creators they want to see next on the platform from those who have applied to be on.

You know I am not hating on it. I am all for new projects. New platforms in the blockchain. Growing and bringing more people from outside. But I feel that many developers and projects right now (not only 3speak) are so focus in supporting and making sure that new users get rewards that they are forgetting about the people they have already on the blockchain and that have been putting their blood and tears in creating content in here. You know I am a Dtuber at heart but I am not against posting in different platforms if the content it is original and different. Even back when Dlive where in the Steem blockchain I was uploading some content in there. What I wanted to bring in this conversation is that I feel many projects now are neglecting the Steem Community in benefit of creators that are already doing pretty well in mainstream social media. I hope you didn't saw this as an attack to what you guys are doing. But it's just you know I am a big believe on the Steem blockchain and I feel that many content creators in here are being left being to the benefit of people that have never done anything for the community and are just joining for the $$$$$$$ not giving a lot back to the community itself. 🤔 I hope I have explained myself

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Awesome initiative. Let´s get all those deplatformed authors to our blockchain where freedom of speech is and will always be guaranteed and let everyone decide what they want to read and see. Thank you guys Dan and @threespeak, looks like you are filling a very important niche in the cyber space.

Did you notice the news channel @rt-international (website) is already on STEEM, using DTube most of the time ... Maybe it would be more attractive and pleasant for them to use 3Speak instead (because of higher upvotes, better quality and every lasting videos ...).
If you think that's interesting you may try to contact them under one of their posts.

Unpopular Opinion:
Since when is YouTube required to give everybody a platform?
Is it part of your countries government structure?
I think it is a private owned company and they can do whatever they want with their free service.

So many snowflakes complaining.
Also, it will be interesting to see all those right wing and hate speeches on 3speak. Nice bubble there.

Another one, banned some hours ago..

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Love the idea of to bring creators in a platform where they can be themself. I'm trying to push and gather the drone community here on steemit instead. Thanks so much for what you do for the platform @theycallmedan

Oh man now I wish I used that platform so that I could throw some of these free-speech folks a life ring.

Go-go Dan army!

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How do you think the proposed changes of reducing author payout to 50% will affect prospective content creators? Do you think they'll still come on board because they don't know? Or will that be something that discourages them from creating content here? Does the payout matter, or are the people coming mainly for an outlet for their material instead of potential compensation?

A good question. My own view: it will discourage people and some may leave. People left when crypto tanked. Some of us, who only create content earn little. What keeps us here is community - and the prospect of earning something. Sometime.

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Why not focus on getting all content creators? If we target only banned creators there’s a risk of the platform being viewed as only for hate speech or something. I’ll definitely be posting a travel video or two to 3Speak but if the platform is filled with white suprematism, racism, far right shows, far left shows, etc. I’d have to rethink it.

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I completely agree. I cannot find it in myself to support or share the views of a racist or white supremacist. Similarly, views from the loony left. Notwithstanding their right to express their views. In the context, however, of the principle of do no harm

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I’m fine with them having a voice but to have them own the whole platform is worrying. I’m just one person and not every site is for me so no biggie I guess

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3Speak is for deplatformed content creators. To have high-quality videos and live streaming in HD, you have to scale smart. We have DTube for the masses while 3Speak is niche focused on onboarding creators that need censorship restitance because they were/are being censored.

Oh, fair enough then

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Invited 3 people @theycallmedan who got banned on YouTube

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Found a youtuber banned in twitter.

also had a word with the other admins re Anne M Waters the party leader of The For Britain Movement getting a channel as we have lost twitter, restrictions on face book, they are banning admin at a alarming rate, almost as fast as we can make new accounts :-) . the party have a request in.
AMWaters has had twitter ban and restrictions on you tube, face book and in the real world repeatedly de platformed with violence in some instances, also willingly helped by the British police.

Good luck guys! Having at least a few big names on the Steem platform could mean a lot. Hope you have the free accounts ready. :)

Hay brother did make a video about the 3 speak project and probably trying to contact people who have been censored.

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@theycallmedan, When some lose their hard earned world then Universe silently builds a true and brotherhood world where they can express their voice freely.

Whatever happens it happens for good and in my opinion this is moving with Alignment and by that i mean, if we see this aspect in bigger picture then we will get to know that now slowly Centralised and Decentralised worlds will stand face to face.

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Done sir
Good Morning
have a great day sir


Hi Dan always excellent initiative and thanks for everything you do for Steem, but there is a plan for the youtubers that come to Steem ?. I brought one with 100K and his post did not go over 0.30. I think if we look for influencer we should reward them.
With a good plan I would look for influencer to come

It’s chicken and egg. I have 80k followers (mostly on Instagram) but its hard to get them across with confusing sign up process. And it’s also not super rewarding here as there is almost not audience for people’s work here.

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Instagram does not work for that. There people do not spend time in profiles or reading, everything is immediate. YouTube I see it more opportune to capture users for Steem because they can spend time watching a video or a live show and explain the platform well

Yes but the issues with DTube and deleting old posts were a killer for a lot of those that came over from YouTube.

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Great to know. And i will try to post my video in there too. Thanks amazing platform

Good luck to everyone. Let's do this for steem and freedom!

Hope that we will become a home to everyone that has been de-platformed.

Peace yo! Steem yo!

There's still a few things left on my check box before i start inviting my big youtube friends. But we're working on them at SteemPeak. Once they're rolling they'll come and importantly they'll stay. I hope 3speak goes super well so they'll want to use that as well.

Weedcash is really growing the community. Cannabis has a free speech zone without censorship!

Grow and blaze!

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I'm really worried that 3Speak, while having good intentions, doesn't really provide a real free speech platform. The fact that you have to apply to post a video makes it more of a publisher than a platform. that's great and all but it's not a solution to the real problem.

The application process will be decentralized to the community to vote which content creators get onboarded. We are still in alpha and building out the infrastructure. During Beta you will start to see a shift in the onboarding process.

So is it more of a gating factor to keep the volume of videos down while you build and grow? Will you eventually open it up as a platform for free expression to anyone (like YouTube used to be)? Or will it just be for the folks who have tried other platforms and been 86'd?

Good Afternoon

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