''Our Steem Network'' - Presenting Steem Communities

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''Our Steem Network'' is a network of communities that will host a show called ''Our Steem''.

Once a week we will host the show in one of those communiities and the only thing we ask from the community is to create an audio channel called ''Our Steem''.

The show was created by me @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation.

Firstly it was promoted in @mspwaves. So, @pennsif and @theycallmedan helped me to start this.

Then is was hosted in @steemsavvy thanks to the founder @jongolson and the admin @richardtaylor.

Then in ''The Ramble'' thanks to @shadowspub. You can check the recording here : Our Steem Network in ''The Ramble''

And this time it was hosted in @theinnerblocks thanks to @freedompoint.

So, we invited community leaders and in case they were busy, they could send to us a representer.

The communities that were presented are :

@steemitbloggers — Power House Creatives — by @zekepickleman
@steembasicincome — Steem Basic Income — by @josephsavage
@freewritehouse — Free Write House — by @mariannewest
@steemsavvy — Steem Savvy — by @mytechtrail
@onelovedtube — One Luv DTube — by @priyanarc
@bdcommunity — BD Community — by @blind-spot
@dtubeforum — DTube Forum — by @roger.remix
@theinnerblocks — The Inner Blocks — by @freedompoint
@dcooperation — Decentralized Collaborations — by @clixmoney
@ramblingradio — The Ramble — by @shadowspub

You can watch the youtube version here :

The next time we will have the show in ''The Ramble'' at 6 pm UTC ( GMT ) or 2 pm EST.

We will invite the leaders or representers of communities again. Each one will talk about the updates that they have. Then we will talk about the change that we will have in Steem blockchain. We will have as well a poll where everyone can participate. So, we will see how many commnities agree with the changes.

You can already vote for that here : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1/status/1135118090210086913

Here is the link to join ''The Ramble'' : https://discord.gg/3ya4kVh

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to our youtube channel here

Read the white paper of @dcooperation here : DCooperation's white paper !

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Thanks for sharing. We will invite your community to our next show as well.

Thanks to @clixmoney and @dcooperation to allowing #PowerHouseCreatives the opportunity and to @zekepickleman for doing such a great job sharing the vision and for summing up how the community works for each other on both Steemit and in the social media, generally


I was just excited to be there, proudly represent @powerhousecreatives and @dcooperation and meet the movers and shakers.

As we connect all the links on this chain, it becomes stronger and reaches further.

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Excellent work @dcooperation some of my favorite people here. 💕

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Thanks a lot. Glad you like it. ☺

Always a great to be part of the awesomeness

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Yeah, nice words. I hope to see you someday in our show. You can represent any community you want.

A very big thanks for highlighting our community and to @zekepickleman for doing such a fantastic job of representing us! Much appreciated!


You're vey welcome. Thanks. ☺

Nice to start collating, steem is growing relatively fast.


Of course. Steem is just going to the moon. ☺

Yes, Its ''Our Steem Network''


Of course. ☺

See you in the next OurSteem show!


Thanks a lot for always being there. ☺

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