Launching ''Dtube Raiser'' - An initiative to support Dtubers !

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I've been on steem blockchain more than 2 years and creating daily videos on @dtube more than a year.

I learned a lot about steem itself and how it works and a lot about @dtube as well.

I'm here for a long run and I always think about doing something useful for the community.

When I learn about something, I can clearly see the problems there and I'm solving them.

The first problem I was solving all this time, is verifing new dtubers by interviwing them, or asking them to create an introduction video, I always help them always with tips. I do all that in discord, it's not seen here, but a lot of them can prove that to you.

So, I care about the platform and seeing some people leaving it just because an issue that nobody solved, making me sad.

The next problem I want to solve, is missing dtubers by curators.

Some people create videos, and I know how it's hard to work on something and put all your energy in it and receiving almost nothing in return. Aren't we a platform that rewards users for their content ?

I know that there are a lot of initiatives that help newcomers and support them, but what about those who are here for a long time, creating and doing their best to be positive !

So, let me introduce you a new initiative called ''Dtube Raiser''.

This initiative will be to support those dtubers who are making videos everyday, but receiving less than 3 upvotes a week from @dtube.

I know that the team of curators are doing their best to not miss such people and they work hard 24 hours and 7 days a week to support everybody, but it's not enough I think, the community should also do its part.

So, I already started an initiative that's called ''qtube'' and that's to support quality posts on steemit, it doesn't matter what app used, if the quality of the post created on steemit is high, it should be supported. I'm asking members of the community, to share links of others who are not supported and creating quality in a channel in @dcooperation called ''qtube''. I can upvote one post a day there.

Now, I can also upvote one video a day, from a dtube who is not getting more than 3 upvotes a week from @dtube.

The upvote of @dcooperation is not that big, it's only about $0.35 , but we are also followed by some of our members what give us a comple upvote of $0.4 and that's not bad.

So, I'll create a channel on our discord server called ''Dtube Raiser'' and anyone can share links of videos from missed dtubers to support them. I will also try to write reports about those users, so maybe more people will support them.

Let's #makesteemgreatagain .

Thanks as well for our delegators for making this possible :

@calisthenicsdrop @emsonic @robertandrew @behelen @sp-group @holgerwerner @steemflow @freecrypto @soufiani @bobaphet @hafizullah @moncia90 @indigoocean @ireenchew @eftnow @rehan12 @mamun123456 @iamjadeline @steemitbaby @thecrytotrader @camuel @paulag @mrchef111 @jeronimorubio @clicked @ireenchew @jgvinstl @dmilliz @saiful39 @ilazramusic @zekepickleman @certain @hmetu @madushanka @romafedorov @mjtravel @alokkumar121 @mediumjack @fruitdaddy

I hope as well that these creators will support this initiative, like :

@theycallmedan, @thejohalfiles, @nathanmars, @jongolson, @mariusfebruary , @tanbay , @josediccus , @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @hauptmann , @joythewanderer , @zainenn , @intrepidsurfer, @binkyprod , @dearw, @eugelys, @julisavio , @mediahousent , @mvd , @yanipetkov, @ivansnz, @geekoverdose , @exzorltg, @elsiekjay, @kaerpediem , @uyobong , , @anttn and others.

In fact we have a lot of people who really care about everything happening here and I can't tag them all, but I let know those who are really helpful for the community !

If you also care about the platform, I'll be happy to see you supporting me in this.

Some people are on steem blockchain just because of @dtube, so let them enjoy their journey being here.

I hope as well @heimindanger, @macron , @steeminator , @captainbob will take a look at this.

I will start by @ninjavideo , he is a cool video creator, and he is getting one tiny upvote from @dtube this week.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation , the community to collaborate.

Subscribe to my youtube channel here to watch my interviews

Check the new project we're starting with community leaders here : Our Steem Network

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Thank you so much @clixmoney!

I have to admit that I'm really confused and concerned at the moment. I've been trying to work out what I've done or am doing wrong. I thought maybe it was because I started created Pixel Art tutorials instead of speaking directly at the camera... but I'm not sure that's the problem.

Of my last 8 videos, I was curated once... but if you look at the 8 videos before that I was curated 6 times... I'm just not sure what caused the 1/8 versus 6/8 difference... the 6/8 was fairly consistent with the last 6 months.

I'm wondering if it's a quality issue... I'm traveling at the moment, and so I don't have my super good camera with me, but I thought my content was more visually interesting so I'm just not sure.

I really enjoy making videos for DTube... it's given me a vehicle to share my thoughts and opinions in a way that blogging doesn't really... but I am concerned I've accidentally broken a rule I wasn't aware of... and I'm not really sure who to ask about it.

Would someone mind having a look at my channel and letting me know what I'm doing incorrectly?

Thank you!
And thanks to @clixmoney again for noticing that I've been struggling lately...


I don't think that you broke any rule, the same for me, some things changed, maybe just curators are updated and they are just learning about everything, maybe just they are not doing their work well, I don't know. But, it doesn't mean that we have to give up, we still have a lot of communities that can support even better. I think you just have to keep creating and not think that you are making something wrong. I also think a lot about that, but the curation is not depending on the quality or something else, I think it's all dependent on curators, if they are not online, not in a good mood, or just not caring, you will be always missed. If they do their work right and start to look for more quality content and not upvote only those they know, it will be much better.

It maybe as well related to the time when you upload a video, so most curators are not online that time. I hope we will have more power in the future to give more from @dcooperation , I need to take care about our delegators and those who are supporting us somehow, but still upvoting one quality content a day with ''qtube'' and I will upvote also one dtuber a day who is not getting that much support.

I already created a channel in our discord server where anyone can share links of others, I hope more people will help me find content, so I will not miss it and save some time looking always into videos.

Here is our discord server, in case you want to join and help :


Thanks @clixmoney! Okay, so that's a relief... I'd hate to think that I accidentally broke a guideline or rule... but if that doesn't seem to be the case then I'm happy.

I'll have a look at the Discord channel. Thanks so much!


You'r very welcome. ☺

Well it's quite the initiative infact it's a lovely initiative, this is helping to raise awareness on content creators with consistent contents that depicts quality in a wild range. In a nutshell let's see how it goes


Yeah, I hope more people will participate in it. It's that easy to share links of others in a discord channel. If we look at promotion channels, people always have time to share their own links there, why to not make more people promote others. I'm always checking new page in dtube instead to look only at trending or hot pages. I see there a lot of quality video creators who really need some support. If not by an upvote, at least by a comment from the community. It hurts to see people leaving because of the lack of support, that's why we all need to do something about that.

Keep up the good work for our Steem blockchain and have a great day ahead.

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Awesome initiative! We always will need all the support that we can get for the entire people within the platfom, this is an awesome family!


I'm glad you like the initiative, you'r right, we are all like a big family and we need to take care of each other. ☺

Another great initiative... I hope this initiative will help lots of newbie specially who are planning to stay but didn't get proper support and attention... Keep up the awesomeness.... :)


Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like the initiative as well. We are ready to welcome more new steemians now and we have almost everything for that.

Wow I like this initiative and caring about dtubers.


I'm glad you like it. I will make sure from now that every active dtuber will be noticed, rewarded and supported. We are as a community also have a role in improving the curation and that's a kind of contribution to the platform. I'm glad you've got the support, so my initiative is working now. You can always join our discord server and share links or names of people doing their best. Here is the link to our discord :