DCooperation's white paper !

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In DCooperation, the ''d'' refers to decentralization. So, it's a kind of decentralized cooperation.

Decentralized means it's built on a decentralized platform, being the Steem Blockchain.

Cooperation is the process of working together towards the same goals, to the same end, and it's to help grow the account.

I see it not only as a community of creators, but a large organization that will give the opportunity for every creator to profit from it. As ideologists, we can work on that all together, and improve it and create something really huge.

Contents :

  1. Collaborations.
  2. Shows:
    2.1. Our steem.
    2.2. English it.
  3. Curation.
    3.1 Delegators.
    3.2 Newcomers.
    3.3. Supporters.
    3.4. Curators.
  4. Content for upvote.
  5. Qtube ( quality posts ).
  6. International DCooperation.

1. Collaborations :

DCooperation also means Decentralized Collaborations. The main idea is to make Steemians collaborate with each other, with other Steem communities, and even with Crypto communities.

The collaboration content can be in the form of a video, audio formats, or even written works. It can be a video or audio conference, a post written together, graphics or artwork created together, or any kind of task done with more than one Steemian.

Collaborations are important to improve the relationship between members and to make the content even better.

2. Shows:

Shows allow us to meet and spend quality time together, to brainstorm ideas, which can be also a recorded content that might be interesting to share.

2.1. Our steem.

“Our Steem” is a show for Steemians to help newcomers and those who have any questions regarding Steem and Dapps. There will be a chat to allow creators to share their content, to allow us to discuss that content, and it will be promoted and even supported by our partners if they like it.

The special thing about this show is that it can be hosted in any other community as well. That way we can break the boundaries between communities and promote each other. Hence, the more communities are involved in this project, the more awesome a show it will be.

2.2. English it.

“English It” is a show to help non native speakers practise English and improve it. Since Steem is an international community, native English speakers can simply join to help non native speakers practise English to feel more confident creating content.

You can invite anyone from the web to this show, even those who are not Steemians. This way, anyone who is interested in practicing English with native speakers can join us and practice it absolutely for free. We can give them homework as well, for example, and they can then join Steem, write something on Steemit, or even to record something in @dsound or @dtube, or any other Dapps.

3. Curation.

Curation is one of the most important parts of the community. It's completely manual, and I'm @clixmoney, the only one who has access to the @dcooperation account. I have two years of experience on steem. I'm delegating all my power to the account. I upvote members who are doing something for our community.

3.1 Delegators.

We don't have that much delegators now. But, in case you want to support us, any amount of delegation is welcome. In case you want to be rewarded for that, tag me @clixmoney or inform me in our discord server and you will be rewarded depending on this : Gamification in DCooperation !

3.2 Newcomers.

Those who wish to join us must create an introduction video or post to our community. This way, we will be able to know them better and they will receive better support as well. The title should reflect that they are introducing themselves to our community, and they should use the tag #dcooperation to be found more easily by other members.

3.3. Supporters.

Supporters are those who are contributing to the community in a positive way, including those who participate in our collaborations, those who translate posts to other languages for us, and any other kind of support is also welcome.

3.4. Curators.

Any delegator can be a curator by asking me to upvote anyone they want, and they can use their deserved upvotes for that, depending on their delegation. For example: Someone who is delegating 300 SP can have 3 upvotes per week, so they will be upvoted twice and the third upvote can be given to anyone of their choosing if they ask for it to be done. In the case where they want me to inform the upvoted creator about it, I will inform them, usually with a comment from the @dcooperation account.

4. Content for upvote.

This option is for those who want to send us any type of content to be shared in the @dcooperation account. We verify the submitted content to ensure its quality and legitimacy. Then we share the submitted content on the @dcooperation. We use all the earnings to power-up the account of the creator who submitted to us, and give that creator an upvote at 100%, like we always do.

5. Qtube ( quality posts ).

We have a new initiative called ''Qtube'', where anyone can send us quality posts that are not getting the attention they deserve, and we will support it with an upvote. We have a channel on our Discord server where our members share their posts. I select one post to support. You can also share the names of people whom you think should be supported and I will look into them in the next ''Qtube'' segment.

6. International DCooperation.

This is for those who want to support the project, and to interview newcomers to give them more attention. We will have moderators from all around the world, who can interview creators in their native language and create subtitles in English. Each interviewer will also be supported by our account.

We consider each legitimate member who joins us, a partner. Hence, we should all work together to grow this account, and to put our energy towards the betterment of our community and of all Steem communities.

We are always open to new ideas to improve this community.

Kind Regards.

Here is the link to our discord server : https://discord.gg/UMAMYkP

Subscribe to our community here


My favourite part is

2.2. English it

Because it’s create value for others

Happy to see progress with DC

That's great. I will do my best to find people for that one. @jeronimorubio is very helpful, but not a lot of people are joining us with that. I hope to see you there someday. I will always tag you when I will announce the day and the time. It should be every saturday at 5 pm UTC time.

Every project in STEEM needs more people

SEVEN77 exactly FOCUSing on bringing new people to our Blockchain including Angel investors who can invest in Entrepreneurs like yourself bro :)

So keep up the good work, keep iterating, keep hustling

Don't let ego get in the way.

Don't drain your creativity.

Experiment fragile ideas.

Even if you failed before.

Don't seek perfection.

Focus on problems.

Validate demand

I am writing an online course about "how to build a collaborative enterprise".

Course Map

  • What is a collaborative enterprise
  • The commitment of the participants
  • The development of the business plan with Babele.co
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Find the funds to start
  • Find the missing skills
  • Organization in the company
  • Product manufacturing
  • Marketing, getting known
  • Sell my products

I still have 4 posts to write, the I will translate it in English. It is in French at the moment.
I am looking for partners to improve the content.

That's really great. I think we should talk about it. I like the idea.

Je parle en francais aussi, je suis un moitier Algerien mais je vie en Russie.

Je vais te contacter a discord.

The idea is to create a Steem incubator/accelerator. Each time someone has an idea to create a business, we run the course, one lesson per week, and after 10 weeks, the business is starting.

Is there a post in English about this to read ? And what's the name of this business ?

Dcooperation would be a perfect name for this ! I will finish the course then rewrite an introductory post for the accelerator.

Greetings, I liked all the information I read here ...
He called my attention, if I delegate 300 sp I would receive 3 complete votes a week without having to make the video of the newcomers? or should I make the video in addition to the delegation? I'm interested in the delegation.

No, it's not only about videos, we upvote any content created on steem. I use steemit to upvote everybody.

So if I delegate 300 SP, I will always receive 3 votes per week?

Yes, of course. Just let me know when you delegate, so I will start upvoting you.

Ok I already made a powerdown to have available, on May 28 I would be delegate you the 300 SP.

Cool, remind me when you do that please. All the work I do is manual. So, I will not miss you when you delegate.

English It!!! this week just started to post videos improving my english skills, now im abble to read books on english and im super happy for that, interviews on Pal helped me a lot to learn and speak without fear of my accent.

That's great, you can also join our community, we will make such shows sometimes. Here is the link if you are interested : https://discordapp.com/invite/G6BAWzw

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