Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians!

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Hello Everyone,

This task is a bit different from what we have usually. We would like to make a list of prominent Steemians and hence we need your help.


Find amazing video content creators(vloggers, technical reviewers, blockchain/ Crypto influencers etc.) who are having highly engaged audience or who are deplatformed/ demonetised from other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. More info in TO DO section below


  • Every valid entry is eligible for a small upvote on their comment based on our own discretion.


Start date: 04 - June - 2019
End date: 11 - June - 2019 12AM UTC


Upvote & Resteem this post if you are participating.


  • Mention/Tag steemians in comment section of this post as per following criteria:
  • a deplatformed or demonetised content creator (creator should have been demonetised or deplatformed from social media sites such as YouTube, twitter, facebook etc).
  • a great citizen journalist with a good following on you tube such as @lukewearechange or @pressfortruth.
  • a blockchain/Crypto influencer with a good following on other platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. such as @crypto-daily .
  • You can tag as many Steemians you think who can satisfy any of the above conditions. But please don't overdo it!
  • Also, mention the reason and provide evidence to show why the content creators you are suggesting meet any of the above 3 criteria. [This step is most important. No rewards will be given if this is skipped by the participant]
  • If you are suggesting a Youtuber, they should have more than 40k subscribers. A few examples of such content creators will be mentioned in one of the below section.


  • Please do not use multiple accounts to make multiple comments. Only one comment per user is allowed. Mention all the suggested users and their reasons in the same comment. You can edit them before the payout day of this post.
  • No spamming allowed.
  • In case you are not sure what you are doing, please do not participate.
  • Do not mention anything in comments unless it is related to the task itself.
  • If you do not adhere to above points of this section, you might risk getting downvoted.


Please check this list of Steemians for example:

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The YouTube Channel is a relic... they've put it into a bizarre state where everything, including videos of Tommy handing a crowd funded electric wheelchair to a disabled child, are restricted...

Tommy isn't what the media portray him to be, and he never was.

Those of us working with him are absolutely determined to route around the big tech censors and that's one of the reasons I love having his material posted on Steem.

We should be posting his next video direct to 3speak later today.

If the media can make milquetoast Dave Rubin into an evil monster, Tommy Robinson is a walk in the park! lol

@brianoflondon you were gifted 150 Hobo tokens for believing in free speech.

The Hobo token will be the token that will bring the world truly decentralized journalism on Steem.

I've been following his account since day 1 on STEEM because I was curious about him given all the news, and at no point since did I think: this guy deserves to be silenced and attacked constantly. Maybe that makes me far-right sympathizer!

Or maybe you just don't like it when people are silenced for voicing unpopular opinions. Me, I don't necessarily agree with his politics, but it's accounts like these that are the reason decentralized platforms like the Steem blockchain exist... to give a platform for all types of opinions and views. It's up to the users to follow him or not.

I agree! Wanting to silence people just shows an inability to challenge people's ideas out in the open. People who have uninformed beliefs are those who seek to silence others. Whether or not their beliefs are correct, they don't have the ability to defend them, often because they are just parroting some thought leader. I am glad we have the ability to overcome that here. Cheers!

@joshman you were gifted 150 Hobo tokens for believing in free speech.

The Hobo token will be the token that will bring the world truly decentralized journalism on Steem.

Great task, hope its a best search for this contest.

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Someone who hasn't been mentioned yet would be: @laowhy86
Sadly, he isn't active anymore, but he's a pretty well-known China vlogger who has been demonetized by Youtube in the past. He even had his entire comment section blocked for a while.

I think his monetization might be back now, but I know 100% sure this was an issue in the past.

Source: https://www.patreon.com/posts/well-this-just-17128734

His Youtube channel:

An interesting post of his on why he initially joined Steem, also talks about censorship.


Category (3) Blockchain Influencer: How about: Ivan on Tech
200k+ subscribers on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/LiljeqvistIvan
Reason: Prominent speaker on blockchain technology.
Admittedly quiet on Steem but prolific content creator with typically 10,000+ views on each daily video

Did you watch his recent video where he declared STEEM has failed?

Hi Joshman - I'm afraid I didn't see it all but I know he mentioned that the bots have taken over on Steem. The rise of the bots are a reason to be concerned this is true - but I still see real engagement, I see it here on this page. I still see innovation on Steem, I see communities working together and genuine people being rewarded for completing valuable work. People can always change their mind: I read somewhere that a CEO of Microsoft once said he didn't think the iPhone would take any significant market share... I'd like to bet that he changed his mind...

Yes, that was his stated reason for while it has failed, but those were his words. Just curious. I mirrored your sentiments in the youtube comments.
at 9:45 is you want to listen for yourself.

Nice described to this question ans..

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@daviddoel is the host of the progressive news show "The Rational National" He has 195k Followers on Youtube and is being demonetized heavily

There's also @thejimmydoreshow
He has 564k Followers on Youtube and while he doesn't talk much about being demonetized I can't imagine he isn't getting demonetized with what he talks about.

I think they both tried Steemit, but didn't really get traction and left.

"I think they both tried Steemit, but didn't really get traction and left."
Seems like a fairly large club. I wonder how many of them even still have their keys!?

Check out James Corbett of the Corbett Report - @corbettreport - he has not been 'deplatformed' (yet) but his videos are being hidden by YouTube algorithms. Some of these videos even reached 5 million views but you can't find them even using the 'exact title' in the search.
@theouterlight has been deplatformed but is regularly posting to Steem/Steemit and DTube. Same goes for @titusfrost.
All of these content creators often recommend/mention Steem/Steemit/DTube in their videos and I think deserve more attention and consideration.
Thanks, great idea!

Deplatformed and restored severally

Here is Brennon O'Neill, a YouTuber who stream video games
Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/GoldGloveTV
O'Neill boasts a strong following of over 1.3 million subscribers who have garnered him a staggering 323,082,349 views.

A great citizen journalist

William Jacobson is a Cornell University law professor was definitely popular in the conservative corners of the video-sharing. He hosts a channel tagged "Legal Insurrection" He was once terminated, but still youtubing

Crypto Influencer

@crypto.piotr has amazing marketing skills though may not be liked by many, but He;s doing a great job. He has a followership base of 4144 on Steem and has as much as 100 comments + on a single post

I wish to Add that you may Scout for Celebrities and Brands with top followership on facebook and Instagram to join us here. It would be a great booster for us here on Steem:

Dear @uyobong

crypto.piotr has amazing marketing skills though may not be liked by many

I'm speachless hahaha. Im fully aware that several people dislike me on this platform but majority of users seem to be very positive and loyal towards me :) lol


Yeah friend, we know what you carry as well as understand your motive, but some do not. Though, keep doing great jobs.

Was gonna recommend you. Seems someone already beat me to it. @crypto.piotr

Yep @crypto.piotr ...

"...majority of users seem to be very positive ..."

... I was very positive toward you in my recent "annual highlights" post, but ... You never even visited it, as far as I can see ... 😉

I'm sure you were busy, so not to worry ...


They were deplatformed from Facebook recently. I saw a tweet stating it and told them to come back to Steem as it was censorship resistant (no response). Seems they left 8mths ago due to issues uploading to dtube.

1.2 million YT subscribers

Might be worth reaching out to them.

That's a great find Justine. Appreciate your response. Cheers!!
We can certainly reach out to them and try once more. :)) Let's hope for the best. We should not miss on such talent.

Those guys are a riot! I didn't know they were on here! Love em!

Here, I will like to mention @ehiboss as a prominent Steemian and an influencer, particularly in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. He's the brain behind the "SteemIT in Nigeria" (SIN) event which has been creating massive waves on air (within and beyond the crypto space) and has been one of the avenues to create massive adoption of the Steem blockchain in Africa.

The third annual edition (SIN3) of this event is coming up in August (UYO, Southern Nigeria) and no doubt, it will see many attendees signing up into the Steem blockchain.

i second this

@datadashofficial https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCatR7nWbYrkVXdxXb4cGXw
He has 315k subscribers and has an old steem account

I mentioned steem last time I spoke to him and he seemed surprised at the development. I have his nr if you want to get in touch. Let me know on discord.

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He's a good guy. I'd probably let him date my sister. JK
I do frequently watch his stuff though, and it's good.

First of all, thank you sir for giving us a chance to share the name of some amazing steemians. I am very happy to nominate @stephenkendal,
He is the who is giving us technical analysis on different coins and promoting steem and other coin.

This man has been using his content to drive people to the steem blockchain. He has over 193k subscribers.



steemit username: https://steemit.com/@boxmining

@Rok-sivante has been a man who has put smiles in the heart of so many steemians, it will be bad not nominating him. He is very supportive, in fact, he singlehandedly solved my problem back then. He is full of love for the steem blockchain and ready to take to an apex height. One thing I love about him is that after the support, he will always tell you to pay it forward i.e, do same to others and never ask for anything in return.

When you talking of prominent people who have impacted and who are still impacting to the steem blockchain without thinking of what they will get in return, am going to mention @roundbeargames. This dude has been supportive to those steemians he has come across with. If you engage fairly with his post, there is some reward he dishes out at the end. He is simply a cool guy and is after seeing steem grows. He actually owns a YouTube channel where he talked about Steem and the game he is developing.

You can check that here


Boxmining says STEEM is shit.


I'm gonna nominate @dougpolkcrypto. Although he hasn't been active on steem or youtube lately, he usually is very informative and funny.

He has over 190k subs on youtube. Plus he has his own crypto content website, coincental.com, in which at one point he talked about the potential of the steem blockchain with @andrarchy.



Doug Polk Crypto is a great cryptocurrency influencer on Youtube with 191,048 subscribers. However, its been 2 months he made his last video with 48K views. I think there is a need to call him out.


Suppoman with Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/user/Suppoman2011/ is another hitman crypto influencer with 140,995 subscribers. He is current with his last video hosted 4 days ago.


Crypto Coin News with 124,129 subscribers
(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkpt3vvZ0Y0wvTX2L-lkxsg/) is supposed to be another Cryptocurrency influencer on Youtube. Yet, it appears that all videos on the blog have been deleted.

Thank you @Oracle-d for this awesome task. I hope it has a way of building Steem


lel we have preached to make a YouTuber quality tag for month and now that the rats are leaving the ship people wake up. Why dont you use your reach and ask the Steemit Inc. Team why on earth they dont have used their 32 Million (32000000) SP Account to reward YouTubers?

I think @theycallmedan & @nathanmars afterwards @mariusfebruary afterthen @adetorrent

@theycallmedan is one of the best dtuber and he support all good content creator.He is an extraordinary person in my eyes.It is his dtubè post he always try to give support any way that's proved
He is a donator man.He work Compagnie. He entrepreneur of sven77 family. He is a good ideal person
it is his dtube post. He always try to give support twitter push up people and sven77 family's.

He is a big delegator.He give sp delegation to good quality content people.He work with @dsound.He is a great musical man.He play excellent piano.

And it is my recent dtube post please watch and comment How's that?

Out of the video makers that I follow here on Steem, @adetorrent is my favorite. His video production covers a variety of topics but they are always interesting, well-made, reasonably long and entertaining. The comment engagement under his video posts is usually pretty high so I guess Ade is popular with a lot of other Steemians too :)

@boxmining - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxODjeUwZHk3p-7TU-IsDOA

There's several others in the follow list on my alt account @steempatron if anyone needs inspiration. It's basically the reason that account exists, so I will be adding the ones from this list as well!


Michael McIntee is a great citizen journalist with an 88k subscribers on youtube. He is a former network TV news executive with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience.

Here are a few steemians which has a great impact on the blockchain community here in Malaysia.

So many more ... the list would be extremely long.

And also @bitrocker2020 the guy who single handed grow and support Malaysia Steem and Blockchain community.

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I think sumit kappor @moneyguruu is an great option.
he has way more than 40K subscriber on you tube

and only because of him I am here on steemit platform, not only me he influence thousands of people to get on steem, he make an hole series of video to motivate beginners. this is one of the video link

of him. i contact him to get active on steem again (not replied )

Gosh, there are some good people on Steemit that it's hard to remember them all but here I go.

First, I'd like to nominate @nathanmars if you don't know about this fella I guess it's time for you to give him a look. The Sensei has been promoting #steem arduously via the "Twitter Hustle" and the highly famous #Seven77 challenge which is revolutionizing twitter and steem overall, I'm also a proud member of the #Seven77 family.

I'd like to also recommend @jaynie founder and proud member of @steemitbloggers AKA #Powerhousecreatives which is one of the best communities around.

There are many more, I'll update this comment. Great way to find the best around in order to get this ship moving. Regards!

I wanted to mention Nathan. Good going man. His activities on Twitter has been really beneficial to the community.

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He's surely done a lot for our community. You should mention him as well bro, to make more noise. Regards bro.

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Thanks for this task!
Here i would love to mention @nathanmars, this guy is real and trying to add real value to our platform. You can see it on his Twitter profile and also on steemit profile.
His twitter link is given below, He also offered @ned that he will work for him for free. But I don't think he received a response from our beloved @ned. @nathanmars is inviting the people on our beloved platform steemit, he is giving prizes etc etc.

His youtube channel.


You forgot to mention the steemit pushup challenge on Twitter. That campaign has been amazing.

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@nathanmars is the most helpful and hardworking person on the blockchain who leading seven77 steem revolution to get mass adoption of steem and making steem value $7.77 again. He successfully engaged around 300 members to participate and promote the steem block chain on twitter.

@firepower is the most influential and amazing personality on the block chain I know here. He provide every information with great details and both pros and cons with out any bias. I am sure hundreds of Steemians learn something about block chain and crypto everyday through his posts.

Evidence : 23800+ active followers are following and engaging with his content. He is great influential personality for the readers.

@exyle is another most amazing personality on blockchain who has great influential on readers. He share things with super analysis. He gives very optimism for Steemians and inspire to contribute value to the blockchain.

Evidence : He done multiple posts on price of steem and future of it which garnered very positive engagement among his 17000+ followers.


Twitter followers- 36.5k

Youtube account name- Naomi Brockwell
9,523 subscribers



I brought her to the platform, she even gave a podcast in our discord, it's youtuber with 119,000 subscribers. He had problems uploading the videos to dtube and he retired. Could I look for it again? Would you support it?

this is your channel

Not sure anyone mentioned her yet, @heiditravels having 49k subscribers on her YouTube channel,

She also has 19.3k followers on Twitter

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My nomination is @felt.buzz. What can I say about? @felt.buzz is one of the most regular and helpfull account on Steemit. I feel very good whenever i interact with that account. @felt.buzz do everything great on Steemit. Writting many, Dtube vlog everyday, Actifit with photos, Tweeting about Steemit. And @felt.buzz do these everyday since I know.

Congratulations @felt.buzz You are already a Steemit mentor for me.

Here is a sample from @felt.buzz daily.

It has 71K subscribers and has a special teaching academy on this subject in udemy. He teaches how to professionally blog in steemit and I think he does an excellent job.

This article translated @Oracle-D.tasks Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians! into Japanese. I arranged a little.


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I'm surprised I'm the first one to tag her, @coruscate is one of the best content creator here on steem. She helped onboarding several users and is always on top of the crypto-game.

I mention also @silentscreamer which made recently a Patreon account too to get support. Her music is relaxing, charming and crispy!

I would say

@chbartist He is an artist in steemit and having 15409 followers as on date. He puts quality content in the platform through meaningful and motivational articles. Since his very good so you can see good number of user engagement with all his posts. I am following him since last 6 months and he never posted anything which is not useful and knowledgeable.
He recently started his youtube channel but this is initial stage.


So in all his posts you can see hard work to draft the amazing content. This is a prominent account in steemit.

@moneyguruu He is the one who joined steemit 1 year back and have over 4.5 followers here but not active in steemit since last 9 month.
He is very active in Youtube Channel and have 356k subscribers. He shares the update about cryptocurrencies in his YTchannel.


Sorry I don't resteem with my 9 followers, but I leave an upvote. Like the promo task! Followed

Perhaps you have come across @careywedler who makes video’s promoting peace and freedom. If you watch this 80 second video on her Patreon page - it's a great summary: https://www.patreon.com/CareyWedler

Definitely meets your criteria (1) considering she has been banned/suspended from Facebook and Twitter (Link: https://steemit.com/dtube/@careywedler/r39oin8b) and Carey meets your criteria (2) being a writer/editor/author with over 50,000 subscribers on you tube.
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CareyWedler
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs84giQmEVI8NXXg78Fvk2g

I would like to nominate @sumit1998 as a prominent steemian. He has left using Facebook in June 2017, yes he is he has to many photos on his Facebook wall but all are from there friends.

This picture content officially last post from @sumit1998 on Facebook after that I think he only used Facebook several in last two year only for accepting some friends requests including my.
Because of him I am here he is very passionate on steemit

Blockchain influencer: How about: Ivan on Tech
Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/LiljeqvistIvan
Cause: blockchain prominent speaker with technology.

Regardless of his politics, he is a pretty prominent author and personality in the far-right.

hope you search it sir @oracle-d and @theycallmedan

Yeah, I see @oshsigurdson in the the list, that's good. He is one I would recommend for 3Speak.

Someone else who could be good is @clixmoney, who was recently deplatoformed from Twiiter and demonetised on YouTube because he promotes Steem, Steemit and Dtube. YT especially is very picky about promoting platforms that are not it, and Twitter keeps changing its rules, it's difficult to keep up.

I personally think @clixmoney would be an incredible addition to 3speak


Hope to see him with 3Speak soon

@clixmoney has been extremely helpful to me navigating the DTube world and supporting me when it doesn't always go well. I think he'd be an incredible addition to 3speak.


BlockWolf offers cryptocurrency reviews, news, market recaps, interviews, and topics of the week. 3.6K YouTube subscribers


Great way to finding good steemains,So helpfull task sir

I just mention this steemain
@zockerlounge for this task.

Her you tube channel here :


Although there have small subscriber but he have lot of platform for sharing.

Another social platform of @zockerlounge



And for more details visite her Steemit Blog.


Another helpful project from @oracle-d and oracle-d.tasks. Thank you for your help to steemit users. Thank you again

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hello @oracle-d.tasks, I want to participate but don't qualify. do not have that many subscribe.

I would like to mention @nathanmars.
He is really hard working to make steemit a better platform. He is also encouraging steemians to post in social media websites like twitter to promote steem and increase it's value again. He also started #Seven77 movement in which you have to post in twitter by doing 7 pushups for Seven77 days. More than 300 plus steemians are participating in seven77 challenge.He also supports them by upvoting their posts. He is most inspirational steemian.



Surfermarly whole life the hardest challenge has always been to not do anything at all. I've always found the biggest pleasure in being active, learning new things and discovering the world.
Are you looking for some inspiration on how to find your personal happiness and become successful in business at the same time? Then you'll probably enjoy Surfermarly channel!

Surfermarly a surfergirl and vlogger who loves the Ocean as well as being on stage and talking about her vlogging success. Surfermarly still relatively short life I've learned that we rise by lifting others. So here to share some of my experiences, knowledge and stories with you.

124 YT subscribers


I don't have any other person that I can made mention if not @roundbeargames, the guys is really doing a great work in steemit Blockchain, once he know you as a newbie on steemit he gives you a full support and assist you in all ramifications. So I nominate him

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@peterjap @ifyredeemer @prettyglo

Kondzilla is a producer and has produced more than 685 video clips. He boasts of about 31 million followers, he gains his popularity from directing the DVD "Musica popular Caicara" by the rock band Charlie Brown Jr and “Imaginação”
by MC Boy do Charmes.

His YouTube channel

A Great Citizen Journalist

Journalist and New Media Producer Ahmed Shihab-Eldin shares his philosophies on the future of journalism boasting of 891 subscribers



YouTube account name- Bang Owner99
140 subscribers

Generally you are a Singer.

I introduce you a person who helped me a lot to understand crypto also steem. Yes he is @stephenkendal a humble and great person who always promote steem in very well direction. I've mentioned his steem, twitter and youtube profile link.





steemian Famous indeed very many twlah become seniors, they are already very good on various platforms

people should already be here

Steemit account name @robcubbon

This man youtube channel with 8.8k subscriber.


She also has 4.3k Plus followers on Twitter



Colin Talks Crypto have been in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. Colin Talks Crypto is a cryptocurrency​-focused YouTube channel, created in June 2018.

• He believe crypto will make the world a better place.
• Cryptocurrency is the vehicle by which mankind can free itself from the abuses of money.

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqJ2HjWhm7MbhgFHLUENfQ/about with 12k subscribers.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/ColinTCrypto
Followers- 1941

I think that @trevonjb has a amazing history behind crypto and steem, also his analysis made success in many others platforms.

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Great! We are going to hunt wonderful talents! Let me check :)

@oracle-d.tasks and @oracle-d Team, After watching actions of YouTube now it became really important to understand the true value of Decentralised System and specially Steem Blockchain where we are free to express.

And specially 3 SPEAK platform is the place for those whose voice is getting suppressed on Centralised Platforms. Now it's important to push this Decentralised Ecosystem in this world.

Keep up team and stay blessed.

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A good initiative, good vibes for all who nominate.

It's never too late but I hope this comment gets seen too.
@oracle-d.tasks @oracle-d

Here is Kristen:


She is still on youtube,instagram and fb... but she was complaining about her videos being removed from all of these platforms.

Her channel has 250k subs, awesome videos skills and presentation. And... she is sharpshooter and trickshooter + could be a new beautiful face of steem/3speak. :D


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