HELLO AUTUMN! I steal the leaves (Original Atumn seasonal song)+ Autumn Fairy photoshoot + Mabon Blessing

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Hello Autumn... Sharing my original (and maybe most popular song "I steal the leaves") A riddle to understand the duality of every thing in nature flowing and trapping you in its eternal paradox. I share this song to celebrate and welcome the new season. Yesterday I celebrated the Equinnox doing an acoustic concert in the woods... I will cover that in a forthcoming post as soon as I can review the pictures and hopefully video footage. But as I made a little fantasy fairy ritual with this song and as the new season has started felt like sharing this song of mine (probably one of my most known) as well as my impersonation of Autumn. All photos from last fall now for the first time compiled together. Emperor Moth wings were made by my friends and designers from El Costurero Real. Gown and crown handmade by myself.

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

You can also play this song from this window on Soundcloud.

You can also listen to it from my Choon site

Mabon Blessings

Mabon (or second Harvest) is a time to celebrate Mother Nature for all it has provided... It is also the Autumn Equinnox. Day and Night the same length now on days will turn shorter and darker as we move into bare and cold winter. Autumn is such a romantic season, the colours, the smells, the damp forest full of mushrooms... Yesterday I celebrated it welcoming the Fall giving an outdoors concert in the woods, in Orgi Forest (Navarre). And I sang of course this song "I steal the leaves" as it is in fact one of my oldest but most popular, but just right and seasonal for the time of the year we are entering. As I sang this song I wore this dress I'm sharing in the pictures with wings made by my friends from
El Costurero Real(a fantasy clothing brand) and a gown and crown made by myself.

What do you like best of Autumn? Let me know! :)

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Above me with self-made DIY crown made with foraged goods (pines, granches and dried fungi) + upcycled materials

Wether It's Halloween, the colors, the leaves, pumpkin spice, the romantic foggy mornings, the droplets on cobwebs. Autumn is the best season to enjoy a cup of tea (or soup) while you watch the gentle rain. It's a moody and mystical one and I find it utterly romantic. What do you love best about Autumn?
I know the days are turning shorter now but that also call for introspection and more time indoors usually increases my productivity and tend to be the time of the year I paint and draw more...
Countless cups of tea and coffee by an artist messy desktop. :)

Tell me... what's your favourite thing about Autumn?

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-10.jpg

Above, me holding a chestut leave

I was born in an island with no marked seasons...

I grew up in the Canary Islands. There we do not have a marked change of seasons... as Temperature is mild and warm the entire year and most forests are evergreen. Still I wrote this song while living there being Autumn something I could only see in movies and in books... but when I moved to the Spanish mainland and beheld the turning of the colours for the first time I was mesmerized. It was magical... And though I will certainly miss Summer bathing in ponds and creeks... but when the ferns turn golden and the trees turn red, I also shift colours. I do wear green in Summer and slowly turn into ochres and browns in Autumn...

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-2.jpg

Above: Emperor Moth Wings designed by my friends"El Costurero Real". Gown and crown made by myself.

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-9.jpg

A song about duality and contradictions, but also about balance

I steal the leaves
but I'll bring them back in Spring

I steal the leaves - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-3.jpg

Above, filming some Autumn Scenes during a misty foggy day. Hopefully revamping this song with a video during this Fall

A riddle to understand the duality of every thing in nature flowing and trapping you in its eternal paradox. Lights and shades alone are uneven; they need to intermingle to bring the balance. This was the first song I ever put on the internet back in 2002. It gave name to my first demo and was included in my first album Ancient Shadows.
The song itself has had many recordings and different moods, and in fact I'm sharing here an extensive photoshoot from last Fall with footage and stills that will be probably be included in a video for a new version of it. (There have been several videos for this song as well). But to say Hello Autumn I share the song as it was released and pictures I made all throughout last Autumn. Waiting for the leaves to shift colours now to make more and finish filming.
I will try to re-record this version or maybe share a live version of it once the autumn colours are at its peak.

I steal the leaves (Poem / Lyrics)

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-8.jpg

I steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring
I bring the daylight with my spells
That light will fade where my shadow dwells
My voice arises in this song
that brings a silence deeper than a tomb
And I could grant any wish you dream
for all the promises I shall not keep
this way we're linked in each other's chains
and thus the cycle runs again
I am the chaos that brings the order back
Rush every second and then stop the time
As dead and breathless as any newborn life
Can be both shapeless or graceful like swans are
I... I... I steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring
And I could grant any wish you dream
For all the promises I shall not keep
This way we're linked in each other's chains
And thus the cycle runs again
I'm the open window. I am the closed door
When I say maybe. I state not anymore I am your courage/ I am your inner doubt
When I push forward I make you step back
I... I... steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring
I steal the leaves

I steal the leaves - autumn fairy - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-6.jpg

Whats's your favourite season?

I cannot really chose one season over another, I celebrate each one of them, the blooms in Spring, the green in Summer, the Fall in Autumn, the snow in Winter.
So I hope you enjoyed your Summer... as I say in my Summer song "Grow"

As seasons flow
once more it all turns bare and cold
but save green in your heart

The Seasons project

During the years I've inspired many songs in the seasons... but there are some songs specifically made as seasonal. Most of them have their own videos and will be eventually included in a a seasonal compilation.

I steal the Leaves (Autumn) is part of a "Seasons" project along with Grow (Summer), Northern Lights (Winter) and The waking of Spring(Spring) and "Northern Lights"

Listen to other songs in "Seasons"

Listen to other songs in "Seasons"

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Yesterday, here in Oregon was a quintessential Fall day, leaves turning before your eyes, clear skies with the occasional wispy cloud. What really hits Fall for me, is the perfect breeze with that Fall smell, you don't get it any other season, it's like "FallWind" swoopy doopy breezy easy hit your face with leaves turning. Love this song and every time a little unique and different feel throughout these decades, ever changing like the breeze.
I harvested a bunch of yum yummies from my garden and made a little recipe post to add to it. Today for Aries Full Moon, hoping to harvest my Mugwort....Happy Full Moon to you and @hedac

picture from web

I think you have even played it on occassion I can't recall but pretty sure you have done it... yes it has shifted, changed time and time again, through the seasons... I made a videoclip more than a decade ago for the primitive version but It's conveniently hidden now :) so those pics are from an attempt to film footage last year and I hope to have the chance to make a proper video for it, being my most popular song, there are countless unofficial videos of it on youtube but it's not present on my own channel hahaha :) but maybe I'll play it simple this time. Awww yummies from your garden, sounds tasty... By the way you tagged the wrong hector, our hector is @hedac :) I'm sure we'll cross paths again Kimmy, but meanwhile remember we're both under the same Moon.

dooh!! I'm actually getting my eyes checked this week and new glasses, been so bizarro I have to check everything... changing now ..

I think that was more of a brain fart LOL....

LOL hahhaaha ... Hugs! :) liking your avatar, looks groovy!

You look so pretty in that moth-wing-dress @yidneth :-) The colors are just beautiful with the autumn-colored background and to complete the mental picture you've given us "I Steal the Leaves"...

What do you love best about Autumn?

Definitely the colors! Finding, collecting and then drying, between books and newspapers, the most beautifully colored autumn-leaves, was a great pastime as a kid.

And if they were totally dry and you gently tapped it with an old toothbrush, you could even reduce the leaf to it's skeleton:

We were leaf-stealers alright ;-) Thanks so much @yidneth, for another perfectly dreamy post 😍💖

Simply wonderful and I shared your music with my friends this weekend. Especially the one who wished me a happy Mabon as she arrived :)

That moth winged cape is so dreamy! I am currently obsessed with putting butterflies in my current Singularity paintings their movement colour and what they represent being so powerful to me :)

I have always felt obsessed about moths, love butteflies too but I am more moth than butterfly. My friends from El Costurero Real (a fantasy clothing brand) make these. There are countless of fake Chinese replicas on ebay but these are the originals and so finely printed they look so real. I'm so happy and honoured you shared my work with your friends, and Mabon Blessings to you too

And to you as well. Do you have a link to your friends fantasy clothing brand?

It's called El Costurero Real, it's credited and linked in the article :). My affiliate link is longer so it's up there. :)

I don't know how I missed it! I think being back from two days unplugged and then the panic of the hard fork has made me a bit online oblivious as of late. :)

Autumn is my favorite. Especially crunchy leaves. Fantastic song as usual, but I want my leaves back. And is that a butterfly cape? It looks like butterfly pattern, also very pretty. Pretty song, pretty leaves, pretty pictures, it has it all.

Thanks so much Eon :) this one is an oldie but goodie. It has had many versions and in fact the photos are from last fall as I started to plot a remake of it. This version in this post is the one from my album Ancient shadows, but I fancy to give it new shape from time to time. I happen to live by the biggest beechwood in Europe and when Autumn comes this is like the realms of fae. The Cloak is a MOTH cape... I'm obsessed with moths, more even than with butterflies

Beautiful, as always, my dear friend! This song is almost heavy musically! I love the idea of "I steal the leaves, but I bring them back in spring". Somewhat mischievous, yet doing us all a great favor by doing so.

Autumn? For me, it's the colors. The reds and yellows and brown shades being hopelessly fought off by the last fading of the green. And the way the sun shines off of the new colors. Watching a leaf tumble from the sky, slowly to the ground, its final home at last. I love autumn...

Yes Autumn light is somehow magical... filtered through the reds and golden sounds... Yes the song is a paradox itself but it also mean there is a balance for everything and we must be patient as cycles run their times of scarcity and wealth (in many ways) It's a song about contradictions as a way to balance, and actually there was a super crappppppy demo of this song back in mp3.com times... (hope that version is not available anywhere oh my) hahaha :) I was learning. Still learning but well you know what I mean.

I kind of thought this may have sounded familiar from back in that time. I also see your Autumn in the song as a character. A sort of Robin Hood,if you will. Except she gives back to all of those who she took from before. A borrower. Either way...it's lovely, Pris. I love your songs! And I love the way you present them. A whole package!

Yes there was a very old version back then, though every season the song shifts a little and renews...
and thus the cycle runs again
thanks for the lovely compliment,Dino

Gosh, always such a gorgeous post, @yidneth ! I love your photos ! They are well choreographed, and the costumes are always so gorgeous <3 Emperor Moth Wings is one of my favourites out of your costumes <3 Absolutely wonderful, and you really captured the autumn in these shots ! Very lovely post <3

The song is old but yesterday I sang it in the woods for the Equinnox as I had a concert to welcome the season. So I sang it and thought about sharing it here. This version is the one in my first album, but the photos are recent, precisely from last Fall when I tried to film a videoclip for it ( it would be its second), season ended though before we could complete it so when the leaves turn colours I'll be ready to capture more of it. I made the dress and crown but the moth wings are made by my friends from the clothing brand El Costurero Real
El Costurero Real And they are SUPER amazing. Visiting them early October as they're launching a new store in Barcelona and there I'll be singing for them at their opening too.

Happy Mabon, my friend! Love the song, and the moth wings, and... well, all of it. The crown is divine, too. Thank you for sharing this here!

The wings are made by my friends from
El Costurero Real They make amazing fantasy garments. I'm visiting them shortly. They do amazing things. The gown and crown I made myself upcycling things and fabrics. I started filming some scenes last year and intention is to finish it this season (though the song itself is very old) I filmed a really horrible videoclip many years ago hahaha XD that it's conveniently hidden hahaha :) and fancy to give it a new "face" thus the dress and pics... but autumn ended last year before I could finish it.

Hola. Las fotos están espectaculares. La música muy bella, gran contenido estético, me gustó la fusión con el arpa. La felicito por todo ello. Un abrazo musical desde Venezuela.

Muchísimas gracias, la canción tiene sus años pero las foto son del pasado Otoño... siempre por estas fechas retorno a este tema al ser estacional. Robo las hojas pero las devolveré en primavera -dice.

That's a gorgeous song dear @yidneth! Your voice is a really nice blend with the music while remaining very clear - a joy to listen at. As always your visuals that come with it are amazing. Autumn is my absolute favourite season especially visually - I wouldn't be able to permanently live in a country with no 'marked seasons' like the Canary Islands (although I wouldn't mind having a lot of sun for 2 years or so either). I love the colours so much they dominate my home and most of my clothing as well ;-)

thanks so much :) for the lovely compliment... I cannot say I have a favourite season but my heart is beating for the leaves... yes in the Canary Islands I missed this, and I know my body and spirit need and welcome the changes.

What to say - perfection as always! Love the shots and all the autumnal atmosphere on every step of Your post.

Thanks always for your support. Song is an oldie of mine though it has versions. Pics all from last Autumn in Navarre.

amazing and such a cool dress!!! , you are lovely <3 ,

I say nothing!
PERFECT dear @yidneth <3

Awww thanks so much for the compliment :)
green leaves turning golden now :)

<3 <3
I must change my username to Goldenleaves :D

happy mabon love :)

Same back to you 🍁🍂

<3 one day we will celebrate together and i will make you my famous pumpkin soup :)

hmmm sounds yummy

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Wow!!! You are really smashing it in your magnificent Emperor Moth Wing costume, and you even made the gown and the crown by yourself. How very crafty of you, my dear Autumn fairy <3.  
Your photos are beautiful and they look like they're ready to be made into fantasy book covers. Love it yidneth :D.            

Wow Wow Wow! My most favourite things in 1 post! Woodland, Faeries, Autumn, Music and Photography! Amazing post, thank you so so much for sharing! Oh and your voice is mesmerising!
#thealliance <3

Thank you for always sharing such high quality content! You're amazing!