Dreams Journal 5/13/19 - Trailer Park Riot

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What's up Steemians! Instead of just blogging before I go live, I've decided to go live and then do my thing while I'm live. I like the variety it can create! Haven't been able to remember many dreams lately, but the one I had last night really stuck to me. I woke up wanting to write it down but I had to get ready for work. Then I got told I could take the day off. It was a win! So let's get started.

Flash Dreams / GIF Dreams

I call them flash dreams because just as fast as you get'em, they're gone. The process goes as follows:

When I lay down I get in my normal comfortable position and instead of tossing and turning until I fall asleep I clear my mind by focusing on what I see when I close my eyes. Everyone should see something similar when they close their eyes so you can do this too.

When I close my eyes I just stare at the blackness. Before I know it, it's not black but a purple blob morphing around with what appears to be stars zooming by. Different colors and streaks of light start popping out and as I focus on just what I'm looking at, my mind clears and before I know it an image or quick gif appears before me. Just as fast as it appears, it disappears. I've called these flash dreams, and I think they're pretty cool!

Ringed Planet

It was beautiful really. A view of a ringed planet. The rings were blue and white and the planet was blue and purple with clouds. The ringed planet had moons and I could see three of them in the distance, all round and each one was a different color. White, Grey and Orange.

A Setting Sun

It seemed like I was on the surface of mars and the sun was just setting. The sun was very big! It had a red-orange glow and the surface of the planet I was standing on had a very red tint, which is what made me think I got a glimpse of Mars! Did I astral project a real view?

Now on to the dream!

Trailer Park Riot

I moved to Wisconsin in 2009 and lived at my now-ex's house. It was a big lot and very open. I've lived in 6 different houses since I moved here, so as to set the context that my dream was placed in the first house I lived in when I moved here.

I was at the first house I lived in when I moved to Wisconsin. It was snowing and the streets were covered in white. I decided I was going to put on some ice skates and started ice skating on the road. I kept thinking about how I should be on an actual ice skating ring, but this was working!

A few of my gamer friends were there with me including my wife and kid. One of them was flying above the house with a hang glider talking to me through a walkie talkie or maybe a headset connected to discord. Who knows. He was commenting on the fact that he didn't like ice skating and would rather fly.

The snow started to melt so my ice skating fun quickly came to an end and I went inside to lay down on the couch. My friends wife showed up knocking on the door and just let herself in, asking if she could rest while she waited on a phone call. There were two couches, so I told her to take the other one. The whole time I was thinking about my wife sleeping upstairs and it was just awkward.

I began to astral project as I laid there, which was weird to astral project in my dream. I began floating in the air and clapping with my astral hands while realizing it was a dream. The house turned into my childhood home in Florida and I was in the livingroom. It was weird moving my astral hands because I knew what was happening. My friends wife was still there and she got the call she was waiting for. She said "$300 sounds good, I'm on my way!" and she walked out.

I honestly thought she was buying drugs, but she's a dog breeder, so maybe she was selling a dog.

My wife came downstairs and we got in my truck and started driving. While she drove, I laid in the back and continued sleeping. I was in my underwear so I felt exposed and cold so I covered up with a blanket that just appeared in the truck. Once we got to the end of the street we stopped and pushed the truck back to the house like it was a sled cause the snow hadn't fully melted yet. It didn't break down, that's just what happened. Once I got back to the house, the snow was entirely gone.

My daughter was playing in the backyard and there was an old house back there that got knocked down so all that was left was a foundation and a few broken piece of wall. The kitchen was still there. We were walking around the ruins and went inside while she stayed outside playing. She came in crying and upset because she didn't want to leave her toys behind. When I went outside to try to explain to her that she didn't have to leave them, I noticed that the walls on the house had grown back or "re-spawned" like it was some kind of video game. "Hey hun? Look at that...the walls grew back! How did that happen!" I exclaimed. When I went to get my daughters toys, she had covered them under a blanket and put a very small amount of dirt over the blanket. I thought it was cute, as I held her to calm her down. I could hear her heartbeat racing and as I calmed her down her heart beat settled.

Fire trucks pulled up to the trailer park across the street because one of them was on fire. In this particular neighborhood, there is no trailer park in real life, but in my dream it was there and I thought nothing of it. I started to walk across to get a better look when my wife started yelling about a gas leak by our house. In a slight panic, I began to run towards the fire truck to let someone know that the gas leak by my house might be related to the trailer park fire. Everyone in the trailer park was outside and they began to riot. They were throwing rocks at the trailer that caught fire and even at the firemen trying to put the fire out. As I entered the property they began throwing rocks at me too.

"Would you guys knock it off?!" I yelled, but more of them started to gather and surround me. They continued picking up rocks and throwing them at me. I was dodging rocks, deflecting them with my hand and even catching some and throwing them back. I wasn't landing any hits though, simply because I didn't want to hurt anyone even though they were trying to hurt me. I couldn't dodge them all though. Some were getting me right in the back of the head and it was painful!

"What the fuck is your problem?!" I would yell out loud. They wouldn't answer. They just kept on throwing rocks at me like a bunch of damned bullies. Big rocks, little rocks, any size they could get their hands on. Most of the rioters were kids so I refrained from retaliating. I just kept zigzagging through the trailer park dodging rocks and yelling for them to stop. They had already scared the firemen off and they were back in their fire truck so I was trying to catch up to the fire truck as it slowly maneuvered its way out of the park.

I must have gotten hit 10 times in the head but I was still going. They weren't just after me and the firemen though. We were the main targets, but I noticed that a few of the tenants had giant bumps and bruises on their heads from getting hit with rocks. They were bleeding too.

"I haven't done anything to you people what the hell is your problem?" I exclaimed again. Of course, their response was to throw my rocks.

When I got to the street that lead away from the trailer park, a small kid ran in the middle of the street and threw a giant boulder at me. It was huge. All I could think of was how strong that little shit is to be able to pick up a boulder bigger than him and toss it my way. I wasn't going to let that thing hit me, so I jump kicked the boulder and it ricocheted back towards him. Bounced once on the ground and then hit the kid in the face! He fell immediately and was knocked out cold. I felt bad, but at this point I had gotten hit with so many rocks I didn't care anymore. I turned around and there was a big rock headed towards me. There was a white car parked on the side of the road so I ducked for cover and dodged it. Still dodging more rocks, I headed for the fire truck.

It was about 10 feet away at this point so I ran for it. It started to move but very slowly so I gave chase. As I made it towards the front of the truck I looked at the firemen in desperation.

"Help me!" As I jumped on the running boards on the front passenger side and held on to the rear view mirror as they drove off. The firemen were telling me to get off and I responded "Hell no, these people are crazy! I just want to tell you about the gas leak but fuck it just drive and get us out of here!"

They could see the desperation in my face and could easily tell I wasn't a part of the riot so they said "Okay then, let's go!"

By now some kids were giving chase and we weren't going that fast. Two of them jumped on with me but I was reluctant to do anything since they were just kids. One looked about 10 and the other about 14 years old. The older one reached into the truck and the passenger fireman grabbed his head and smashed it on the side of the truck, causing him to get knocked out and fall off.

"One down!" he yelled. This gave me the courage to take care of the younger one. I grabbed the side of his face and slammed it against the truck. He fell off, knocked out cold. I felt like I had to prove myself by doing this so that I can get away safely with the firemen. There were about 10 or more others giving chase so I told them "Go faster!"

A curve in the road was coming. Maybe a 45 degree. "Sirens!" I yelled. They only turned them on for a short second. Whoop Whoop and that was it. I mean I wasn't driving, but even I could tell that they were going to fast as the curve got closer.

"We're losing control!" yelled the drive, as he tried to turn but started sliding towards a house instead. The truck was sliding towards a tall concrete stairway on the front of the house. I moved towards the back of the cab and put my hands out, figuring my elbow joints could absorb the blow. The truck smashed into the concrete and the whole cabin flatened like a pancake. Both firemen were instantly killed as I heard them yell in agony and blood splattered everywhere. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I jumped off unharmed and kept running. The rioters were a ways away but they were still chasing so I had to keep running. The owner of the house ran out with her kid and started running with me.

In spanish, she started asking me what was happening. "Que esta pasando?! Que es esto?!" She exclaimed.

I responded that they are crazy and throwing rocks. "No se! Son locos! Estan tirando piedras! Corre!"

I out ran them and as I came up on another blind turn, a second fire truck was approaching. This was an older style firetruck for sure. You just don't see these anymore, but here it was. I jumped out in the middle of the street with my hands up yelling for them to stop. It was a firewoman, and she lost control of the truck trying to stop for me. She crashed into a mailbox and fence as she slide off the road. I jumped on the truck and she was mad at me. "Why would you do that on a blind curve?!"

At this point, I felt pretty bad that I've made two fire trucks crash, but she didn't cause too much damage and was able to start driving again, yelling at me to get off her truck. I explained the situation as quickly as I could and jumped off. As I jumped I could hear her say "What are you some kind of hero? This isn't a movie...don't jump!"

Where I had jumped was where the first firetruck had crashed. I could see the tire tracks and some debris from the crash, but the firetruck was now gone. I was confused so I took a closer look and walked towards the back of the house. My idea was to call the cops and report the accident because the second firetruck didn't see it. There was a lake in the back of the house and the firetruck was in the water. It had already been fully submerged int he water and was sinking, so I just kinda ignored it and kept running away.

This is when I woke up. What a crazy dream! I was just happy to have gotten away from the crazy rock throwers.


I have no idea what this could mean! I've been trying to interpret it all day. As an agate hunter / rockhound I can't imagine why I would dream of people throwing rocks at me. None of them were good rocks either. Just regular gravel rocks of all sizes, and none were worth keeping. This past week we had what I think was our last snow storm of the year.

meanwhile in wi.jpg

This was on May 8th! The snow was fully melted and gone by the next day, so perhaps that was what the dream was indicating. The last spring storm always does this. Still, what a crazy dream! This is one that I may find hard to forget.

Thanks for reading! Steem On!


I want to share my dreams exclusively with the Steemit community!

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I really enjoy these dream posts. I have written down a bunch in the past, but have stopped doing it recently. Thanks for reminding me to allow for that dream time too.