Dreams Journal 1/3/19 - The Poorest of them All

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My first dream for 2019 and it was pretty weird! The best part is, it came nice and early! After work today I took a nap and woke up with something to write about! I was going to stream instead of nap, but I remembered that I need to get back to my regular posting schedule. This means shorter streams and maybe even less stream days, with more of the posts that I prefer to put on steemit. Let's face it, after dlive bolted the gaming community on steemit seems to have deteriorated quite a bit. I feel that Steemit is more for articles and writing than streams so I have to give my blog some variety! Let's get to the dream!

The Poorest of them All

I was in some kind of concert hall. It was pretty big and there was a big stage and the show was on. I was walking around in the isles observing all the people that were watching. I wasn't sure what was going on yet but I seemed to be the co-host. The audience was about half empty but as I looked closely at who was in the audience I realized it was either really poor people, or homeless people.

Some of them were clearly veterans and they were all wearing raggedy clothes. It was up to me to choose a winner. The gimmick was that I had to choose the one guy who looked the worst. The dirtiest, poorest in the crowd. Some of them looked desperate as I made eye contact with them, but I had to choose the poorest one.

Then the host on stage stopped me as he put his finger up to his ear to listen to what the producers had to say.

"We have a winner!" he exclaimed on the microphone, and announced the winners name. It seems the producers saw the poorest one before me, and he got up and proceeded down the isle. When I saw him, I felt he was the perfect candidate. He was a homeless veteran with nothing and he was wearing some pretty beat up clothes. He was above me so as he passed me on the isle, I congratulated him and then smacked him on the butt like baseball players do to eachother and yelled out "Go get your money!" excitedly. This was completely out of character for me, and I questioned myself as to why I smacked his butt, but whatever.

I proceeded to the stage and now we were hosting some kind of animal show on stage. The host was different too and had a tamed giant eagle on his shoulders and I was still the Co-Host. He proceeded to put the eagle on my shoulder, but me having no experience with such a big bird, I didn't know what to do. I could hear him trying to train me in what to do but I couldn't actually understand anything.

As he tried to get the eagle on my shoulders, it more or less freaked out and instead of putting his talons on my shoulders, he gripped my head. One talon was basically poking me in the eye as I squeezed it shut to keep it from actually penetrating. He wasn't gripping too hard. The trainer tried to pull the eagle off but it wasn't working. All I could feel was this heavy giant bird on my shoulders with talons large enough to grip my head. All I remember was the trainer telling me to stay calm and I'd be fine, but if I struggled his claw might pop my eyeball out.

Just as he started to put the eagle's talon on my shoulders I was woken up to a phone call, but it was a pretty weird dream and I was happy to be able to remember it!


I've been hearing a lot about veterans being homeless and getting the short end of the stick. One of my employees is a veteran and he's got this condition you develop from the recoil of firing guns. It basically ruins your hands. With so many veterans struggling, I feel that maybe the dream came from my desire to want veterans and soldiers to get the treatments and benefits that they deserve.

No idea what this eagle business could mean though!

I want to share my dreams exclusively with the Steemit community!

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How to Remember Your Dreams

It is good practice to have a dream journal next to your bed if you want to remember them. That's right. Good ol' fashion pen and paper. [Okay, a laptop or your favorite hand-held device can work too] This way, the second you get up, you take 5 minutes to write down as much as you can remember before you start to forget. Spend some time re-reading, even throughout the day, and you might even start to remember small bits and pieces for you to add. If you keep this practice consistent, you will soon begin to start remembering your dreams with more detail, effectively able to write down what you dreamed.

Just remember, all it takes is 10 minutes to forget your dream. You must perform this exercise during your first 10 minutes of waking up.

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