How to Give Your Steem Substance...

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How to Give Your Steem Substance?

By Doing Something Good with it...

Dear @Tarekadam (and an open letter to all generous hearts)

I know you have been made aware of the YouAreHOPE. Foundation, but I’d like to write something up recommending them for your generous offer of a 300 STEEM donation for a worthy cause, as they have an amazing knack for making every morsel of a STEEM count.

I’m afraid I can’t be too specific as to particular projects (although I will mention a particular one a little later), as they are reactive to needs as and when they arise, but I’d like to highlight some of the amazing work they have done and why they deserve this donation of 300 STEEM…

What is YouAreHOPE.?

YouAreHOPE. (Help|Opportunity|Purpose|Empowerment) is a worldwide humanitarian aid foundation founded by @sircork, which utilizes the STEEM blockchain’s transparency to track the journey from funds received to the actual aid of the people it helps.

There is proof every step of the way of what happens to any funds that received and how they end helping people.

Members of the STEEM community help by donating, then there are kind and amazing agents of hope on the ground (who are also members of the STEEM community) who see to it that the help received reaches the areas in dire need of this aid.

What Have They Done so Far?

Here are just some of the amazing things YouareHOPE. have achieved with the help of generous Steemians like yourself…

(Note: photos from actual posts)

They have delivered 10,000 agricultural seeds to Puerto Rico after the hurricanes there, because their crops were destroyed: YAH Update: 10,000 Organic, Heirloom Seeds in 30 Food Varieties sent to Puerto Rico with @Nichi last night!

Fundraising for orphanages: @Youarehope fundraising for childrens in a venezuela orphanage

Giving a generation hope with education:
YouAreHOPE for Lagos, Africa - Providing School Supplies to as many impoverished children as possible with your generous assistance via the STEEM blockchain and the power of the community that cares

Answering cries of help on Steemit like this to help stop the spread of maleria from flooding like this: Taking a Step to Changing Lives

And enabling this to happen:

Cleaning Up My Community

A mission to Take Care Of Those Forgotten By Society

Regularly provide breakfasts to the students (for many of them, the first and only meal while at university) More than 700 breakfasts have been distributed to date over the course of the past 2 weeks.

Read more about that here

And something, most of us take for granted - shoes…

I collected 50 shoes to be given to people in need

Fundraising for the Purchase of Shoes for Children of the Community Rosario Of Paya in Venezuela / @Steemit

This list goes on….

Help Needed Right Now

If you are seeking a particular project, here is one project YouAreHOPE. are seeking to help fund, right now:

The coche island need some water, food and metronidazol

Over 100 habitants of La isla de coche are afected by this Blastocystis , and because of the coutry's health crisis is almost imposible to find that many treatments , not even starting to think in the prices it would be for them to get those medicines

This parasite causes abdominal pain , diarrhea , vomit,a lost of apetite and a huge increase of white blood cells.

So this is a call for sending them in any way You can to Venezuela or any other way you can find to colaborate, and to help raise funds for water trucks so the people here can have regular water daily and in a more healthy way.

Why Choose YouAreHOPE…

As you can see EVERYTHING is all documented with photographs and evidence so you can you see the money is 100% going to the missions.

YouAreHOPE. is the first of a kind, hopefully, the first many organizations that show what can be done with the integrity of the blockchain with the transparency it shows.

The news has been scattered with stories of charities whose donations end up mainly going into the CEO’s pocket, but with You Are HOPE 98% of funds go to the people who need it and 2% keeps the servers on and website up to attract those all important donations.

With all this infrastructure in place, you can be assured that your 300 STEEM would be put to the best possible use where it is needed most.

Although, any amount would make the world of difference even 1 SBD...

Did you know that 1 SBD in Venezuela is like a month salary (or at least 2 weeks depending on exchange rate)?

Puts things in perspective, right?

Thank you for reading and for your amazingly generous offer and I know it will go to where your heart sees fit.

Hope Huggs <3 <3 <3

Find out more about YouAreHOPE....

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This is outstanding @HopeHuggs! Thank you for writing this up! It's a great summary of some of our work over the past 7 months as we head into month 8 of YAH on the ground around the world.

I don't have a spare second to spend on contests, so I did in fact, let this go by when it was brought up to me. I am not getting enough done as is on a daily basis that can ensure results, so speculating on contests is beyond my scope of possibility. Thanks again for taking this on, on our behalf, very thoughtful of you!

Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation
Founder @SteemStarNetwork
Steem Witness #66 with team witness partner @RhondaK

@hopehuggs we are very inspired right now and we will very much want to work in partnership with YouAreHope Foundation so that together, we can continue to give hope to people and the planet. Great organization with outstanding achievements and wishing you the best @thegreens


I am just a supporter of YouAreHOPE, @sircork and @malos10 are the genuises who founded it and are entirely inspiring people, as are everyone who supports and acts for YouAreHOPE.


Great and i am going to follow these great people. I also joined the Discord group!


A hearty and merry "founder's" Welcome! :)

Kudos for these guys that do the job of UN and other fake organizations. Imagine what they could do if they have more resources.


You are kind. Keep up the good work. I wish you more blessings.

This is a lovely write-up, and I’m going to resteem it. Fingers crossed that YAH wins!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽

Wow! I'm just getting to know about YouAreHOPE. I believe that someday, I will also support this noble act of supporting the less privileged through YouAreHOPE.
I hope you get all the support you need through this post.
Bless You.

Outstanding post and amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

Wow! Thanks so much for this great promotion of the highly awesome youareHOPE!!

@hopehuggs what an amazing post this is to help others. What a fantastic way to pay it forward. I started to follow you.

Thank you very much for your detail post and show case of projects supported by YouAreHOPE, very impressive. All the best to you.

You missed nothing! Everything is there, when people join in love and good will there is nothing imposible:D

Thanks for writting about my project too <3
Good luck and Cheers!!!

The greatest investment is investing on humans, especially the less privileged.

Good one, good initiative, we also have a less privileged here in Africa, I hope this program will help in Africa thank you @hopehuggs

So many places and people in need of assistance, wonderful summary of where and how help is being done @hopehuggs every little bit counts!