Boosting Student Morale And Making A Positive Change!

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There is something to be said about young people that already have the hunger and drive to make a positive change in the world. Some of us come to be involved with the community because of circumstance, or because it’s an ingrained part of our country’s culture, or because we have lived long enough and seen enough that we feel we need to do something more than take care of our own needs…, to at least make a little difference within our area of influence and control. Yet others, like the user @ikasumanera, show us that it only takes passion and perseverance to transform our environment. Cause when you have those two, it’s only a matter of time before other people catch on your enthusiasm and join the effort!

This is exactly what has happened in this case.


@ikasumanera, a Technology Sciences student in the Lisandro Alvarado Central University (UCLA for its name in Spanish), in Barquisimeto City-Venezuela, has seen how the student body in his university is going through hard times, where the morale and drive is winding down and making it difficult to maintain good retention and engagement levels. He has identified three areas where he feels he can make an impact to the whole student community, and have already gotten a headway in implementing these initiatives, with the help of students and teachers of his university, and the coaching of the @reveur team.

Below, some details of the areas where @ikasumanera has been concentrating his efforts, with updates on what is ongoing and where he needs our support:


Regularly provide breakfasts to the students (for many of them, the first and only meal while at university) More than 700 breakfasts have been distributed to date over the course of the past 2 weeks. Isaac has received food donations from ex-alumni, and the cafeteria personnel have donated their time to help him. A weekly amount of 15 sbd is deemed sufficient to keep this initiative going (buying in bulk would make this more cost-effective). Internal University fundraisers will continue to occur to ensure sustainability.


Link original post:

Original posts are in Spanish. For help in translating/understanding please contact @nnnarvaez or @mvelazco from the @reveur community.

Phase 1:

Restore the “O2” Module - used as a student hub for meetings and organizing extra-curricular activities. Around 50 students will be able to actively use this module to plan extra-curricular activities , and these will impact all students, teachers and maintenance personnel in the Faculty (600-800 people). The module needs cleaning and a painting job. With 6 posts in Steemit and further economic support from the @reveur project, Isaac has purchased the paints required. The students have contributed with the rest of the supplies required (brushes, buckets, etc.) and will be helping Isaac with the labor. With some leftover funds they plan to take care of some water leaks in the ceiling. Ika hopes to have this job completed by end of next week.


Link original post:

Original posts are in Spanish. For help in translating/understanding please contact @nnnarvaez or @mvelazco from the @reveur community.

Phase 2:

Restore and repair leaks in the “O” Module - also used as a student hub for meetings and organizing extra-curricular activities. Module 0 also needs painting and a large water leak needs to be corrected. This phase is just starting to raise funds. An estimated 50 SBD will make this possible.

parte 3.png

Link original post:

Original posts are in Spanish. For help in translating/understanding please contact @nnnarvaez or @mvelazco from the @reveur community.

@ikasumanera has bigger plans for his Faculty, and will continue to bring us updates and new phases for this project.


@youarehope will donate 50 SBD to kick-start the phase 2 of the project and counts on your support to help us achieve its total completion.

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We look forward to serving this mission by helping to facilitate it via the seed donation of 50 SBD. We encourage everyone to chip in a small or large amount that you feel comfortable with to help this project succeed!

Yours in Service
Founder @YouAreHOPE Foundation


I am sending the 50SBD and the post payout rewards (rounded up from 7 and change to an even 10) now.

Please check your wallet for this donation toward this worthy goal, made possible by the generosity of our fellow steemitizens who choose to support @YouAreHOPE and in turn, through us, missions like yours.

Good luck and thank you for doing this for your fellow countrymen and women.

Yes!! First restore a park in a school and now restore two large areas in a university !! this if it scales quickly and is very good!

I know this university and I can tell you that this is REALLY GOOD.

The people who make use of these areas will know this incredible page that could change their lives! and we could see incredible talents joining steemit!

These guys are very brave to take this initiative because now we have to take care of our country by our own hands, doing what we can. And in the situation where we are living, they are doing MUCH

@ikasumanera has been working on this for quite some time now, Hes an excelent person and is always looking for ways to help. Hes currently helping me with some work and he also moderates my discord channel, I would GLADLY chip in to help in any way posible.

Thank you YouAreHOPE for supporting this project. It means a lot for our community and the @reveur project to count with your support and encouragement.
We will continue to work with the community to bring you more noble causes.

This means a lot for the @Reveur family, thanks so much for supporting this project @ikasumanera has done such an excellent labor so far with great dedication that make us proud, we certanly hope with this help will boost to get more work done!
Thanks so much YouAreHope! 💚

I know how hard it is to get things done in this country. I really hope they can reach their goals! Good luck!

That is such an awesome initiative!

THIS is the kind of project that makes me so proud to be part of steemit. THIS is what is possible if we pull together!


Totally what YAH is all about! But you knew that! :D

We are the ones

That make a better day

So let's start giving



An excellent project. Hopefully @nnnarvaez will be able to mention this when he is on the My Life in 8 Songs show on Thursday.