Star wars Jokes & Win awesome prizes

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Ok so I've got some awesome video for you and some awesome prizes to lucky winners
since this one of the many upcoming contests, let's start with small and in my next upcoming contests you will see even more awesome crypto gifts.

I trying the Dlive for the first time since it's kinda "risky" for my type of videos I don't know if Dlive is a place for video's like mine, but I really love the platform and want to give it a chance

so the awesome Star wars jokes video *steemit edition

click here to play the video and make sure select original and not 480 quality

why steemit edition?

because it's featuring steemit steemanians
@deeviras @artistchristian @darxide403 @mctiller

for those who don't know my work this is what I do:

steemit: @janicehung
steemit: @johndoer123
steemit: @paolajane

I find steemit posts and authors that I love their work
and showing them my respect for being an awesome content creator with some love by animating them on my next fun and amusing post

  • it may be you next time

and now the contest I've got 2 lovely "I love steem" wooden keychain 2 sided the other side will have your steemit profile avatar and username

2 lucky winners

You must resteem this post
leave your comment how was the video and add "re-steemed"
One entry per account.

*follow me only if you love my content
so if you find my STUFF amusing and fun you welcome to follow:-)

plus follow to know when the next contest
and trust me the prices are awesome



by resteem and following me you support more upcoming contest with even more awesome crypto gifts *remember to follow me only if you love my content

*awesome crypto Cushions
*Crypto lighters
*and many more of awesome crypto related gifts

you can view the gif animated version and the reference of the steemanians here

My video is at DLive


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Awesome and may the Porsche be with you.
I must say so exciting I in Trending page and first on the list feeling like a child who received gifts for Christmas


@adelepazani is a good person, a great conversationalist, and an even better artist. She has also been a huge help to me here. Take a few minutes to run over to her place at check it out. As a fellow artist, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I recommended her to you because I felt you were both great people and should meet. And may the Porsche be with you, mate!

Wow I just going through her profile I want to leave a comment but I can't I speechless all of her work so great I wish I can draw, I am not an artist but she definitely is, people like her are born with this I wish I had those skills she not only got me following her but my huge respect as well

I'm glad that you're happy. I really thought that you would enjoy it. And you're right, she is so talented. I'm currently talking to her about how I can buy one of her pieces of Art. I want to get one for a wedding present for my sister. However I am a little nervous, because I don't know how much she wants for one, but considering how good she is at it it's probably a lot. Also she lives in another country than me and we're not sure how to get it here. But I am determined and I will figure a way out.

it's not a problem to do a shipping to USA

🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊tumblr_nvahseJVWZ1sm3vxwo1_500.gif🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 😂😂😂CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER!!!!😂😂😂

Barney Stinson love this guy

So this was great, I absolutely lost my shit when I saw wookie leaks ROFLMAO only nit pick I have is at the end you stated on the deathstar but the next frames were clearly a picture of a star destroyer with troopers covering up the edges ^_^ lawl great job all around though for sure

hahaha I knew someone will say that.
yes indeed it was a destroyer

Ill mostly be that guy lol...i correct things im a helper

I'm watching your progress and you're doing good. Keep it up buddy. This post is by far got the highest rewards.

Thank you so much, I working on two steemit projects so I going to post rarely for a week or two, and thank you again

I'm Glad to hear that. May I know what those 2 projects are about? I want to share it with friends, and hope you will find success in whatever you do :)

Hey, @josephfugata Just finished the first one read my last post to get the information the second project not done yet but as soon as I finish I will update you.


Will ofically comment when I can watch the video...

is the video not working?

Not only is the video working, but it's totally awesome!! All I can say is watch out George Lucas!!!! You never fail to amaze me, my brother. You should put together a star wars GIF gallery and make so I can put it on my phone keyboard to send to people. I think most phones have this now. Keep up your hard work Mr. Producer of Great Content!

thanks mate:-)

I had asked you previously, but you may have missed it. Can you tell me from what country you hail? You keep saying mate, are you from Australia?.... And yes, I know a galaxy far far away.

originally from Europe but lived quite a lot of time in Australia ( "mate" contagious and I trying to stop saying that) but I do love Aussie, now I in England.

by the way @johndoer123 re-steem and add own comment so you can enter the contest as I see it right now from the comments only one geek did it, all other just Upvoted(* not that it's bad, it's actually good)

and I got two keychains to give to two lucky winners

I think you got a pretty good chance

I'm sorry mate, 😂 I didn't realize I had to resteem. I was too busy trying to just get to the video. I've been waiting for it ever since you said you were going to do it. Is Australia as lovely as I imagined it to be? I know it's said it's a pretty dangerous place do to the wildlife. But I've never talked to anyone who had actually been there for a while. How long were you there and why did you leave?

everything that can kill you is lives in Australia, bugs, fishes you named it.
but of course, not in the cities, Australia is a huge place, and the people are so nice and welcoming.

I moved because some business consideration maybe later I will share my story

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Hey @toresto You have everyone has their name above their respective gif but not mine, thats bad publicity T_T I could have been seen more by all the no sweat just pointing it out & poking fun!

Hey, I was so exciting and rushing to publish the post that didn't notice, but post edited and I added your name

Thanks ma man...have you seen my thank you post yet? I reached 50 yesterday ^_^

Congratulations, yes I wrote a comment :-)

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