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Hello everyone!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all of the content creators and viewers that have participated in the #BetterDLive campaign. You have given us a lot of great ideas, the “help centre” being one of them. We have seen exponential growth within this month and that wouldn't have been possible without you! We believe that an involved community is what makes a great platform.

We are coming to you, the viewers, and content creators once again to ask for your help. We are currently working on our help centre for and would love to use posts from the DLive community to fill this new DLive Help Centre. If your post is of a certain quality we will be rewarding you with a 10% upvote (only ONE post will be upvoted from each topic) and we will also feature your steemit post link in our help centre on!

Bellow are the current topics that we want the DLive community to help out with.
Simply comment below with your link to participate.

Don’t forget to join our Discord channel!

Welcome to DLive how to/info:

How to/info on live streaming:

How to/info on uploading videos:

How to engage with the community, redeem steem power and sbd:

  • Comment / Chat room
  • Upvote / Resteem / Follow
  • Redeem Steem Power & Steem Dollars

Here is "How to Broadcast PC" for your consideration.

Much love and respect for all you are doing for the community.

My biggest issue as of now is disappearing stream... Sometimes it disappears after 2h and sometimes after fust 30 MINUTES (!).
It' not even about lots of streams so there is no spot for you because your stream will be gone even if there are only 5 streams online.
Here is my survey answers I did few days ago in ENG and PL:

This is something we are currently working on. Im sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on ways to have a better sorting system on the home page.

This is also my biggest issue with DLive at the moment.

How to login in @dlive can anyone help me?

Have you used steemconnect before? They use steemconnect, and once you go to and click the login button verify that you are on steemconnect's website then enter the requested information. You can get the private key you need from your steemit wallet under permissions.

You can follow my tutorial if you're having trouble :)

Great stuff!

Dlive will be presented to users outside of dlive + dlivers will get some exposure. I am trying to get some fun twitch users and youtubers interested so this will definitely help. Showing them the money wasn't enough^^.

In order to create tutorials with all answered questions I'd like to get some answers myself.

  • For example what's with the 100% SBD payout option? I used it but I still got paid in SBD + Steem.

  • Are you guys taking a payment cut like Dmania does? If yes, how much is it? I haven't counted my payouts but when bringing in people I don't want them to feel irritated upon seeing less than they expected to get. I know you guys keep on giving.

Thank you guys for having created dlive. Looking forward to see it evolve and keep loving it ❤️.

YouTube and Twitch will be so pissed!

Hello, DLive does not take any payment cuts.

Cool thx for clarifying that because I got some dmania frustrated internet contacts who are getting paranoid lol. Trying to keep them on steemit.

I heard they don't take beneficiary rewards

I asked about it to developers, they told me that there is no option is blockchain for 100% SBD payout. That was is just a syntax Mistake.

Yeah, the least they could do was at least acknowledge those who put time and effort into writing up posts for their last survey. There is a possible bias going on here considering many more thorough survey reviews were passed up in favor of much simpler ones that were less informative.

Maybe they don't like actual criticism. How can a service hope to improve if they just listen to positive feedback? How can a service hope to improve if they just listen to positive feedback?

You all need to be more patient about the #betterdlive posts. Do you realize how manyposts they had to read? You all need to chill. You aint entitled to shit. Be grateful and realize how much work this is.


bruh..... people and their entitled expectations. Everything is a blessing.... gtfoh with that bs..... the best way to get ignored is to complain about being ignored. lol

I do not complain, I just want DLive not to ignore the posts

Yes, I spent quite a bit of time devoted to DLive, and I think it deserves a review of DLive

I am glad that we even get asked

I just looked at every single one they upvoted, and aside from a few they all say very similar things, whereas many surveys who offered innovative ideas went unnoticed. If DLive does not encourage people to speak freely about their app then how can they expect to get honest opinions from us? Instead of helping them improve their service it's like they're just asking for positive affirmations of how things are going. Maybe we should note that in the future we should just hold our tongues about the negative aspects and instead post how in love we are with the product and how everything is 100% fine. I'm sure that is useful information. Such is the steemit way, I guess.

This was supposed to be a survey. If any researcher only paid participants when the participant gave them the data they wanted to hear, the survey results would be thrown out immediately by any serious review board.

I did one video on how to stream xbox and playstation.

Well folkes, pulled an all-nighter to finish this off, but I'm glad I did!
Here is my "Welcome to dlive how to/info:" that anyone, no matter what their technical expertise should be able to follow! I have covered:

  • Login / Signup
  • What is DLive
  • What is Steemit

Dlive is such a awesome project buiton steem blockchain.
thanks to the developer
I will make content out of the topics listed above.
My gratitude to Dlive for the opportunity
Certainly this must be implemented will be of great help

Great platform...

And i mistake to said , bugs when we upload video we do not appears on the site.

thanks for reading , working. have nice day

My tutorial on the new dlivelabs update done today with color and font recommendations -

I will not even take it, because I have spent a lot of time writing a post that has been ignored ...

Many of us have, they could at least comment if they aren't going to upvote. Maybe tell us why they choose to upvote as they do, at times it appears biased, other times it seems just random.

I could give the kittens in fasting they would probably be delighted.
I do not intend to participate in any campaigns since my post was ignored and I spent two hours on it.

Reposted my Xsplit broadcasting tutorial because video wouldnt load for people anymore, new link! -

this is a great way to help grow dlive and having many people contribute will help the platform grow

hello Bro @dlive
need more help from you all
bcz i am new Stemit

help follow and Upvote me

and Thanks you @dlive

vidio is very cool my friend. your job is absolutely perfect. and you have a unique talent. develop your brother's talent, because you have everything.

was about to make one too, but then I saw yours and I have to say good work. Simple, quick, easy.

yes, thanks you

Hey Dlive, I made a tutorial on how to use DLiveLabs to improve streams.

Thank-you for your contribution!

You are welcome, hope my post was helpful!

this is great support for those who are looking to get a headstart within steemit with great quality ready to be share across this wonderful platform .go!! dlive .

Thank you for sharing with us. I am waiting for your next content @dlive

pz resteem ,follow and vote for my blog i wills upport you as well

@Dlive for the win!! btw everyone check out my dlive videos for how to stream via OBS and your mobile camera :D

pls post a link of your video

Hey @tidos,

this is how to fully go live on your mobile camera!!!

Its a Dlive Video, I hope you like it..

thx, the video is great

Thanks for sharing the wonderful post,


It'd be cool if dlive worked directly with the Nvidia broadcast overlay system. I'd like to try that out.

@dlive i wish i could join it too

I made a post a little while ago that shows how to setup your first livestream with obs here if anyone needs help with that :p.

Congratulations @dlive, this post is the forth most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 389 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $9358.02. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Just a quick question since i am not techie. Can i go live on dlive using my mobile?

They don't have a mobile app yet, I haven't personally tried logging in on a mobile browser yet.

oh i see. i think ive read that they made some adjustments and allowed users to go live using dlive. thanks anyway.

Made a tutorial on how to setup broadcast using OBS and come live on DLive three days back here is the link

Here's my full video tutorial on OBS and Dlivelabs with recommended settings for broadcsting and troubleshooting! Also talked about Dlive and Steemit, and how Dlivelabs improves your stream!

Is there a way for two people to go live on Dlive via OBS (e.g. via split screen) without having to use webex or other type of conferencing software, aside from OBS/DLive?

Here is a cut down version for just the Dlivelabs Tutorial :)

When i will get my reward for upvoiting? :)

hello @ dlive. I joined the @BetterDlive campaign. I have provided some useful information for @dlive. I hope you like it. Thank you.

this is great support for those who are looking to get a headstart within steemit with great quality ready to be share across this wonderful platform .go!! dlive

I like dlive (Website Designer , Crypto Expert , Marketing Guru)

Good job 👍🏻 @dlive.

Cracking job chaps ;)
Shaka coming your way!

@dlive really amazed me with some nice post....looking forward to create my own live stteaming...have a little concern can i make a love streaming of anything? On any topic?

Thanks for i appreciate this dlive.i like this post .....all the best.........

Wow. so beautiful your art i like your post. i wait for your next post carry on your life . all the best

hello i @fasteem, i've done several times posting video games on DLIVE always fail. until i can not post in DLIVE. tapih tonight for help @SeaCactus I can just post in DLIVE, thank you this is my link ...

Vote beck yes

howto login dlive,what is dlive and what is steemit.this is my post.
thanks you @dlive

I wanted to participate. Hope you will prolong this initiative! Glad to help with anything!

Artakush in a bush...

Thanks for the invitation, Last week I have published my first #Dtube video and now thinking about #dlive and #dsound.

Here is how to dual stream or stream with a high bitrate if you're outside U.S.
Steemit Post
DLive Video Tutorial

Good writing n picture.. i like it

made a post/video about 10 things you need to consider or concentrate on before you live stream regular, i've broke it down in ten minutes, ten things that you can spend a bit of time on each before you actually wanna be brave and stream. don't do it all at once, do it a bit at a time!

I reassembled the guide on how to run stream, I hope you like it

You got a 0.25% upvote from @masterbot courtesy of @umais!

good and useful information

weird, i just started work on stuff this morning, first video going up in the next hour or so then i expect a rapid rollout over the coming week! :) we are going deep on customizing! -- just one thing whats the best encoding settings for OBS i should be using @dlive ?

try going with 2000 bitrate or lower, 30fps. the stream can get blurry depending on game you play, but these settings are the current standard until dlive gets more servers and bitrate optimization. anything above lags the stream or constant freezes..

yeah been using 2000 actually, weird! :) and 30 fps for now yeah. cheers for the heads up, can't wait until they have 60 fps capable wowza servers. tbh they should offer custom wowza backends to support this and we pay in SBD or STEEM to cover it. that would be smart.

Thx for all the work of our community.

I wrote a Tutorial How to Stream Your Gameplay And Workflow To Dlive From Your Second Computer [NO CAPTURE CARD OR STEAM BROADCAST NEEDED]


hi, i, new at Dlive and im having problems with DLive, is there chatroom or someone who can help me? thanx

I just found out about the #BetterDLive campaign and thought, maybe my article qualifies for an inclusion into the DLive help centre - I would be more than happy :-)
How to: Use your Android mobile device as streaming camera with OBS, using IP Webcam.

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