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RE: Campaign | Join us in developing a community created Help Centre!

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Great stuff!

Dlive will be presented to users outside of dlive + dlivers will get some exposure. I am trying to get some fun twitch users and youtubers interested so this will definitely help. Showing them the money wasn't enough^^.

In order to create tutorials with all answered questions I'd like to get some answers myself.

  • For example what's with the 100% SBD payout option? I used it but I still got paid in SBD + Steem.

  • Are you guys taking a payment cut like Dmania does? If yes, how much is it? I haven't counted my payouts but when bringing in people I don't want them to feel irritated upon seeing less than they expected to get. I know you guys keep on giving.

Thank you guys for having created dlive. Looking forward to see it evolve and keep loving it ❤️.

YouTube and Twitch will be so pissed!


Hello, DLive does not take any payment cuts.

Cool thx for clarifying that because I got some dmania frustrated internet contacts who are getting paranoid lol. Trying to keep them on steemit.

I heard they don't take beneficiary rewards

I asked about it to developers, they told me that there is no option is blockchain for 100% SBD payout. That was is just a syntax Mistake.

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