How to broadcast on DLive with a Playstation 4 using OBS

in dlive •  10 months ago

I very strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with some OBS and DLive basics before continuing with this guide as it is not very OBS or DLive beginner friendly. Click here to learn how to set up a functional stream from community member, @jimmylin. Be sure to give him an upvote for his hard work!

This guide assumes that you are wanting to broadcast your PS4 gameplay on DLive. Unfortunately, the live streaming capabilities of the PS4 are rather simple and very limited. A stand-alone PS4 cannot broadcast on DLive, is unable to play music in the stream, and cannot utilize those cool overlays that many PC streamers use. Fortunately, there is hope! With a decent computer, you can use Playstation Remote Play to stream your PS4 Gameplay onto your computer, and run the stream out of OBS instead!

Thanks for stopping by and as always, have a good one, Friends!

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Jake, this is a dope video man. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the shout out.


Not a problem at all. You made the process of making this guide much easier!

@thisbejake Great post brother!! I'll be sure to tune in to one of your #livestreams!


Thank you so much! Looking forward to hanging out!


I try to stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays by the way.

If there is anything I could explain better, please let me know!

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awesome video. I am just starting to stream on dlive , and my current upload speed is .5mbs I was looking up videos and trying to figure out bit my bit rate should be so its not a laggy mess. I have intentions to some how either threw upgrading package or switching providers to faster up/down speeds.In the mean time though what bit rate and such could you recommend? I droped the rez down to 480p . I am under the impres that lower the bitrate the more fps you achieve. at a loss of qallity. anyone I am starting to ramble here. If you can decpher any of this let me know if you can help /cheers


Upload Speed

Do you mean 0.5 or 5 Mbps? You should have at least 3 Mbps to stream standard def video and 5 for 720p. At least that's what I've read. If you don't have at least 3 Mbps, I would try to get a new interent plan.

Bit rate

You could try starting at around 1500 which is around where the standard PS4 streams by itself. I think my stream is somewhere around 2000 - 2500 currently. I remember reading that you really don't want to go above 3000. I think that it ends up being a little too much for the website to handle. I remeber reading that when I streamed on Twitch.


That's the info I needed. Yea sad sad 0.5 mb. I'm going to stream SNES games untill I can switch providers . Maybe it will be ok if I drop the bitrate . Thanks for the info and your help


Definitely worth experimenting with. Good luck!

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this was amazingly helpful! thank you for this!


I'm glad I could help! Is there anything I could explain better?

Do u think/know this is possibe with PS3 aswell ?