Yeah, the least they could do was at least acknowledge those who put time and effort into writing up posts for their last survey. There is a possible bias going on here considering many more thorough survey reviews were passed up in favor of much simpler ones that were less informative.

Maybe they don't like actual criticism. How can a service hope to improve if they just listen to positive feedback? How can a service hope to improve if they just listen to positive feedback?

You all need to be more patient about the #betterdlive posts. Do you realize how manyposts they had to read? You all need to chill. You aint entitled to shit. Be grateful and realize how much work this is.


bruh..... people and their entitled expectations. Everything is a blessing.... gtfoh with that bs..... the best way to get ignored is to complain about being ignored. lol

I do not complain, I just want DLive not to ignore the posts

Yes, I spent quite a bit of time devoted to DLive, and I think it deserves a review of DLive

I am glad that we even get asked

I just looked at every single one they upvoted, and aside from a few they all say very similar things, whereas many surveys who offered innovative ideas went unnoticed. If DLive does not encourage people to speak freely about their app then how can they expect to get honest opinions from us? Instead of helping them improve their service it's like they're just asking for positive affirmations of how things are going. Maybe we should note that in the future we should just hold our tongues about the negative aspects and instead post how in love we are with the product and how everything is 100% fine. I'm sure that is useful information. Such is the steemit way, I guess.

This was supposed to be a survey. If any researcher only paid participants when the participant gave them the data they wanted to hear, the survey results would be thrown out immediately by any serious review board.

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