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Greetings, Deep Thinkers! Welcome to another digest of Thinking Deeper, a weekly appraisal promoting quality writers of the humanities on Steemit. Our members are writing in diverse subject areas such as history, philosophy, religion, education, and literature. We are always on the hunt for others with these similar interests; if you are interested in joining our community, come visit us on Discord ( and fill out an application for membership.

Highlighting Two of Our Members: @philosophist & @inquiringtimes

A few weeks ago, we called on the Steemit community to help us name our weekly digest. After filtering through numerous submissions, the votes came in and @philosophist was crowned the winner with his submission "Thinking Deeper." However, since @philosophist is one of our SteemDeepThink founders, we didn't think it fair that he be the only one rewarded with the grand prize. @inquiringtimes came in with a close 2nd place with his submission, "It Might Be Deeper Than You Think." Along with a @randowhale upvote, they are both receiving some a feature space in this week's digest.

@philosophist - Philosopher at Large

"What would it take for you to challenge your strong beliefs? Do you ever wonder if others are using you at your own expense for being just as gullible as the average human being? Are you familiar with the backfire effect, where people will often double down on their belief when they are dealt with too harshly? Do you think that could apply to you? Can you listen to an opposing view just long enough to learn something beyond the feeling of embarrassment that often follows with accepting that you were wrong?
What do you think it would take to open your eyes when you are actually wrong?"

"This article explores a possibility of being blunt with YOU about all of the many pitfalls that EVERYONE runs into when it comes to defending our beliefs, specifically political beliefs. Can you handle the sincere push back for holding fallacies that even the author can admit he has been a victim of? Or will we continue to debate past each other indefinitely?"

A few things you need to know about @philosophist

If @philosophist isn't on your "Following" list, he should be!

@inquiringtimes - "It Might Be Deeper than You Think"

"Hello! I am honored for my submission to have made it into the top two, and I don't feel bad at all that I didn't get #1."

"I write research based articles on Social Skills (body language, active listening, how to make friends, etc.), which includes plenty of references if you'd like to go Deeper. A recent example is:"

"For examples of me putting those social skills into practice, see:"

  • "100% Steemian Generated Art": This is a blog about building community, and bringing together writers and artists to all collaborate with each other.
  • "Steemian of the Week": Here, I highlight the accomplishments of Steemians who have been outstanding in the community, and influential in my life.

"It's wonderful to be a part of this community. I'm glad to have so many different perspectives of thought that delves below the surface."

Things you need to know about @inquiringtimes:

  • Spends a lot of time researching topics before writing posts on Steemit. Know that what is written has a lot to back it up.
  • Is a fan of MSP Waves, a Steemit 24/7 radio station.
  • Has a great and helpful post for new users that introduces techniques for successful Steemit blogging
  • Was dubbed "Steemit Journalist" after writing detailed articles about the Bandwidth Crisis. When the need arises, the sleuth comes out and @inquiringtimes does what is needed to serve the Steemit community.

Make sure that you follow @inquiringtimes for some great content!

Highlights From This Week's "DeepThink" Posts

Here are some representative posts from our members:

@alexander.alexis - "Mothers and Egos"

@abishai - "Towards a Holistic Philosophy of Education"

@holoz0r - "How Long is Now?"

Thanks for your support!

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I've been checking writers from @steemdeepthink, They're definitely great users who challenge our mind to think outside the box and encourage myself to express my idea more coherently. Great pick, Looking forward to read more !

As the community grows, we'll have a lot of great articles to choose from under the #deepthink tag. The tag is even starting to pick up use even with non-members. It's a great way to find interesting posts on Steemit.

Oh, my! Thank you for filling in the gaps with who I am and what my deal is. It's funny, because in the past week or so I'm realizing that this platform requires a lot of #deepthought, my social skills articles are likely to slow down a bit (as they already have), and take a back seat to some other pressing matters closer to home for us steemians. <3 Steem On

very much an honor to have my information set next to @philosophist.... if a bit humbling. :blush:

Let me know if I got anything wrong, or if something should be added! I'd be happy to edit if so. I'm glad we were able to get you introduced to the community!

Thanks for mentioning my article in this post. :) Its good to browse the deepthink tag to see what is being posted, and that there are people on the platform capable of stringing together words in a way that actually makes you contemplate meaning. :)

Yes - that is what we're going for! Thanks for posting!

intriguing... i have to make more time "to think" (-:

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