My Interview On: Remarkable Entrepreneur Podcast

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Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Adrian @nantchev on episode 9 of his podcast, Remarkable Entrepreneur Podcast, which just went live today. For some reason I was really nervous that whole day, but I felt like the interview turned out great. Despite being episode 9, I could tell that Adrian was doing a lot more than someone who had just started out podcasting. The interview was structured professionally prepping both of us on what we wanted to talk about, but not so much that we lost the meat of the conversation in the prep. Adrian went straight to the point in the interview, asking me questions he had prepared to get me started and taking notes along the way. Throughout he made it very clear that he was listening and interested.

We spoke about what I'm doing with my life, how I'm trying to make a career and living for myself as an entrepreneur, and what I hope to accomplish. I told him about my investments, my ideas, my dreams, and my economic philosophy.

LOL, I almost thought I was getting caught up in my own tangents and not letting him speak enough, but looking back on it and hearing it again, it seems that was the point of a good interview. Hopefully this episode will help someone feel capable and vindicated for hitting on as many hardships in life as I have had, or worse. If I ever get to look back on this interview in the future, having achieved any of my lofty goals, I know I'll be proud that I didn't let the weight of it all keep me down indefinitely.

You can watch more of Adrian Nantchev's interviews and learn more about what he's doing on his website.

I recommend you follow @nantchev and take a minute to see his own post about the interview on steemit here.

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Good post

Thank you!

It was great having you on the show!

Likewise, thanks for having me!

You performed remarkably! Very nice to get to know you better like that.

Thank you!

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