Daily Pet Photography Event - Day193!︳每天寵物攝影活動 - 第一百九十三天!

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Please notice I was set up a new account for pets event at steemit, from Day 201 all the #dailypetphotography event will post at there. The group name is @dpet, and also setup a discord server, come to know each others. we are friends already!
The links is here:

Please help to check the link is work or not?Welcome to join, I hope we can form a great power!

請注意,我設立了一個新的寵物活動帳號,從第201天起,所有 #dailypetphotography 活動都將在那裡發布,名字是@dpet,已經開設了discord了帳號,快來打個招呼吧,我們已經是老朋友了,鏈接在這裡:



I posted this event at the amazing crowdfunding website fundition.io, you can join as a founder or a collaborator. If you are interesting, go to have a look, please feel free to ask me if you have any question!


I want to give more encourage for the picked up photos everyday! Could you give me a hand? Just click the photo that got chosen, give them a comment or upvote! I am so appreciate some pet lovers already did it, it will create a great power of all pet lovers linkage!

我想給予每天被挑選中的照片更多的鼓勵! 你能幫我一下嗎? 只需要點擊被選中的照片,給他們一個評論或點贊! 我很高興有些參加者已經在進行這個行動,它會創造出所有寵物愛好者互動的巨大力量!】

【Here has a dog contest started by @supernovastaffy! You also can use this tag #dogsofsteemit!】

【這裡也有也一個由@supernovastaffy舉辦的狗狗的比賽,你同樣也可以使用 #dogsofsteemit這個標籤!】

If your photo is not picked up today, don't give up! Try to follow other steemian who take part in this event, the aim is offer more chance to interactive with others! People didn't know you, then let people know your pets! I will read all the posts about #dailypetphotography everyday, please feel free to tell me more about your pet!

如果你的照片今天並沒有被選中,請不要放棄! 嘗試關注參加此次活動的其他steemian,其中一個目的就是製造更多機會與其他人互動!

Warning! We must use original photo in this event, if I find any entry was copied from the web, your entry will be disqualified!

【At the end of month, there will be a final election! Welcome for the sponsors to offer a big big pool! Thanks!】


Thank you to those sponsor @perlia 3 sbd for Jul monthly selection!

非常感謝以下的贊助者 @perlia 3 sbd 給七月的總選!

P.S.: The power was down in these few days, I need to change the encourage prize to 0.05 steem for each picked up!
I will turn it up a.s.a.p., so sorry, I hope you will keep to post the nice photos!
註: 這幾天的點贊力下降了很多,我要把鼓勵的獎金下調至每位被選中照片為 0.05 steem!

Today's pick up as followings: 今天的挑選作品如下:
@inna-yatsuk - Now summer and Knopka all day walking in the street in the courtyard!


@travoved - Brothers joined together in the frame!


@bigsambucca - Fluffy is the blue eye model cat and just wanted to show myself again and say hello to all you beautiful pet lovers!


@torem-di-torem - Baby kestrel and baby owl live together. They get along very well. They eat together, grow together!

小紅隼和小貓頭鷹一起生活。 他們相處得很好。 他們一起吃飯,一起成長!

@acapiendo - Nyanta weight of 5 kg, Currently Pregnant. She loves eating, eating, eating, just eating. when she see a mouse she will pretend that she didn't see it!


@roxy-cat - This horse is a giant sweetie!


@sirbruce92 - This cat comes from greece. She/He had a bad life down there as a street cat!


@mermaid - Spikie sleeping with his tongue out!


@apnigrich - Satisfied. Its weight is 7 kg!

滿意。 它的重量是7公斤!

@kid4life - Sleepy Head!


Thank you for all participants, if you have pet, pick up your camera to take a nice shoot now!


Welcome to sponsor, upvote, resteem and follow this event! If you love pets, come to think about how can we do more things of them at steemit!

歡迎贊助、點讚、轉發及關注此活動! 如果你喜歡寵物,來一起想想怎樣可以在 Steemit 為它們做更多的事情!

The event details at Here! 活動詳情在!

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@kona, 棒棒哒~~~ img



@kona, 其实我一直有点犹豫要不要点赞,说出来你可能不信,我练过一阳指,我这个赞要是点下去,你搞不好会死!

@cn-cutie.pie 小可可,你是我的唯一...post on steemit...写入区块链...forever...



Thank you @kona Fluffy is so gorgeous :))