Daily Pet Photography Event!︳每天寵物攝影活動!

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Hi, Steemians! I am starting a "Daily Pet Photography" challenge!

【What's the purpose of this?】

I am a dog and cat lover and I take a photograph of them everyday.

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.

It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

― John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World's Worst Dog

I hope you will spare a moment to take a photo of your pet each day as well!

【How it works】

  • Use the tag "dailypetphotography" in your post. It doesn't have to be the first tag.

  • Include a photo of your pet. Actually if there are stray cats or dogs, or any pets you meet while you are shopping, they will also count.

  • One photo is sufficient for this purpose. If you want to post more, please do.

  • (Optional) Do let me know the name of your pet and your camera type.

  • No plagiarized photos permitted! Not just for this challenge, but for any post on the Steem blockchain.

To encourage posting, I will send 0.2 Steem to each of my five favorite pet photos of the day, every day for the next 14 days, total 14 Steem. It's not much but I hope it may increase in the future. It's not a contest, just a way to encourage more pet photography on Steemit.

Each day's challenge starts from GMT + 12 to GMT + 12.

Unless there are some sponsors, I'll run the challenge for 14 days.

If I don't find 5 favorite pet photos each day, the reward will rollover till the 14 Steem is all given out.

Thanks for reading this post! Please join in to support!






- 約翰·格羅根,馬利和我:與世界上最糟糕的狗的生活和愛情



  • 在帖子中使用標籤“dailypetphotography”,不一定是第一個標籤。

  • 包括你寵物的照片,如果一些街頭的寵物或店長們,你會探訪它們的也可以。

  • 一張照片就足夠了,如果你想發布更多,悉隨尊便。


  • 所有盜用的照片不被允許!

為了鼓勵發帖,我會每天給最喜歡的 5 張寵物照片發送 0.2 Steem,試試 14 天,總共 14 Steem。雖然不是很多,但將來可能會增加,這不是一場比賽,只是一種鼓勵更多關心寵物的方式。

每一天從GMT + 12到另一天的GMT + 12計算。

希望有贊助商,試 14 天視乎反應會否繼續,如果每天沒有 5 人參與,1 Steem 會留下下一天。


留名 明天參加!

waiting for yr entry~

I like contests and challenges on steemit, it helps make steemit an interesting place.

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My cat, Neytiri, and I thank you for holding a contest for pet photos!!!
Photo taken on my phone.


good shoot...could you mind to open a post and use the tag #dailypetphotography?



@tamagoyaki 姐!来这里晒你可爱的oreo!


你oreo 真的可爱!你又厉害拍它。不要埋没彼此





这是我参赛的照片,我家的肥师奶。Dailypetphotography:午睡的小懒猫|A little lazy cat


Hi @kona, here is my entry # 2...
original pics capture using Samsung galaxy mobile.

Thanks for your appreciation!





That is a goood idea, I post my cat's photo today.

good.. thx~

感谢 @kona组织的活动
Dailypetphotography:猫攻占了我的电脑|The cat occupied my computer.#2




I agree! Animals photos make people happier and hence a better world! Thanks for creating this!

you are welcomed...waiting for yr entry...😎😎😎

Yess I'm into this challenge, thanks for sharing


How easily the mama dogs take it in stride.

hahaha...naughty puppies

Thank you bro!

Hi @kona, here is my entry # 7, Why my entry # 6 not added with your daily selection list?


This is so exciting! I love taking a photo of animals! But this one is for pets only, right? I will surely join!

great...you are welcome!





@Kona I really inspired with your this event, i am going to post my first entry.
Wish me Best of Luck!

Here my first entry. Please support me.

welcome to join...could you open a post? use the tag #dailypetphotography will be ok!

I find your photo was copied from the web!

This is a great idea. I have an unusual pet and I love to share her picture!
Here she is kicking back in bed. mimigirl.jpg

welcome to join...could you open a post? use the tag #dailypetphotography will be ok!

could you open a new post and use the tag #dailypetphotography ?..thx~

無寵物參加唔到 :(


我附近只會偶爾喺街見到人放 :(

i'd like to join :D feels great to be a part of this ..

I have no pets :(

You can take some photo of some homeless animals, or some pets stay at the cafe. I think there have some pets of your friends or living around your district.
Anyway, welcome to join!Thx~

Hi @kona that's a very lovable contest.

waiting for your entry..👍👍

What a great idea! I am excited to include my dog in this tag! I think that he is pretty darn cute, but of course, I am a little bias! I look forward to using this tag and spreading around some pictures of my adorable dog!

welcome to join😎😎
just remind, the post after 7days cannot reward😭😭

Is the challange still running??

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