The Daily Dose - A New Type Of Challenge, Phase 3.

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The Daily Dose Challenge, Phase 3 Is Now Live!

For those that have not read the previous DD contest post:

Everyone loves a photo challenge, and I am down with that. And it is time for a new kind photo challenge, starting right now. Let's call it The Daily Dose Challenge, and here be what ya gotta do... when you go outside make use of that cellphone or tablet, and post up some photos of geoengineering going on above your head. And the rewards for taking part in this challenge are? Every phase the prize will be 10 Steem(possibly more), to the Steemers with the best photo series of the insanity we call Chemtrails.

Phase 3 is now live.

The following changes are now in effect: There will be 3 prize levels instead of just one.

1st Place - 5 Steem and the Chemmy Award!
2nd Place - 3 Steem
3rd Place - 2 Steem

So for this phase, the days are: Feb 3rd - Mar 2nd 2018 with the winners announced on Mar 3rd 2018. You can submit multiple entries, and not be limited to just one set of photos! We need your submissions, and we are looking for some quality photos with as much details as you can get.

The rules of engagement:

Use the tag dailydose and make a new post to submit your photos, add the date and a title like: The Daily Dose - Feb 10 2018 by @yoursteemhandle. Then...

Resteem the contest post, and make a comment in the contest post with a link to your post.

Feel free to also include other tags such as: geoengineering chemtrails poison weather, and etc. New photos would be greatly appreciated, and goes a long way toward winning! ;-)

Let's get some mass awareness and documentation going! Have your chemtrail shots etched in blockchain for all time, who doesn't love that?

Our second winner was @bouboug who received 10 Steem and the Chemmy Award. :-)

See our previous winners post for an example of what we are looking for.

Are you not tired of being experimented upon? I am, so there is no time like the ever present now, to take action. So are you game?

Do us all a favor, go outside and point those cameras into the sky, and start clicking!

This photo challenge is sponsored by:


If you are interested in being a sponsor of this challenge, hit me up on Discord: CC Discord
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Thanks! R&U on your submission, much appreciated. :-)


Thanks once again for your submission, most appreciated! :)


You're very welcome, I am all about raising awareness about these kind of matters. I also write a lot about Child Protective Services and their criminal behavior. My goal is to open as many eyes as possible. Better to be well-informed about things that may not seem to be harmful, and make your own opinion after research, than never know the truth at all!


Thanks! R&U you're good ta go. Have a great evening.

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (05.02-11.02): Win free SBD and STEEM for current week.

Thank you @inthenow for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free STEEM.


Thanks for the addition, I appreciate that a bunch! :-D Have a great day.


Thanks for your submission! Have a great day. R&U. :-D

If nothing else, at least we are getting plenty of interesting stuff to photograph. I would prefer not to...


Thanks for your submission, much appreciated! :-) R&U You are in. Have a great evening.


Thanks! R&U you're good ta go. Have a great day.

nice post. i like your post @inthenow . thanks for share The Daily Dose - A New Type Of Challenge, Phase 3. post.

I like your concept for this challenge!! Will join this one. ✨


Thanks, looking forward to your submission! :-) Have a great day.

Great idea... But it's quite difficult for persons like me that is from.... Huh!!


Hi @excel6068 from where exactly? Anyone can do this challenge, just look up.. then point n click. Have a great night.

Got lots of these .. going to search them and will post it tonight.. good one for awareness! Resteemed..


Thanks you very much, have a great day.

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Awesome keeping my eyes to the skies.


Awesome, thanks my friend. Looking forward to your submission, and hope that one day we won't need to do this anymore. But... Better chance of hitting powerball. Have a great day.

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Great contest! I am in. I will resteem your post later tonight when it will get more eyes on it.. Here in AZ we get absolutely slammed with chem trails, sometimes you can see over 100 chem trails in one day! Anyhow, thanks for this contest, I will definitely be putting in some entries this month!


Awesome, looking forward to it my friend. Have a great day. :-)