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Pretty obvious chemclouds seen over Pittsburgh, PA. The clouds didn't have any thickness to them, just a spread like a thin sheet, of heavy metal nanoparticles that were active to frequency emanated from the local NEXRAD/Weather RADAR and the frequency patterns acted on them were visibly evident.

1. Heterodyne wave pattern seen on chemcloud (resultant from freqeuncies emanated from multiple NEXRAD/Weather RADAR)

2. Clear Sinusoidal wave patterns seen on chemclouds

3. Just a chemcloud made of Welsbach metal nano-particles, no cloud/ water vapor condensed on it yet, as evident from cloud thickness

Nearest NEXRAD Station/Weather RADAR station emanating the frequency: KCCX, KCLE, KPBZ

Google Earth image of KPBZ NEXRAD station -

Google Earth image of KCLE NEXRAD station -

Google Earth image of KCCX NEXRAD station -

To understand more about how the NEXRAD/Weather RADARs are manipulating our weather, must read -

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Thanks for your entry, R&U. ;-) Have a great day.

Thanks, much @inthenow. If you get a chance, check out my latest post on Chemtrails being a pivotal aspect of Geoengineering-

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