많은 관심 감사합니다.

Hohohooooo.... First time, I'm loss in all match on this matchday....😇😇😇

Welcome to the club :)

This was one of the hardest match day to predict. Egypt beaten by Saudi Arabia, Uruguay walloping the hosts Russia, then the two draws that followed (Spain Vs Morroco and Portugal Vs Itan. Hoping today will be better

Keep hoping. I have no more hope if Cr7 can miss a penalty and his team struggle to beat Iran and Germany be struggling to win any match in the group stage.
They are the 1 seeded team so basically better than everyone else and now i am worried they might never get to the finals

Most big teams are still struggling. Knockout stages will be interesting to watch

hahaha! Russia or England will make it to the semi-finals and Brazil , Uruguay, Argentina, Portugal or Switzerland on the other group of 8.

Sucks for christiano because his teammates are really playing shitty. Unlike Messi who is the one dragging his team, Christiano is playing a one man show

Portugal gave up the goal. Oh, what a lousy day!

felicidades a los ganadores,yo iba a Portugal gracias por tu apoyo,

I missed all, I went for Egypt, Russia, Portugal and Spain winning, and tomorrow I will probably miss them all again.

Congratulations :)

bluengel_i.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

Today was a bloodbath haha

tell me about this please?

Hooray, I'm on the 18th place :)

Good news is so good for you because even though I have not been in Steemit for a long time. The day that Steemit came to the world, I would read each of your posts well. Updates are available to you. Thank you so much for you.

@arcange, can i ask for a small favour? Could you please help reconcile all my past trophies? i am missing between 3rd day nigeria's game when they lost up to 9th day.

I should be atleast 20 trophies but now only like 9

I am not able to vote

As the championship progresses the weak becomes stronger so it is difficult to predict the result yesterday was an example as maruecos and iran were the surprise to tie with Spain and Portugal

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