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In Post 2 of this Geoengineering series, we established Cooling towers/WSACs in Power Plants as a pivotal element in the Geoengineering apparatus. We looked at smoking gun proof (in form of videos and pictures) of how this 'in-place water vapor generation' is used to create cloud systems, not just in US or North America, but GLOBALLY (as I mentioned in post 1 and 2, Geoengineering is indeed a 'supranational' process). It is also imperative to mention that this aspect of Geoengineering has been largely ignored by the activist and 'truth' community, or rather, this truth has been obfuscated by the subterfuge of so called "gatekeepers" in the Geoengineering activism realm (read question 7 in post 2).

Sequential water vapor cloud fuelling is a necessary, but not sufficient requirement for weather manipulation. Once these huge cloud systems are manufactured, there needs to be a mechanism to spin them into the superstorms we see twice a week. Controlling these storm systems like a clockwork requires a leviathan amount of frequency to speed them up, slow them down, change their direction and combine them. Introducing the frequency aspect of Geoengineering - aka RADAR.

Note : All videos, GIFs and images in this post has been carefully curated to prove the point being discussed. It is crucial for the audience to watch them thoroughly to comprehend the concept and role of NEXRAD/Doppler RADAR in manipulating weather.

What is RADAR?

RADAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) is a system that uses radio waves to determine range, altitude, direction or speed of objects. A radar system consists of a transmitter producing electromagnetic waves in the radio or microwaves domain, a transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna (often the same antenna is used for transmitting and receiving) and a receiver and processor. Radio waves (pulsed or continuous) from the radar transmitter reflect off the object and return to the receiver, thus capturing information about the object's location and speed.

A computer processes the returned radio signals and, through algorithms, can make conclusions about what kinds of particles it “saw,” including the speed of motion (the Doppler effect) towards or away from the radar. This reflective principle of RADAR is used in creating weather imagery.

So RADAR is essentially a weather forecasting device. How is it then used in Geoengineering/Weather Mannipulation ?

As mentioned earlier in this post, it is not enough to pump out trillions of gallons of water from WSACs to create storm systems - there is a need for a global frequency grid to set it into motion. Before we delve into it, lets mention here that frequency/radar waves have little effect on pure water vapor, hence the need for Welsbach Materials like Barium, Aluminium and Strontium in the Chemtrails (see US Patent 5003186) which can then be acted upon by frequency emitted by the radars. I will discuss Chemtrails in greater details in a later post on this series, as it is another pivotal element of Geoengineering.

The global frequency net needed to control this heavy-metal nano-cloud has been in place for quite some time now, just like the water vapor generation system. None of these mechanisms are recent. Just like the water vapor generation was approved under the guise of cooling towers for power plants, the establishment of the frequency grid was subterfuged as weather monitoring and detection system, to avoid scrutiny. It is indeed ironical that these radars that were installed to keep us prepared of weather, has been manipulating the weather- daily, deliberately and verifiably. Talk about the proverbial fox guarding the hen-house, eh?

The weather RADARs installed in US (and globally) are called NEXRAD WSR-88D (called Doppler RADAR in other countries). 88 stands for the year it was rolled out (1988), WSR stands for Weather Service RADAR, and D stands for RADAR type (Doppler).

radar picture.JPG

(Note the unusual cloud pattern on the sky in immediate vicinity of the RADAR in the picture above)

These NEXRAD radars are evenly spaced across US (and globally for the most part). These systems have been upgraded with Dual Polarization system, and the final Phased Array upgrades are complete as well.

nexrad vs conventional radar.JPG

US Doppler radar sites.JPG

How does NEXRAD/Doppler RADAR manipulate weather?

To understand this, lets look at some technical specifications of NEXRAD first :


As mentioned on WW101

A NEXRAD site consumes approximately 50.8 kilowatts of energy. That includes the air conditioners and/or heaters to control the temperature of the hardware. The transmitter itself takes 15 kilowatts--roughly the same amount as 13 clothes irons.

NEXRAD radar draws its power from the normal power grid. However, it has a very robust UPS system to keep the radar operating even in the event of a loss of power. Imagine if the radar stopped operating because of the storm it was monitoring knocking out its power!

NEXRAD Power Transmitter - The KLYSTRON

Although a NEXRAD site consumes about 50.8 kilowatts of power as shown in the picture above, the klystron is a special (and expensive) unit responsible for converting standard commercial power to the 750,000 watts of coherent energy that is transmitted in each pulse. It consumes 7.5 watts, gets hit with 47,000 volts, and amplifies it into the 750,000 watts needed for each pulse. The klystron takes the place of the magnetron used in older radar systems.

The peak effective power of a NEXRAD site is, as mentioned above, 750 kilowatts. However, the transmitter is only active between 0.05% and 6.1% of the time. As mentioned in the brief introduction the radar is only transmitting for about 7 seconds out of each hour--or 0.19% of the time. As such, the average output power of a NEXRAD site is 0.0019 * 750,000 = 1458 watts. The specifications put the average output power is 1300 watts.

NEXRAD uses pulse repetition frequencies of between 318 and 1304 pulses per second, which translates to pulse repetition times of between 3.144 milliseconds and .766 milliseconds (766 microseconds). Therefore, the range of NEXRAD is between 471.6km and 114.9km.

It is crucial to note that for weather imagery and weather monitoring purpose, the RADAR needs to be transmitting only 7 seconds in 1 hour, or 0.19% of the time. However, RADAR imagery shows that NEXRAD is beaming at full throttle throughout the day. Such enormous amount of frequency transmission is obviously not used in weather monitoring, but rather weather manipulation, by ionizing plasma (refer to US Patent 508134), creating gravity waves (NEXRAD heterodyne waves), creating spinning vortex for hurricanes and frequency activating artificial Ice Nucleation and various other functions.

Lets look at some of these functions created by NEXRAD RADAR in greater detail.

Gravity Waves/ NEXRAD Heterodyning waves

Hetereodyning is the process of creating a new frequency by combining 2 more different frequencies.

Heterodyning frequency can create rolling wave patterns/frequencies/Gravity waves that are much slower and drive storm systems. See the GIFs, pictures and videos below to understand how -

Gravity Wave / Heterodyne patterns seen in clouds (video below) -
  • Watch 4:59 to 5:34
  • Watch 6:01 to 6:30
  • Watch 6:58 to 9:20

The video below is extremely well documented and presented when it comes to satellite and RADAR imagery showing frequency manipulation and heterodyning to create gravity waves using phased array of NEXRAD system across US.

It is evident from this videos and imagery that frequency activated cloud pattern can be observed daily across the globe. This frequency has to have a source and given the plentiful power availability and phased array type placement all across the world, it undoubtedly has to to originate in the NEXRAD RADARs. We will get more clarity on NEXRAD being the main frequency grid in weather manipulation as we progress in this post.

Atmospheric Plasma Generation / Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM)

US patent 5041834 outlines the generation of Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM), or a plasma layer in the atmosphere. The patent states the following steps for creating AIM -

(a) creating avalanche ionization in the atmosphere using a heater antenna;
(b) refocusing said heater antenna to alter the altitude of said avalanche ionization by frequency shifting said heater antenna; and
(c) scanning said heater antenna to paint an avalanche ionization layer.

The heater antennae is an array which can be used to focus and refocus energy at different heights in the ionosphere, to add depth and tilt the AIM using phase and frequency control. Illustrative diagram of varying altitudes in AIM below-

Plasma is generated when avalanche breakdown of air occurs due to free electrons being highly energized by microwaves generated and focussed by these RADARs.

It is commonplace in the truth community to point fingers ar HAARP for such AIM generation, but lets not forget there are only a handful of HAARP facilities in the world, while such NEXRAD/Doppler RADAR stations are much plentiful and continuously increasing in presence, which makes it much more convenient to generate the AIM plasma ANYWHERE using the closest RADAR station, as opposed to a HAARP facility located in remote Alaska.

The patent on AIM states that -

The AIM is used like the ionosphere to reflect RF energy over great distances.

However, we shall see in the video below how it is instead used for weather manipulation. See this video below documenting plasma generation over Texas -

Vortex Creation / Forced Rotation

We have already established (in post 2) the following when it comes to weather manipulation -

  • Water vapor generation from artificial sources like WSACs in power plants to create massive cloud systems. See video below for some more visual evidence-

These cloud systems are then worked on by rotating pulsed frequency emanating from the NEXRAD RADARs to create spinning vortex. Since the dual pol upgrades on NEXRAD, the effectiveness of these RADARs in manipulating such storm systems/vortexes has increased tremendously. Watch this video below for a high quality visualization on how this is executed -

watch 7:04 - 13:30

Polar Vortex Creation / Artificial Ice Nucleation

If you thought the Polar vortex slide down to Florida or snowing during 55 degrees was real, you got to watch this video -

If NEXRAD indeed is frequency manipulating the weather, isnt it itself affected by the storm systems?

Because of the maximum angle of the radar dish (19.5 deg) the area directly above the nexrad station is not covered by the rotating radar sweep. Therefore the sky above the vortex is clear making the radar easy to detect on satellite imagery. See video below -

So, if the NEXRAD/Doppler RADARs are manipulating the weather, where does HAARP fit in?

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)is much more heard off in the truth community than NEXRAD. HAARP was initiated as an ionospheric research program funded by DARPA. Basically it is a high-powered radio transmission research facility, that beams high frequency electromagnetic pulse into atmosphere to create Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM) within the atmosphere.

In essence, HAARP is the reversal of a radio telescope. It has a phased array of antennaes that transmits instead of receiving signals. HAARP has indeed been a pioneer in the realm of Geoengineering tools for the last 2 decades.

Although many of the methods used in weather manipulation using the frequency grid has been devised and developed at this facility, and other similar facilities around the world (see map below), it is most likely not at the epicentre of daily global geoengineering.

Much more advanced and localized NEXRAD facilities and towers have been deployed in last 2 decades. Each NEXRAD is capable of acting like a HAARP and much more, as observed in the videos and pictures shared above. As a matter of fact,HAARP is of such less importance to the global geoengineers that it has been permanently dismantled in 2014 yet the intensity and frequency of geo-engineered climate systems has only gone up. Easy to see the logic right?

NEXRAD vs haarp.JPG


In this post we looked at the second pivotal pillar of Geoengineering - the frequency grid. We looked at how the weather monitoring RADAR systems (NEXRAD/Doppler RADAR) is being utilised to create the freqency grid which then acts on nano heavy-metal particles in chemtrails to be frequency activated. This results in daily observable weather phenomena like Gravity waves in clouds, plasma generation in ionosphere (AIM), Polar vortex sliding down south and artificial ice nucleation. We also established the array of NEXRAD/Doppler radar as the origin of this frequency grid, and not HAARP, as commonly believed.

In the upcoming posts of this series, I will be presenting Chemtrails, the big picture/endgame of Geoengineering, and some known Geoengineering Psyop socks.

“This planet has been hoodwinked, and has been for a very long time” - Weatherwar 101

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I am happy to see your constant great efforts to put these all in extremely simpyfied ways. I am aware about Doppler radar systems, too, that they are using in disguise of weather monitoring system.

We need urgent solutions to deal with this opposite party who is constantly destroying our planet, killing millions of lives, and putting a humanity to shame.

Thanks @invinciblelight. My research pointed me to Orgone generators as a solution, although I havent tried them myself yet. Are you aware of it/ whats your take on it?

You're welcome, @amit86! Yes, Orgone generators like orgonite can be the solution but we need very preciecly built orgonite or orgone generators that can amplify positive orgone energy to wide area, covering many miles.

I generally establish bio orgone psychic shield that is way more powerful than a orgonite. But it makes use of your own lightbodies, intent, focus and pranic energy. Which always work to keep harmful chamtrails miles away. But I have to energise it now and then. Another solution is Tesla shield that make use of aether and plasma forcefield as a shield.

Can you direct me to some definitive resources/links on this? I want to go to the bottom of this and try out myself. Thanks in advance.

I am not aware of any definitive resources/links on this. Building Tesla shield needs an extensive amount of resources and to operate it also requres lot of amount of energy/electricity. And about bio-psychic shielding... I've learned and created this technique myself. When you explore the spiritual realms and go on inside journey, many amazing things will be revealed to you. If you are interested in spirituality, then, this Awakening Project is for you. We will gradually reveal everything, coz, people on this platform are still not ready to accept the truth.

Also wanted to mention here that I was travelling in India for last 5 months and saw increased instances of manufactured weather symptoms - chemtrails, Visible HAARP rings on sky/cloud pattern, artificial WV generation. There was also a news piece couple years back that Indian government is installing 45 more Doppler radars (on top of the existing 33 weather radars) for coastline security. We both know its not for national security but rather for national weather manipulation that those radars will be used. What a shame. Makes me wonder who in the Indian government might be aware of what is going on in this regard.

I am noticing those changes too. Most portion of the Indian Government are actually blind about it, it's only those few high ranking memebers of the Inner council are aware of it and don't give damn about the devastation effects from these systems. They are too much egocentric and only money matters to them.

Well done, I'm about to watch some of the videos above, but you covered a lot, very interesting info.

Thanks for this informative post, amit86! I just would like to ask, since I am just an ordinary individual of the earth, do you think this awesome weather atmospheric maneuvers can stop all the ‘sunamis’ that’s occuring on this planet. And the cyclones in earth! I would hope, if it is not possible, hope they can come up with stopping the weather atrocities!

Hi @aidasfg - great question. Let me take a dig at it

  1. As per satellite & Radar imagery research done by weatherwar101, ALL weather events since the early 1980s, including Hurricanes, Flash floods, Droughts, Cloudbursts, have been MANUFACTURED 100%, by the use of water vapour generation, NEXRAD/HARP pulsed frequency,and Chemtrails, acting in unison. Tsunami is a special case as it is triggered after an earthquake, and earthquakes can be triggered by beaming ELFs onto a particular area. So yes, the weather manipulation behemoth I described can infact create Tsunamis.

  2. I added other weather events to this list because Tsunamis are quite rare, but a flash flood or hurricane is happening twice a week these days. And all of these events GLOBALLY are being manufactured using the same process I m describing in this series.

  3. Now the important thing here is to understand that these events are manufactured in the first place, so we can stop these weather events by not manufacturing them. Easy right? If we turn off the immense pulsed frequency from the NEXRAD radars and account for the water vapor being released from power plants, I can guarantee we will not see the weather events we are seeing daily these days

  4. As to your question if a natural or artificial storm ( or Tsunami) can be stopped, answer is YES. See documented proof below. (video shows how a tornado is terminated using pulsed sinusoidal frequency, watch from 11:35 or watch the whole video :D )

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask more.

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Wow, I'm blown away! My research into geoengineering isn't as deep as this. I'm learning a lot from you. Keep it up!

Muchas Gracias. I will keep you posted on this series!!

and if you have any questions on this post please feel free to shoot. I might learn something while explaining it to you. :D

Very nice post! I can tell this took a lot of time and it shows! Well written, and appealing. I had no idea how Doppler radars worked or operated and to what effect. Keep it up man, learned a lot!

@ diezeldiddy - true that,it indeed took me over a week to assimilate all the information on this and present it in a way that simplifies it, given the intense technical nature of this topic. What I want to focus on is that there is a plethora of literature out there on Geoengineering, but this body of work from WW101 that I am referring is something very few people are aware of or are talking about. And predictable enough that youtube channel has been silenced,given the fact there hasnt been any update in last 6 months. Neverthless, there is so much information and analysis available on this, I would be attempting a second part on same topic going much deeper, without overwhelming the reader with too much information.

Thanks for taking the time to read, please ask questions if you have any so I can hone my learning as well!

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