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For those of you who don't know about HAARP (really?? STILL havent heard of it? Gotta step up your general knowledge !! you might want to close that sissy facebook and Insta feed and type in 'Geoengineering' on your search engine, and it better not be Google !! ) - it is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was initiated as an ionospheric research program funded by DARPA. Basically it is a high-powered radio transmission research facility, that beams high frequency electromagnetic pulse into atmosphere to create Artificial Ionospheric Mirror (AIM) within the atmosphere.

Ok, so why should I care about HAARP of all things?

For extremely important reasons - namely Geoengineering. HAARP has been key to manipulating our weather since its establishment in 1993, in Alaska. HAARP has been found to be able to manipulate storm system, create hurricanes and even earthquakes, depending on what type of frequency it is transmitting. You bet, its all deliberate and planned like a clockwork. Watch this video for a summary on HAARP and its workings -

For an extensive dig into HAARP, click this from Transmissions whats the "India" connection to HAARP?

HAARP like facilities are not in Alaska alone, but installed all across the globe. The one in India is located in Gadanki, Andhra Pradesh (+13° 27' 26.68", +79° 10' 30.74") and known as National MST Radar Facility operated by the National Atmospheric Research Lab of India.

As per this website -

The scientific requirements dictated that the Indian MST Radar should be located preferably below 15 degrees North latitude. Hence after careful consideration of the various constraints, a site at Gadanki Village, near the temple town of Tirupati in the Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh was selected for locating the Indian MST Radar . NMRF is located off the Chitoor -Tirupati main road in a picturesque landscape spreading over an area of about 42 acres.

Pictures and Google Earth images of this facility are below -

Note the similarity in antennae structure, looks exactly like the one in Alaskan HAARP facility (see below)-

What is the Official narrative for this MST radar facility?

Surely the government can't reveal its real reason for existence,and need to spin it as a scientific necessity for a greater common good. Thats exactly whats mentioned on the government website :

The MST radar located at Gadanki is an excellent system used for atmospheric probing in the regions of Mesosphere, Stratosphere and Troposphere (MST) covering up to a height of 100 Km. It is also used for coherent backscatter study of the ionospheric irregularities above 90 km. MST radar is a state-of-the-art instrument capable of providing estimates of atmospheric parameters with very high resolution on a continuous basis, which is essential for the study of different dynamical process in the atmosphere. Radar operates at 53 MHz with a peak power of 2.5 MW. The phased antenna array consists of two orthogonal sets, one for each polarization of 1024 three element Yagi-Uda antennas arranged in a 32 x 32 matrix over an area of 130 m x 130 m. The two sets are co-located with pairs of crossed Yagis mounted on the same set of poles. The array is aligned along the geomagnetic axes to enable the radar beam to be transverse to the Earth’s magnetic field for ionospheric backscatter application. The array of either of the polarizations is illuminated using 32 transmitters of varying power, each feeding a linear sub-array of 32 antennas. The power distribution across the array follows an approximation to modified Taylor weighting in both principal directions. The radar beam can, in principle, be positioned electronically at any look angle within ± 200 off-zenith in the East-West and North-South planes. It is possible to transmit both coded and un-coded pulses with pulse repetition frequency in the range of 62.5 Hz to 8 KHz, with a maximum duty of 2.5 %. Coded and un-coded pulse can be varied from 1 to 32 µs with a baud length of 1 µs providing a range resolution of 150 m. The radar operates under instruction from a PC based radar controller that executes an experiment according to the experimental specification set by the scientists. Both time series and power spectrum data canbe recorded on-line. The recorded data can be processed offline to derive various atmospheric parameters.

The Weather & Climate research group states the following on the website -

So, why is India investing in Geoengineering/Weather Manipulation/ HAARP like technologies when it is yet to feed millions and provide basic amenities like toilets to 60% of its populace?

Well, I would bet 99.9% (dont quote me on the number, ok ?) of Indians arent aware of HAARP, or Geoengineering, happening in their own backyard. As I mentioned in my post before, Geoengineering is a 'supranational' process, meaning it operates beyond national borders. So I would imagine this is more of a 'globalist' directed climate project than being the brainchild of the Indian government. Regardless, the expenses involved in operating the Geoengineering behemoth is being funded out of Indian taxpayer's pocket.

What is more important to ask here is how is this Geoengineering central command getting to operate across continents, borders and regional unions? How is it that they are able to affect the scientific standards related to power plants and weather radar systems, both of which are pivotal in Geoengineering? How are they convincing the governments to participate in chemtrailing their own population? How is the water vapor discharge from the power plants being co-ordinated to create sequential cloud fuelling? Who is behind this?

And WHY?

Penny/Steem for your thoughts (in the comments section)?


Great efforts to spread the truth about behind the scenes exopolitics. I am pretty much aware about all that you said and each of their exact locations on the grid network around the glob. Things are pretty deep when you ask Who is behind this?, Coz, there is not one race involved in this but many. And there are multiple layers, and hierarchy inter-connected in triangular network/form.

Agreed. But what astounds me is these weather engineers plan the daily destruction and storm systems while being very aware of their actions. I wonder if they have some sort of insider protection for their families from the poisonous chemtrails and destructive effect of weather. Are you aware of anything as such?

Have you read my Geoengineering post completely and thoroughly?

I mentioned this:

You would say, If they are spraying that harmful chemicals in our atmosphere then they too would get affected.

No, not really. They have tons of advanced medicine and technology and they command the military to not spray over certain areas or regions where the "bloodline/relative" of their kind live.

They basically live in shielded areas with an availability of healing tech that can heal you and protect you from this poisonous chemtrails pretty easily.

I am aware of those exotic technologies and their workings to some extent.

Also I just penned a post that shows how HAARP is obsolete now and its the local weather RADARs that are playing HAARP and cooking the weather...check it out if you get a chance and lemme know what you think -

HAARP is a very simple and small tech in comparison to what THEY have in store in their black projects. Those technologies are light years ahead of our mainstream technologies that are now outdated tech for them. I planned to make post about them each in details but things didn't work very well, and I had to dump that idea. But you will see some revelations from @starangel in her upcoming intitative. Stay tuned.

I will take a look.