The Daily Whistle Stops, Issue #420. (03/06/19)



The Daily Whistle Stops is a curation post brought to you by @thesteemengine! This post features the best posts from our members!

All of these posts were submitted in our Discord server's post-promotion channel, and have been hand picked to receive a nice upvote from our group account! If you'd like to see your post featured here, simply submit it in The STEEM Engine Discord server! Not a member of The STEEM Engine initiative? Check out our intro post for more information about our group!


The Curator's Choices


Playing the Career Field, Part 1
Life, Experienced Podcast S2E5




Whisky deals, and the art
of questioning things




Wednesday Walk Flora Three



The Software Piracy Chronicles
of Slobberchops (The THG Years) – Part Three




My Life's Journey
Carneval in Sora, Italy through my photos and videos
Guess who is the famous person?lol




Fruits and Veggies Monday
Ravishing Ratatouille - Low Carb Keto friendly




Healthy Eats | Have Leftovers?
Easy Cheesy Pinwheel Mixers




Bozz Eats:
Shorty's True American Roadhouse




Bia Mara (Antwerp, Brussels)
A Tasteem Review




shadow photo contest
round 59 -- architectural-shadows





Thank you for the mention. I truly appreciate being included with all these terrific posts!

Always a pleasure to be selected by master curator @enchantedspirit. Thanks so much!

Awesome issue of The Daily Whistle Stops @thesteemengine! Thank you for including my post today :) Looks like there are a few I still need to read!

All the food in this issue is making me hungry, thank you so much for the feature!

Hello, I joined on your discord but didn't get permission to promote my posts.
Can anyone let me know where and how to start?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, @rem-steem. Thank you for your interest in @thesteemengine. I reorganized our group several months ago and adjusted its focus. This brought our membership numbers down to a few dozen exceptional content creators who have remained with us through this bear market, when -- as I'm sure you know -- Steem crashed hard along with many other cryptos.

While you were able to join our Discord server, there is a message in the one channel you can access from the entry portal that says we are not accepting new members at this time, nor are we reinstating former ones. In the past few days -- as Steem begins a slow, possibly temporary upward climb, we've begun to discuss bringing new members on board, but those talks are still ongoing. My job at the moment is to continue supporting our existing members.

If and when we reopen the group for new members, admission will be by invitation only and you will need a current member of The STEEM Engine to recommend you. We are still several weeks away from any firm decision on any of this, however.

Thank you again for your interest in our community. We wish you well on your Steemit journey.

Enchanted Spirit (INFJ) ---> Curator and Pro Tem Leader at The STEEM Engine