🎭🎈My Life's Journey - Carneval in Sora, Italy through my photos and videos - Guess who is the famous person?lol 🎈🎭

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Carnival In Sora

Hi there, my amazing Steemian friends. Today I am going to share with you a Carnival festival in Sora, Italy. Sora is not a big city but it is a beautiful city just 2 hours away from Rome. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains with a river going through right through the city. Soon I will make a post about it and share its beauty with you guys as well. But, today, I went to the Carnival celebration here in the city. And, even though it is a small city they certainly outdid themselves for this celebration. So let me share part of my experience with you.

They told us the Carnival starts at 4:00 PM at the main square. But already about 3:00 PM we heard loud music coming down from the streets and people cheering. So two of my teammates and I rushed down to see what is going on. It turns out the main celebration at the main square starts at 4. But, the parade to the center of the city started earlier. So as soon as we walked out we saw a lot of people on the streets and the celebration already started. Most of the caravan had already past by now, but we managed to catch up with it all.




There were kids all over the place dressed in some amazing costumes. Families having a good time. And, people just having fun. It was just one big positive atmosphere all around. We honestly thought it was not going to be that big of a celebration but we were pleasantly surprised no doubt. As we were trying to catch up with what we missed I tried to take as many photos as possible. My favorite no doubt where these little babies dressed up in prison costumes. It was adorable. There were just kids everywhere dancing and having fun.



The farther we moved along we ran into the first big platform towed by a big tractor. The was a big Buda statue sitting on top of the elephant. At the bottom of the platform, there were monks dancing and having fun. Not really a "regular" type of Buddist monks. lol I am sure it took them many days of preparation to build this platform and prepare the choreography.


The farther we moved along we ran into Women Rights Movement group of ladies dressed in beautiful dresses. Those dresses really seemed like a lot of work to create. And, I am sure they were not really comfortable to wear as well. So hats of these ladies for the effort as I am sure even the makeup took some time to complete.



The next platform was aquarium type of theme. I did not take a picture of a fish looking like Nemo from the animated cartoon. But, it was a pretty cool platform with the moving head of the fish at the front. Another cool platform which took some time to build no doubt. You can see it much better in the videos.


Now here comes the "star" platform in my opinion. haha Well, to be honest, at first I thought it was like Billy The Kid type of theme with him holding revolvers, and shooting at Indians or something. I honestly did not realize what it was at the beginning. I am not sure how I missed this in the beginning. I will reveal little later what this theme was, but I am pretty sure you guys will figure it out. lol


Soon we got ahead and I snapped some more photos. My favorite one was the kid in a Pikachu costume. The main theme attraction seemed to be the huge devils head with kids and adults dressed as prisoners. You can see it all much better in the videos I took. Soon after we decided to head out the main square.




The Main Square

Now, the main square was where the fun has started. Kids running around everywhere in different kind of costumes and spraying for what it seems to be shaving foam or something at each other. I mean some kids were covered with it literally. lol It was awesome. Just little ahead we found our spot to wait for the caravan to make their way through the main square. You can see some of the "fights" in the video as well.




The main square was full of people. Soon the caravan started to arrive. In between every platform they had kids dancing choreography, and Woman Rights Movement group dancing to some classical music. My favorite were the kids dancing. As one kid as you will see had some "moves" on him. He is going to be a trouble for ladies when he grows up no doubt. lol O yeah let's not forget the dancing Nuns, and Smurfs making a surprise entrance. You can see all the dancing in the videos I attached to this post.




But, my favorite platform what I thought was Billy The Kid theme turned out to be Donald Trump sitting in the plane with two guns protecting his wall against the immigrants. lol I honestly did not know it was about him until the announcer said it. Then it clicked. I looked at this hair and honestly was embarrassed I did not recognize his face and his "stylish" hair. I honestly laughed really heard at myself. How in the heck did I miss that? lol


Soon after all the other caravans were passing through with kids spraying all kinds of stuff at the platforms. People were having fun, smiling, and enjoying their time. We were all really surprised by the turnout of people and how big was the Carnival for such a small city. It was awesome. And, I am sure it took a lot of time to build these platforms, prepare the choreography, and costumes. These people really put some thought and time into this creating this Carnival.





You will be able to see it all much better in the videos I took with my phone. The only mistake I made was I did not shoot all the videos with widescreen. But, I guess this was my first video filming and editing experience. Next time, hopefully, I will do better. It was no doubt a great way to spend my afternoon and I hope you guys got little enjoyment from this post as well.

O yeah, I almost forgot about this. There was a kid standing right next to us watching the parade go through and he saw all the kids were spraying the shaving foam all over the platforms. So he wanted to do it as well. But, he was too far from it all, but that sure did not stop him spraying anyway. He sprayed the entire tank on the people two rows in front of him. Let's just say some people in those first two rows got their heads showered with the foam...I actually captured it on video. Let's just say those people were not happy campers at all.lol Anyways, guys, that is about it with my picture tour of the carnival and only thing you have to do now is watch my not at all professional video about it as well.lol

Thank you all for reading and watching, I hope this post brought a smile to your face, much love,

dbjegovic 💕 💞 💓




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Nice photo essay! I don't really get the Carneval thing... it wasn't a thing in Australia... but here in Europe, it appears to be a really big thing.. although, not so much from what I see here in Netherlands... perhaps it is more a Catholic country thing?

Anyway, of topic... how is the Pocophone... I had heard about it, but forgot to read reviews about it... the photos look alright (apart from the watermarking...)!


Yes, in Europe, some countries are crazy about it. They really do go all out. Even here for such a small city of 27k people, this was a huge carnival. I was really surprised by how big it was.

I love Pocaphone, my friend. For 300 bucks the photos are amazing. It is super fast and it works great for me. Battery lasts forever and it has big storage. I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a great budget phone. I think you can remove the watermarking. Will have to check. :)

Thanks for stopping by, brother. Have an amazing day. :)

What a fun parade! Love seeing all of the costumes, quite a bit of effort put in to each of them. The floats were interesting, what were all of the prisoner costumes about? Pretty funny Trump made a celebratory appearance in Italy, lol! The hair is classic! It's always fun to see what parades are like all over the world. I bet you guys had a great time, looking forward to your video @awakentolife :) Have a great week my friend!


It sure was fun. And, yes it sure did take some effort to organize this all. I am not sure what the prisoner theme was all about but toddlers dressed in them were super cute.

And, yes, the hair, I am not sure how I missed the hair and mistaken it for Billy The Kid... lolol

Thank you for another amazing comment. Have a blessed day :)

What an incredibly fun post. The video just made me smile and giggle the whole way through.

Much of our Catholic population is Hispanic here, and carnival is not a big thing with them, so any carnival celebrations here are smaller almost private. I did get caught in the traffic swirl when the celebration of mass for the beginning of Lent happened yesterday. There is a dead end road past the nearest Catholic Church that Sam and I take often for our walks. The traffic was crazy for about 15 minutes...

Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it!


You are more than welcome, brother. I am glad you liked it. It took me a while to edit it all but I am happy how it all turned in the end. :)

Usually, in the bigger cities, they close down all the streets for the carnivals. People have to park far away from where it is all happening and walk to it. Some of these cities in Europe really go crazy. This is a small Carnival compared to some in other bigger cities.

Thank you as always for stopping by, brother, have a blessed day. :)

It looks like a lot of fun and you documented it very well. I wouldn't probably take my camera to such a place as people become crazy during carnival and I would be worried that something would happen :)

I love those babies dressed like prisoners ;)

I usually don't go to see carnivals anymore as it's too loud and I always end up having this foam somewhere on my clothes or in my hair :)

They have similar parades in the Netherlands. They spend all year building those trucks and then enjoy the parade a lot. But the themes that you showed are a bit different than those that I'm used to see. On the other hand the carnival in Switzerland is mainly built around music. People train all year in some kind of orchestra and then go to the parade. You can imagine the noise that these people make :) There are dozens of different orchestras in the parade :D

It's nice to see the difference between the countries and thank you for showing us how it is in Italy :)

Have a great day!


I can really understand what you mean about the camera. But these videos were actually taken with my phone. So I just had to watch for kids spraying shaving foam all over me... hehe

They sure do go overboard sometimes with loud music and noise but this Carnival was just on the border. They were in the golden middle. And, yes the toddlers for me were the stars of the Carnival. They were too cute. I just loved everything about it. People smiling, having fun, laughing, and just simply having a good time.

They do the same here in bigger cities. They prepare all year long for this day. I am sure even this carnival took some months to prepare and build the platforms, costumes, choreography... They sure put a lot of effort into this.

Actually, in my hometown in Croatia, they do the orchestra kind of celebration. It gets loud and noisy for sure. hehe

Thank you @delishtreats for such an amazing comment. I am happy to share with you guys and I am glad you liked it. Have an amazing day as well. :)

That is just brilliant! I love these festivals that seem to take place all over Europe. We very rarely have them in the UK. I'd love to know the significance of those prison outfits! And that recycling bin man! Bizarre. And Smurfs too! Lol.
A few years ago I went to Spain with my mum. We stayed in a small northern Basque town. One evening I wandered into the town centre, and there was a Basque festival taking place, with young people doing traditional Basque dances in costume on a stage. It was fantastic to watch it, and it wasn't staged as a big tourist display - it was mostly local people watching. We should definitely have more things like this in Scotland.


Well, they sure had it all on this Carnival. It was awesome to witness. We had fun watching it all and admiring all the costumes. I just loved seeing people smiling and kids having fun. :)

Well, just next time jump to Germany. They go crazy over there with carnival times. They take 5 days of work for it. lolol

I am sure Spain was amazing as well. Seeing people traditions and customs. It is always awesome. :)

Well, you should start carnival in Scotland next time around. Who knows maybe it will catch up.

Thank you for reading, my amazing friend, have a great day. :)

Wow this is really a big carnival and I also like the Donald Trump gun slinger theme lol. It looks like loads of fun and maybe something to look at attending when travelling through Europe.


Well, to be honest, this is a small carnival compared to the ones in the bigger cities. But for such a small city of only 27k people, it was a BIG carnival. I was really surprised at how big it was.

Donald Trump took the cake for me.. lol That was funny. And the craziest thing of all I did not recognize it right away... How did I miss the hair? lolol

You really should visit carnivals in Europe. Some countries really go "overboard" with it. It gets crazy in some of these countries. So it is a must go for sure when you visit Europe. You should off have seen the carnival in Venice this year? Man, it was BIG.

Thank you for stopping by my post, have an amazing day. :)


I am not surprised you didn't notice it straight away. It is rather obvious, but not something you expect to see in some small town carnival in Italy.

I liked your documentation of Carnival! The little kids with the prison outfits were adorable! I went to the Carnival in New Orleans a couple of times and I must say that it is a 24/7 party where everyone is involved.

You did a good job on the phone camera! They are not easy to do with all the action. I miss seeing your posts and don't get your notifications anymore, so I will have to come and seek you out!

Great job on the blog! I hope you are doing well and that the season is awesome!



Thank you, my amazing friend @dswigle. :)

I really tried to do my best to bring this carnival to you guys through my pictures and videos. My editing still needs some practice. But with practice, I will get better at it. :)

And, they sure had a party here as well. All day and all night. Morning is and afternoon for the kids but adult party later. lol

I was offline for about 5 months now so it is probably why you did not see many of my posts. But, I am back active again, and I am happy you like my posts. I will do my best to stay as active as possible now. I missed this place and my amazing Steemian friends. :)

Thank you for an amazing comment and for the tip. Have a blessed day. :)

I've never been to a real carnival so far but I'm always happy to see photos and videos. Italy is famous about carnivals. What a funny costume parade you have here, those jail suits are the funniest, especially on toddlers but I love the 3R costume as well. You can never advertise to much and this is the best occasion to raise awareness about recycling. Well done!


Hi there @erikah. :)

Well, I hope through my photos I have brought a part of carnival to you. Yes, here in Italy they are "crazy" about their carnival days no doubt. I can only imagine how it was in the bigger cities as Sora is not a big city. But, they sure made sure to have a big carnival. It sure took some time to prepare all of this.

It was just an awesome experience to see people smiling and kids having fun. For me, hands down the toddlers in prison outfits were the best. But I laughed the hardest in the video when the kid was spraying shaving foam all over people in front of him. They turned around and saw it was a kid so they could not even get mad at him. lol

And, you are right, this planet needs all the help it can get. And, recycling is sure an issue which needs to be addressed all the time. Hopefully, people will turn it around so that this planet does not evict us all.

Thank you for a wonderful comment. Have an amazing day. :)

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Thank you so much for all your support through my Steemit journey. Wish you all a great day. :)

hello @awakentolife
nice report of your experience in Sora! We are from Venice and sooner or later you will also have to see carnival, if you have not already done so! The people who come out in those days is incredible and the kids are really fantastic when they are masked !! keep on having fun! Hello


Hi there @road2horizon. I actually played basketball in Mestre, Venice and have visited Venice during the Carnival times and it was amazing as well. I think I actually wrote a post about it here on Steemit. I played in Mestre 2 year ago or so. Venice is a beautiful city, but it becomes magical when the time of the Carnival arrives. Basically, the entire city was one big Carnival. I will for sure visit it again as I have many friends living in Venice.

Thank you for such a nice comment. I wish you an amazing day. :)

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Hi @awakentolife,

Love all the colorful photos and great video. they really capture the spirit of Carnivale.

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