Bia Mara (Antwerp, Brussels): A Tasteem Review

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We recently went on a really nice short holiday during the school break to Belgium. Going to Belgium is always a nice treat, it is close enough to go by train and the food (and the clothes, according to my wife) is a step up from what is normally on offer in The Netherlands!

After a day of walking around doing the tourist thing... we stopped off at this Fish and Chip restaurant (it isn't a take away!) after the place that we were first looking for ended up being closed.

...and we were glad we stopped by this place, it was quite a great little place to eat!

The Space


There is a nice old dark wood decor to the place, and the whole restaurant has a nice little atmosphere. A Fish and Chip specialist restaurant with beer on tap and a fully stocked bar? What could be better!

There is a decent amount of room on the inside, however, we chose to sit on the few tables outdoors. Either place is good, but we had a bit of trouble getting the pram through the door. The staff offered to open up the second door to get it in, but in the end, t was nice weather outside, so we made the most of it to just relax and read.

The Menu


There is a selection of nice sounding seafood (and chicken ), however we were more interested in the Fish and Chips. There are a couple of novel flavours and different spins on the stock standard, and so we were keen to try them out. However, due to the limitations of the kid's tastes, we had to skip anything that was too spicy.


A nice wine and beer selection rounds out the menu, however, today... the limonades (cordials...) were the items that were the most enticing. Interesting flavours that promised a refreshing break to thirst from the walking!

The Food


So, the stars of the show! Fish and Chips, but improved! On the right was the Classic Panko with seaweed salted chips and Tartar sauce. This was really quite a step up from the normal Fish and Chips, and the fish was deliciously moist! I can't remember exactly which fish it was (they had a board which detailed which fish they were using for that day).

... and on the left was the Lemon Basil Tempura with the same seaweed flavoured chips and a Garlic Truffle Sauce. This sauce wasn't such a hit with the kids, but it was a hit with the adults! The fish was an interesting take, and it was quite a good flavour. Unusual, but very tasty!


Okay... these drinks were also superstars! On the right, a Lime and Mint cordial and on the left a Strawberry and Basil cordial. I have to say, I was very very impressed! Strawberry and Basil, I have to keep this combination in mind for summer!

The Experience

We loved this place! The staff was really nice and chatty and the atmosphere both inside and outside was very comfortable. A nice break from the tourist sight seeing and walking.

I could imagine this place being a favourite haunt of mine if I lived here. I would love to return to try out the different fish dishes. Fish can be tricky to do well, overcooked and dry is often the fare of the day... this place is definitely not run of the mill. If you like fish and chips, and you want to try different spins on the dish... this is definitely worth a visit!

Opening Times

Monday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Tuesday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Wednesday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Thursday 12.00/14.30 – 17.00/22.00

Friday 12.00/22.00 Open all day.

Saturday 12.00/22.00 Open all day.

Sunday 12.00/21.00 Open all day.

Contact Details

Adress: Maalderijstraat 1, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
Phone: +3237072387



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Restaurant Information

Bia Mara
Maalderijstraat 1, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Bia Mara (Antwerp, Brussels): A Tasteem Review
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Thanks for the curation and support!

The menu looks fantastic! I would definitely go there again and again. I love Japanese food, so the lime, mint and wasabi tempura sounds wonderful. I also love samphire. And fish tacos - I've never heard of that before! And those drinks look fantastic.


Me too! I love Japanese food... although there are some little weird things that I'm not so fond of... fermented plums... Anyway, everything here that we tried was great... and I would dearly love to return to try all the other things!


Yes, I once went to a Japanese restaurant and ordered something called "natto" - I'd never heard of it before, but I love Japanese food so much I thought it would be worth a try. It turned out to be a nasty fermented bean goo with a horribly bitter taste. This was about two decades ago, but I can still remember the ghastly taste - ugh!


Watch for the last one! Natto!


That is hilarious! The onion and the natto were the worst/funniest. Ugh

Gosh, I haven't had fish and chips in a long while and this post of yours really made me having a hankering for one :D That decor is so charming, too !


I love fish and chips... If it is done well... Nothing worse than soggy chips and overly oily batter on the fish though!

Another Homerun @bengy, you really know the good places and provide a lot of information in your posts.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the review!

Wow! What a great looking place.

Fish and chips is one of my 'go to' meals when I am traveling and the 'different' styles look really good. I'd try them in a heartbeat, especially after reading your review!

Thanks for a wonderful review!


I also like trying out fish and chips and the variations on it! But sometimes you get bad luck with oily fish and soggy chips....

Thank for the info!

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No problem! It's a nice place to try if you are nearby!,

Thank for the info!

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No problem! It's a nice.... Wait a minute...


Sorry had some connection problems. Too bad the vote only come through once 😁

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