Bozz Eats: Shorty's True American Roadhouse

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I know, I know, you are probably saying to yourself, didn't he just visit Shorty's about a week ago? Well let me tell you a short story...

@mrsbozz's sister and her family live about 4 hours South of us. Sometimes we go down and visit them in the Columbus, OH area, sometimes they come up and visit us in Mid-Michigan.

Then on other occassions when we haven't seen each other in a while and we are too busy to spend a whole weekend away we meet halfway in the Toledo, OH area.

That's what happened this past weekend and just by chance the resaturant we decided to meet at shares a similar name with a place we visited in Powell, OH a couple of weeks ago.

Shorty's True American Roadhouse is owned and operated by the Mancy Restaurant Group. I had never heard of them before, but apparently they have quite a number of establishments under their care in the Toldeo area.


As you can see in my opening image the weather was not that great when we started the two hour drive to meet them. About 45 minutes down the road things started to clear up and we basically pulled into the parking lot at 11:30. The exact time we had agreed to meet.


This trip was a little special for us becuase @mrsbozz's parents came down with us to have lunch together. That's why I was able to get the pictures I did from the car.

Her parents had been here before during another meeting with her sister's family, but @mrsbozz and I had never eaten here. I had some pictures in my head when they said we were going to a BBQ place and Shorty's was not at all what I expected.

I was expecting a walk up counter to order and a pickup counter to take my food and go sit down. This place was setup more like a regular restaurant though. There was a hostess station when you first walked in and a bar area immediately to the right.


To the left was the dining area with a fireplace and an open view of the kitchen area. It wasn't that busy for 11:30 AM on a Saturday though they had only been open for a half hour when we got there. We had a party of 8 so they moved a couple of tables together and we were quickly seated.

I am going to spam you now with some pictures of the menu. If you find it hard to read, I encourage you to take a look at their website I linked above. There is a .pdf copy of the menu there that is much easier to read.







Being the middle of the day, none of us ordered alcoholic beverages though they do serve them here. I knew right away I was going to order sweet tea if they had it. I mean how can you go to a BBQ joint and not get sweet tea?

A girl after my own heart my oldest niece also ordered sweet tea and my brother in law who had initially ordered a Mountain Dow changed his order to sweet tea when he heard us order it.


@mrsbozz doesn't care for sweet tea so she got the unsweetened tea you see on the left with a lemon wedge. I promise I am done saying sweet tea now...

Since we had such a large group, we ordered a couple of appetizers to get us started.



We got the Memphis Egg Rolls and Onion rings to start shown respectively above. The Memphis Egg Rolls are basically pulled pork with coleslaw and BBQ sauce in an egg roll wrapper and then deep fried.

Both the onion rings and egg rolls were fantastic and there was just about enough for everyone to have a bite that wanted one.

After the appetizers were gone and we were waiting for our entree's, the brought out this basket of corn muffin biscuits.


If you have read my posts before, you probably know there isn't much I despise more than dry cornbread. On that front these were a letdown. I have to say though, they made up for the dryness in the flavor department and I actually found myself enjoying them despite the fact.

Our food came shortly afterward and I think everyone was so busy they forgot about the biscuits because somehow @mrsbozz and I ended up taking about six of them home with us. I am having one with my white chicken chili at lunch today.


Our sister in law is a sucker for a pulled pork sandwhich, so she got the Memphis style pulled pork you see above. It looked fantstic and I think she was very pleased with it.


Not being a fan of pork or beef, @mrsbozz got a chicken sandwich. As you can see, it was kind of a hot mess when it came out on the plate. In addition to that the chicken though fully cooked as rubbery and hard to cut/chew through. In all it was pretty disappointing for her and I really feel bad about that. I plan on taking her out to Mexican this week to make up for it!


My oldest neice got the BBQ beef sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. She had really wanted both mac and cheese and fries but could only get one. @mrsbozz loves her mac and cheese but also wanted fries so they worked together, one getting fries, the other getting mac and cheese, and they shared.


My mother in law got the Flat Iron Steak salad show here. She said it was really good and based on the looks alone, I would have to agree. That's a nice looking steak with a side of salad there!

My youngest neice got the kids rib basket which I didn't take a picture of.


The reason I didn't take a picture of it is because I got the lunch special half rack of ribs and two sides for $14.50 (which is a great deal).

Where most restaurants serve baby back ribs, these were full St. Louis style ribs and let me just say, they were fantastic. There was just the right amount of pull to get the meat away from the bone, they were sauced on the underside perfectly and the spice rub really made them pop. These were probably some of the best spare ribs I have had in a while.

The bbq baked beans were fantastic with big chunks of pork in them and the potato salad was just so so. @mrsbozz makes a fantastic potato salad, so it is hard for most places to even compare.

My father in law got the same meal as I did, but he is trying to watch his carbs so for his two sides he got a double order of green beans.


Finally, my brother in law got an order of smoked/fried wings with a side of french fries(chips). He got six of them with the hot BBQ sauce and half with the honey Sriracha sauce. He said they were fantastic!

I didn't get a picture of the receipt because my father in law was generous enough to treat us all. He did say that for the eight of us including tip the total was just about $165 USD. That breaks down to about $21 USD per person which isn't that horrible for good quality BBQ. To be fair the flat iron steak salad was the most expensive item any of us ordered.

If you are in the Toldeo, OH area and you are looking for slightly more upscale place than your average BBQ joint to get some 'Q', you should definitely check out Shorty's. I highly recommend it!


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Restaurant Information

Shorty's True American Road House
5111 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, USA

Bozz Eats: Shorty's True American Roadhouse
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Whooa, great review as always! Then, food look very tempting! Thank you for sharing with Tasteem.


Thank you for the kind words!

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good lawn, merica! Those portions are soo huge! They look tasty though, especially the last pic of the ribs

I know right! The portions here are crazy compared to what I see other people post. The ribs were very tasty!

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You love your burgers! I see a lot of those in your Tasteem posts! I have to say that steak looks really really good though (the one your mother in law had).... and the ribs! Where is the dessert? You can't go to a restaurant and not have dessert!

It is actually pretty rare that we get dessert when we go out to eat. I think it is mostly because the portion sizes are so big. There is no room left by the time you are finished.

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Wow, they all look delicious. And the portions are all like for giants. But I love such portions. lol

Yep, that's us American giants 😁

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Ohhhh. That looks like my kind of Q. I love the ribs and I get all squishy inside for a pulled pork san with a little slaw on it...

What a nice review and a great place to go with your family!

Yeah, I wanted to split one of the platters with @mrsbozz and given how her chicken sandwich turned out we maybe should have went that way. I would have liked to have tried their pulled pork after tasting how good the ribs were.

Looks incredibly tasty! I was surprised too that the interior didn't match to the classic American road dinner I have in my mind from so many tv shows and movies.

Really cool! Thanks for sharing!

It was thank you! Yes, not really what you would expect. It was a very nice place.

Big portions! nothing has changed in the US I see. I miss the place, but will likely never return.

Yes, big portions indeed. That is one thing that amazes me between what I see here and what other people post from their countries. Never say never!

Awesome review @bozz. Despite the overcooked chicken, this place looks awesome. Especially those Memphis Egg Rolls and Pulled Pork sandwich. I also really like the look of that overflowing cup of mac and cheese.... Cheers @bozz!

Thank you! I kind of wish we had gotten two orders of the egg rolls, they were that good!

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They looked it!

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Generous portion sizes and so delicious looking 🐱


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Looks so good both outside and in, and some nice sounding dishes on the menu


Thanks! It was well beyond my expectations!

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Its a place I would sure want to visit if I was in the area

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Those sizes are huge!!! Typical American dinner??
You guys must be fed up, love road trip :D

Seems like you're having a feast. Good companionship with good food. I would love to try the Memphis Egg Rolls. The way you describe it sounds delicious.

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Very nice review @bozz! Both the egg rolls and the onion rings look great. Sorry about the wife's chicken. Rubbery tough chicken is a big disappointment. Hopefully the "make up" Mexican will exceed her expectations. My husband is a big fan of BBQ ribs so I'll keep a look out the next time we go through OH. We recently went to Cincinnati but Toledo would be about 200 mi away from that. Wonder if they have them anywhere else in OH?

I don't think they do, but if you make it up to the Columbus area, you need to check out City BBQ. They have some of the best 'Q' I have ever tasted North of TN. It looks like they have a bunch of locations all over the place including Cincy, Kentucky, Georgia, and NC. Also two locations coming to MI, so yay!

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Thank you!

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