RESULTS: Dr. TLK _ Curation Contest : Help me to Thank you # 6

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I noticed that some people have been upvoting themselves in the curation contest. Although I am not against that, I will not consider self upvote in the number of upvotes (to be fair to those who have not upvoted themselves.) 😁

Now to our winners

The winners of the 6th Help me to Thank you curation contest are:

We have more than 5 winners this round (all with similar number of upvotes) and many of them are new participants, so I will be splitting the upvotes equally


@ninahaskin"Spiritual Power of Trees"Upvotes value: ~0.28

@joveanzHow many hours of sleep do we really need everydayUpvotes value: ~0.28

@metzliBook Give Away #2Upvotes value: ~0.28

@wonderwopMy favorite birthday cakeUpvotes value: ~0.28

@glentoyContentment for HappinessUpvotes value: ~0.28


@s3carloWhy Awareness?Upvotes value: ~0.28

@mineopoly@mineopoly sings Closer WalkUpvotes value: ~0.28

@nelinoevaMonomad Thursday Challenge - AnimalsUpvotes value: ~0.28

@realnairdaI don't want Your lordship, I just need salvationUpvotes value: ~0.28

@knightofzeroSome lethal plants in the worldUpvotes value: ~0.28

Upvotes were sent using @treeplanter. For those I couldn't upvote (older posts), the amounts will be sent cash :D

Please let me know if you don't receive the upvotes

Guests of Honor

We have 1 guest of honor in this episode.

@febradaytamarra(LAMB-to-LION)Upvote value: ~1

...Till Next Episode!

Dr. The Leaping Koala 😊

Logo by @orcheva

Many thanks for visiting, commenting and upvoting 😊


Wow!!! i made the list👏
Thanks @theleapingkoala👍

You are welcome @realnairda

Thank you for participating and for being so creative :D

Congratulations :) winners ^^ Thank you for this opportunity @theleapingkoala. I'll try to participate next time :D

You are welcome @joveanz,

Thank you for participating. I couldn't upvote your post but I sent you equivalent amount of SBD.

Hope to see you again in the next contest (will post it tomorrow) with another quality content :D

COngratulations to everyone who won and also to the participants.

Thank you for supporting my post. its my pleasure. @theleapingkoala

Thank you so much @theleapingkoala :) it really encourage me to post more :D

Thank you so much madaam :) its an honor to be awarded by you.

Thank you tlk, again you come through with your thoughtfulness and generosity. Love you. 😍

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