Steemwizards - New curation trail - Day 6

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Steemwizards - New curation trail - Day 6 

Welcome to our daily post where we curate some of the top missed posts on Steemit!   Below is a list of our 10 Top authors of the day. We believe that these authors deserve to get more exposure. Please read the rules and regulations of our curation trail.  You are welcome to follow us on our curation trail here.  We believe that we are a family here on Steemit so everyone counts! 

Post number 1 @breezin 

Lessons from Nature: The Dolphin 

Post number 2 @steemiteducation 

Support @steemiteducation with their daily Top 5 educational posts:

Post number 3 @rkrijgsman 

This author tells us exactly why steemit and blogging goes hand-in-hand   

Post number 4 @hamzaoui 

What goes on in the cyberworld? 

Post number 5 @mcw 

If you have any science pictures, check this out:   

Post number 6 @himal 

Medicine, depression and psychological disorders: 

Post number 7 @cycle65 

Programming and Steemit:   

Post number 8 @leongkhan 

A fundamental analysis on Steem:   

Post number 9 @tinashe 

Find out what psychology and sport has in common: 

Post number 10 @hashbrown 

Are you into design? How about music? 

These are the basic rules for steemwizards:  

1.  Upvote and resteem this post.  

2.  You are welcome to follow us, but Steemwizards will not follow ANYONE (so don't even ask)  

3.  You are very welcome to promote posts in our comment section, BUT you are NOT allowed to promote your own posts.  Come on, help out a friend this way!  

4.  If we find the links to the post suitable and valuable, we will UP-VOTE and RESTEEM this post for more exposure

5.  Donations are VERY welcome BUT we are here to provide a curation service. A donation will be seen as a donation only because YOU also care about this community,  IT will NOT be considered a bribe.  If you decide to donate, please DO NOT expect an upvote.  

6.  We are not here to help ourselves, we are here to help fellow community members including YOU.  We will not focus on an author's reputation, but will rather try to promote the best posts that we can find. (Whether your rep is 25 or 75, it will not matter to us)  

7.  We will do ONE daily post with 10 links of the best posts of the day. If you want to help us with the curation process, please leave a message in the comment section, or provide us with a link to a post. We would appreciate all the help that we receive. All author rewards will be used to build up this account.  

Do not forget to follow, upvote and resteem this post.  Help us to help you!  

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Hello, it is a pleasure to have you in this community that grows more every day, post as these are the ones that should have a daily welcome and that you have a great time do not forget to follow me and support me;) a big hug

Great intro my friend, welcome to this amazing platform, let to share our idea here, look forward of your post

Resteemed and upvoted!
Thank you very much Steemwizards to see value in my post!
I will continue to post more quality posts like this!
and please dont mind this photo!


Great piece of article @himal
keep it up!!!


Follow u, upvoke and rested it~

Really appreciate it thanks! Looking forward to delving into this subject more as I get more feedback!!

Welcome to this amazing community!! Followed. Follow me back 😘