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Indian Summer has been in effect here in my part of the world for about a week. It’s warm enough outside I have the air conditioning back on during the day. As long as I can keep it comfortable in here, I’m good.

Last week of September, then we’re just a short hop from the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. We will just get Thanksgiving over with and I have to go in for day surgery to have a stent in my kidney replaced. That is infinitely better than the kidney removal that was originally planned.

So, being the diverse interest person that I am. And the proud Canadian that I am, I decided to create another account to share Canadian writings that have passed into the public domain. The new account is @ocanada. Like @pathtosuccess, I will share my posts over there to here.

You might enjoy having a look at the first post. It contains a video of a Canadian Mugging… so have a peek at Getting to Know O Canada

Coffee Time Meditation 22

Onward to today’s rambling

Support those working to expose abuse, and save the rewards pool!! (Part3) Featuring: @steemcleaners

This post was nominated by @inquiringtimes

@mikepm74 talks to some of the people who run the steemcleaners program. I know some people don’t really like what they do, but, they are a group of people who spend a lot of times trying to keep the plagarists, scammers, spammers and identity thieves off the platform.

ATTENTION #THEALLIANCE MEMBERS!!! - Sneaky Ninja Update - Bot Active!!

This selection is directed to members of thealliance which is a group on Discord. If you are not a member you could read the post to learn more. If you are a member and haven’t seen this post, you need to, as @sneaky-ninja has had a major change.

If you are looking for an upvote circle-jerk group, you will not be interested in thealliance

Clean Up Your Witness Votes, Your 82 Witness post.

When is the last time you took a look at your witness votes? If you are like me, you don’t review them on a regular basis, but you need to. You really don’t want to be voting for witnesses that are not actively contributing to the platform.

@zeartul is an active witness. He’s reminding us to check our witness votes and most importantly make sure you are not voting for witnesses on the dead list. If the witness node isn’t running and/or they have not updated to the most current version, then unvote them. The link to the list of the top 100 witnesses is in the post.

The Alliance - Advent: The Juyo Deity

This post was nominated by @enginewitty

So, if you are curious about thealliance I mentioned above, then tuck that tongue firmly into your cheek and enjoy @steemitcomics tale of the advent of thealliance. Excellent read.

Citing sources - is it enough? The war against plagiarism continues

@playfulfoodie discusses the subject of plagiarism. Most people seem to feel that citing sources when copy/pasting someone else’s work makes it okay. @playfulfoodie makes a case for why this is not acceptable and should be flagged.

It’s one thing to repost something you have posted elsewhere and make it clear it’s a repost both on the original post and on Steemit. It is quite another thing to just take someone else’s material. In most countries it is a violation of copyright.

Even if the original source is in the public domain, it should be noted the material is someone else’s material that has passed into the public domain.

The Forgotten one -full color

As I have stated before, when artists post their work, I really like when they add some commentary. I know some people feel that the work should speak for itself but, I really think it adds to the work when the artist talks about how he/she got there. I not only love @svdsdragunov’s work in this post, but the raw honesty of his commentary. Well done.

🐠 Minnow of the Day EP5: @kid4life - The Bossman

Love this series that @flauwy is doing to highlight minnows and give them some extra exposure. Don’t forget to visit @kid4life and give him some support if you like his stuff.

Hey Steemains - Let's start a #discussion!

This is a great idea. @timcliff is one of the top witnesses and very active on the platform. He’s proposing to use a discussion tag to generate topics for discussion. I like the idea of people being able to go and look for topics up for discussion. He gives a good outline how to create a discussion post.

Give it some thought and come up with your own. Who doesn’t like a good debate?

Torico's Magickal List of Steemit Discord Servers v.2

This post was nominated by @inquiringtimes

This is a good post to bookmark. @torico has done a great job of compiling a list of the various Steemit related servers on Discord. I’m on a lot of these and find a lot of great information and people on them.

If you are on the fence about Discord, I’d suggest you try it out. Most of the servers are text based with occasional use of voice chat.

Steemspeak is pretty much the standalone with a stronger emphasis on voice but you can still participate in text.

Diary of an Assassin Vol. 3 *A Steemit Original Story (links to Vol 1 & 2 @ the bottom)

This post was nominated by @enginewitty

You may want to get caught up on this story by reading parts 1 & 2 and making sure you follow @goldenarms. This has all the makings of a series worth following. Well written.

Why I don't take into consideration people talking about the rising or falling of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Steem or anything else

This post was nominated by @inquiringtimes

@raikuhen writes about his reasons for not paying much attention to those who project what coins are going to rise or fall in cryptoland. He’s got some good points, but, it seems to me

My Journey Back to Dungeons & Dragons

This post was nominated by @ethandsmith

@bwar shares her exploration of the current world of Dungeons & Dragons after having taken a break from playing the game for about a decade. Interesting read.

Had this post not been nominated, I’ll be honest, I would not have read all the way through it. Want to know why? Long paragraphs. Long paragraphs are hard to read on screen. If you want your reader to have a pleasant reading experience, shorten the paragraphs and vary the length.

Black Velvet - Karaoke Contest Week 7

This post was nominated by @enginewitty

I’m not a fan of rock on the best of days but I certainly appreciated and enjoyed @topkpop’s voice and style here. Nicely done @topkpop.

Be Grateful; Life Could Be Worse.

This post was nominated by @g-mor

@organik writes about the need to be grateful. It often seems to be human nature to focus in on the negatives in our lives and we miss the beautiful parts that we really need to be grateful about.

Wrap-up on Day 123

I am delighted to see some nominations coming into the discord. In some cases I’ve already found the post and then I find the nomination. That’s great, it shows someone else also agrees with my sense of the post.

I came across an article in the local media the other day about a lady in the area who had recently published a novel on Amazon. I found her through Facebook and suggested she come to Steemit. She’s going to have a look, I hope she decides to join.

I have another friend who signed up months ago but has yet to post. She says it’s just her own procrastination. Can lead a horse to water folks, can’t make them drink.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting.

Nominate Your Favourite Post

With all the chaff that I end up trying to sift through each time I sit down to do the Steemit Ramble, I think it is time to give you dear reader an opportunity to nominate your favourite reads.

Just visit the Steemit Ramble Discord and post the link in the Nominate-A-Post Channel.

This is NOT an invite to SPAM!

As much as you may love your own post, I am really looking for someone else to say, “Hey, I like this post, have a look”. When I post a Steemit Ramble, that is what I’m telling my readers.

Once you’ve shared someone else’s post, you’ll be given access to a channel where you can share your own posts for me to consider them. It’s only fair for you to have the chance.

Please Join the Curation Trail

If you’d like to support the posts I find and upvote while searching for the Ramble shares, please join my Curation Trail on Streemian

Until Tomorrow — Just Steem on

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If you’d like to see the other days I’ve posted, just visit my profile

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Nice selection! I know photos load a bit longer but maybe it would be easier to browse if there was a photo per title...


I use a fantastic photo compression app on android called photo compress which is quick and simple to make em load faster


I've looked at that possibility @buzzbeergeek and it likely would be a lot easier if I used the main pic from each post. The downside to that is that it would add that much more time to many many hours spent on finding the posts.

Having said that, a graphic icon on each post might draw attention to each link .. I'll give that some consideration. Thank you for the input.

Thanks for including my nomination.

While @bwar's post does lack in the area of formatting, I nominated it because it's a very well-written story for someone who has just joined Steemit. I really appreciate you including it here because I think it will be very encouraging. I've shared many tips with @bwar since then, so I'm sure we'll get more great content in the future!

Great post. I enjoyed many of these, especially the ones discussing plagiarism and copy/paste. It's a tough subject to approach, but being someone who does academic research, plagiarism is a big deal to me.

I'll try to find another great post to nominate this week for you.



I appreciate your input and nomination @ethandsmith ... the main reason I mentioned about the formatting is to give @bwar input on a reader's perspective


Sure. That's definitely an important aspect! It's all about learning so thank you for the nomination and for the feedback!


Oh, you must have read my wrap up for the day? Was that the feedback you're referring to?


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First voter! I rawk!

Note to check out some of the links :0)


Awesome... someone needs to be first .. and why not you eh Thank you


Hehe, no bother!

I made the cut, even though my paragraphs were too long!


Yes, you made the cut :) ... try playing with shorter paragraphs

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Thank you for sharing my post with the world. It's really, really mindblowing to know that people like to read about the fights in my head.Thank you again for sharing it.


Well I don't know about the world but hopefully a few more people will be able to appreciate your great work.


Thank you for doing that! I will try to keep up the level :)

At least you get to have Thanksgiving weekend before the surgery. Ouch! Doesn't sound pleasant. I wish you a speedy recovery...


If when the stent was first put in place is any indication, it shouldn't be too bad. I was pretty sick and weak at the time and hardly noticed that I'd had surgery other than waking up in recovery, so hoping for the same result this time.


Not something I would look forward to. I am such a control freak...I don't like being put out and having no control over what they are doing...

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Nice, thank you for including me in your selection!

I was just learning about Sneaky-Ninja yesterday and I joined the Discord channel. Reading up the rules now and try to join.

Some real interesting looking posts thanks for sharing now off to check some out

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