Oct 14 & 15 - Steemit Ramble - Notes on My Favourite Reads

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I’m late getting started today. Late getting up and then I had to do an interview at the branch this morning and do some errands over to the next town. What a delight to be able to travel to the next town without vehicle trouble. Life’s good and I’m easily satisfied LOL.

I should be able to have some time this weekend if nothing further steps into my way. I would like to be able to do some writing and some web design work. Here’s hoping.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to help Steem Trail through curating some tags. I wrote and posted an announcement today, so I’ll share that with you first today:

ANNOUNCING: Steem Trails Participation

Onward to today’s rambling

I’m leaving this announcement at the top of the Ramble for a few days so it gets some wide coverage. Least I hope it will get wide coverage.

Announcing: Golden Steem Awards @ Steemfest

Okay, ladies and gents, it’s time to put forth your favourites in the areas of: photography, original art, original fiction, life advice and undiscovered author. I’ll be posting this for a few days to give you a chance to have a look and make your nominations.

Meeting The Steemit Challenge: "Do Something Charitable and Write About It" A Challenge Made For Me!

@quinneaker enters the Positivity Challenge for this week by writing about his work with the Garden of Eden in Arlington, Texas. I could tell you about it but then you wouldn’t need to read his description and look at his great pictures.

Markdown Basics for Beginners

@thecryptofiend has done a well written piece on the basics of how to use Markdown for your Steemit posts. I held off doing so for some time after I started. Then I figured out how to write using Markdown and now my posting goes so quickly. I prepare my post in my choice of editor, Scrivner and then just copy/paste to the post. Works great and really is easy.

SteemTrail - Starting As Curator For Art Categories

@kimal73 posts about the tags he will be curating. Have a look and support his work please.

My first 2 months on Steemit, and now curating for SteemTrail

Another announcement from @kiwideb that she is also helping with Steem Trail. She also shares with us her journey on Steemit so far.

I'M SORRY Steemit Community.

Among the various posts announcing the death of Steemit or the poster deciding they are jumping ship because Steemit doesn’t meet the expectations. I know, they post a myriad of reasons but the bottom line is their expectations haven’t been met. Oops, got off track, among all that noise appears this post from @sirlunchthehost

He joined about four weeks ago as @sirlunchalot, gained about 100 followers and about $100 income and then had the unhappy experience of losing his password. Did he jump ship and head into the ether? No, he came back as @sirlunchthehost, rebuilt his following and recreated his material. He likely hasn’t gained back the income he lost but he’s digging in for the long haul.

I had never noticed his work before but I have now. Some very talented sketching there. Nice work @sirlunchthehost and welcome back.

JUMPING SHIP - Thoughts and Considerations on Dealing With the Problem of User Retention

@papa-pepper wrote this post a couple of days ago. It’s one of the best I’ve seen discussing the issue of people and their expectations about Steemit. Many came on board expecting to make a killing and to coast onto easy street by writing a bit.

They may have had a running start doing that had they been around and very active during the July heyday, but the reality is, what is happening on Steemit right now is not that out of place for a startup in Beta phase. We have the choice of either sticking around and building even if some posts, hell most posts, only get small returns OR we can go back to the social media sites where we are guaranteed zero payout.

@papa-pepper provides many suggestions how people can participate building Steemit up.

SteemTrail: Beta Release Is Picking Up STEEM

@steemtrail has posted an update on the project which is growing in participation. It’s great to see so many members of the community wanting to take part.

Another Two Day Post Span

Looks like I need to make this post once again cover a two day span. I’m going to have times when I get busy and don’t get done one day. I’ll just carry over to the next day rather than trying to do two posts.

SteemTrail: My Role as a Curator

@ats-david writes his perspective on the SteemTrail project and how he fits into it. He gives a good overview of the project and where it potentially goes.

SteemTrail - @richardcrill is Starting to Curate for Steemtrail

@richardcrill writes his introductory post for his part in SteemTrail.

Taking A Bit of A Different Route

So, with the rest of this post, I’m going to start looking through the RSS feeds on the topics I’m curating to find some posts I’d recommend. So, I’m looking in Curation, Life & Writing.

To get my attention, one of those tags has to be the main tag. The content needs to match the tag.

The Dream of Illustrating and Writing a Children's Book

Filed under Writing @ghostfish has written a post about the experience writing and illustrating a children’s book. An interesting read and some nice illustrations.

CASTILE SOAP : voluntary steemplicity : part 3

Filed under Life @daoine-sidhe has written about the pros and cons of using Castille soap rather than buying a host of expensive chemicals for cleaning of both yourself and your home.

Learn To Let Go

Filed under Life @kyriacos writes an excellent piece on the power of letting go. Whether it is belongs, objects, relationships, habits, beliefs etc, we tend to hold onto the familiar. There is a power in learning to let go of what is not important to make room for new and more important possibilities.

Your Life Is NOT a Joke

Filed under Life @aldentan writes about people who make cutting remarks at other people’s expense and then claims it was a joke. I know a few people like this. Most of the time they do their best to bully others into backing up their nasty comments as a ‘joke’ when they get called out on them and the person doing the calling needs to ‘chill’. Usually those who do provide even tacit support are really in fear of being the next target.

7 Sites That Pay You To Write About Bitcoin

I’m going to finish this one of with this example of how you may want to pay more attention to your tags. This post was filed under Bitcoin. It could go there but the market you really want to reach is writers and writers who write about Bitcoin, so @ahmadmanga would have been better to use Writing as the main tag and Bitcoin as the second one.

The order matters. Take a look at your posts URL, you’ll see that whatever tag you use first, is the category it’s filed under. You want your strongest tag in there.

Wrap-up on Day 36

It’s been an interesting day. Had a lot of interruptions today, like yesterday but read a pile of posts. When I was working down through the RSS feed of the tags I’m curating for Steem Trail, I went through almost 300 posts of which 40 had one of the tags I’m curating as a main tag. Of those I shared 4. It’s going to be an interesting challenge building community around those topics.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting. I know some of the posts have done okay by the time I post my ramble, but some really could use the support and upvoting.

Subscribing to My Posts

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Thanks for the mention! Means alot I will stay up to date with your post and thank you for noticing. Ill be putting up more work soon! Thanks again


you're very talented ... will be watching for your future work :)


You seem to have the right attitude from what @shadowspub said.

I'll have to check you out and follow you, because until now, I've never even heard of you.

Oh the joys of "Word of Mouth" publicity.

Appreciate this post, found a few interesting authors. I also resonate with the long haul approach and I find the flood of "jumping ship" posts quite disturbing and somehow narcissistic. There are still things to be improved in Steemit, but let's not forget we're in beta and just 4 months after the first payout. With that being said, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this piece I wrote yesterday: https://steemit.com/business/@dragosroua/timeless-content-versus-timely-content-or-how-steemit-can-lock-itself-out-of-business-in-one-easy-step


not everyone is built for the long-haul on something that isn't a sure thing. Those that decide to leave probably are doing the right thing for them and the site. Positive energy builds, negative drains. I'll have a look at the post you suggested.

A very valuable post and very comprehensive!
I also appreciate the mention though the post would have been valuable regardless.
You have earned a new follower with this post and hope to see you continue to bring value to this potentially revolutionary platform!
I don't know anyone more invested than I as I am making posts every day, making hundreds of comments a week, converting my entire web ventures to accept steemit and also listing the most items on PeerHub available for steem of anybody!
I am only doing this because I believe in the potential and the values of which this platform is based.
I hope it succeeds and will do what I can to make that a reality!


I've seen several of your contributions @quinneaker . You are for sure bringing value to the site. Keep up your good work.


Thank you for the compliment and support!
I hope to continue to bring content worthy of UPvotes/follows!


You will, I have no doubt of that


Your posts have helped me find some truly excellent content. Thanks!


I appreciate knowing that ... feedback is helpful :)

Thanks for sharing these links:)

Thank you for including me. Wow, a lot of work must go into these Steemit Rambles! Thank you for doing that.


they do take a lot of time but it does give me an excuse to spend time reading :)