Feb 7 -- Steemit Ramble #68 -- Don't You Hate Missing Good Posts?

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It hasn’t been a very productive morning as I’ve been busy tracking freezing rain. I’m at the branch right now but still watching closely. A seniors group is meeting for cards in the other room and if the ice moves in I’m shutting this down, I don’t care what they say.

I’ll tolerate a lot of snow, but cover things with ice and I head for the safety of home. It is expected to continue for several hours when it does start which also means we may be subject to power outages if the ice gets to heavy and the wind fires up.

Onward to today’s rambling

A healthy soup full of vegetables and homemade pasta!

Since it’s such a miserable day in my part of the world, why not start the Ramble out with a hot comfy homemade soup. I was raised on homemade soup in the winter. A pot was always available on the back of the stove when we arrived home from school. I don’t make my own pasta but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute store bought. My sister has made her own pasta, I have to admit.. It is much tastier.

Creative Crafting On The Homestead

I love seeing creativity putting old and broken stuff to new and attractive uses.

Arm prosthesis receives nerve impulses from the spinal cord

My formal education is as a robotic technician, back in the days when robotics were just starting to come onto the market. The main use for them was in manufacturing plants like General Motors. I didn’t spend much time working in the field and find it just amazing what is being done with them these days.

An Anthology Of Helpful Websites For Writers On Steemit

@ashlyns has compiled a great list of sites that would help any writer working on building a story or novel. A post you’ll want to keep for future reference

Steemit Culinary Challenge #14 Lemon mousse

I love a nice light dessert like mousse and, of course, something is always nicer when it is lemon. I really like that this recipe is using real ingredients without a lot of names you can’t pronounce. Just one small tip though, to remove as much of the spray residue as possible from your lemons, place them in a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of vinegar added then gently rub the skin. Rinse with cold water and enjoy the zest.

Five Sure-Fire Ways to Bomb Out on Steemit

Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek as you read this post, then pay attention. While @creatr wrote the post with a level of sarcasm, there is a lot of truth in it about how some act on Steemit. Then they often wonder why they don’t get the attention and upvotes they think they so richly deserve.

Steemit Exclusive Content: Interview Series E.1 - Today: The Bitcoin Meister - Adam Meister! The Disrupt Meister!

@barrydutton kicks of his new series of email interviews with people connected to the Crypto space that he thinks you’ll find of interest or even better, help people with minimal understanding of the space, understand it better. Once we stumble onto Steemit, we’ve entered the space. Understanding what we’re playing with is not a bad thing.

Learning To Say NO To Be Able To Say YES

I can’t remember the number of times I’ve reminded friends who have got themselves caught up in something that is overloading them about that wee little word “NO”. Often it is something they may actually want to do but they have forgot how to use that word too often and the plate is fuller than they want.

@sauravrungta writes about the need to declutter and learn to say “no”, so we can say “yes” to what we really want.

5 daily things to do in the first week on Steemit

Like a lot of those registered on the platform, @roboid has been on Steemit since October but is only just now getting around to being active. It can seem a bit daunting to get started. Then once you dive in, it becomes bloody addictive.

@roboid posts about five things to do every day on Steemit. He suggests the first week, but I’ll up the ante but suggesting pretty much every day.

Cost/benefit analysis of internet trolling

@thewisesloth posts a very thoughtful analysis of Internet trolls. Those individuals who just love to argue and will go to any length to ‘destroy’ their opponent. It can easy to get caught up in their snares and often takes stepping back and reminding yourself to ‘not feed the troll’ to just drop the exchange and walk away.

Wrap-up on Day #68

Well, that rain hit not long after the five tables of cards started playing. Not freezing rain at the beginning but rain that comes down, hits the cold surface and then freezes.

When I realized what was going on I told their coordinator to finish up the hand they were on and plan on leaving. She cooperated but first wanted me to let them have their break time so they could eat. Dedicated card players!

Full on freezing rain started as I backed into my driveway. I am most glad I shut them down and closed the branch. Now, I’m tucked into the house listening to the ice hitting my windows and covering them with ice. Just hope the hydro stays on as the wind is coming up.

Supporting and Upvoting

Let’s not forget folks. I’m sharing these posts not only because I like them. I’d really like to see them get support and upvoting. I know some of the posts have done okay by the time I post my ramble, but some really could use the support and upvoting.

Subscribing to My Posts

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Well done buddy! I like your initiative and I believe more people should appreciate it! Cheers man!

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Well done dear friend @shadowspub
Congratulations to the authors mentioned

How cool, a short resume about the posts! Your tip for washing the lemons is much appreciated. I didn't need because those I've used are from family production and they didn't use wax or chemicals! ;)


yeah I was thinking about how lucky you are to have them so fresh like that

What a nice recap of different posts. Thank you for including my project.


thank you for your kind words and you're welcome for the inclusion.