5 daily things to do in the first week on Steemit

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I just had my first post some hours ago. Even if I had an account since October, Steemit seemed to complex. I still don't fully understand it. I feel overwhelmed by the information, and I have have a feeling of "Just quit it". 

I know it would be a superficial decision. That's why I made this list for me and for anybody that would find himself in my position. Allow it just one week, and you can decide then if you want to leave or stay :)

1. Write daily

If you are not doing it already on other platforms, do it here. Try to write at least 500 words. You will discover things about you that you didn't really know. I was always afraid of this kind of commitment. Once I started to do it, I've discovered a new me, and more complex ideas. 

Usually, our ideas and beliefs are plain simple. We can't really grow them in our mind. By writing them, we free our mind,  and make room for new ideas. That's how you write a book for example. You start with the first page. You don't really have all the words and ideas in your head. They just come as you free your mind through writing. 

2. Read daily

Hey! Don't expect to fully understand everything in just 15 minutes. The information I find on, and about Steemit is pretty heavy. It is to much for just one day. Allow 1 week for understanding the platform. Read daily. Start with the  The Beginner's Guide and the Welcome Page. Don't reach for the whitepaper yet. It may be to much for the first week. 

Explore the trending topic and read from there. You can use the tag list in order to discover posts from a certain domain. Read and check how others approach Steemit. Check the comments, number of votes, and give an upvote by yourself. It's part of the learning process.

3. Get daily free STEEM

No, you won't get rich. Make a fast account on steem.global. Watch an ad, and redeem the STEEM into your account. Probably this will be your first transaction on Steemit. You can find it in your Wallet page. It will look nice. Use this STEEM for testing purposes. 

Collect your free STEEM daily, and you can try to do the following actions: Power Up, Transfer to Savings, Withdraw STEEM, and transfer to another user. Do it just for fun. You will better understand the system. Also, the value is pretty low, and you won't loose anything. You got free STEEM, remember?

4. Try a new app

There is a whole Appcenter for Steem. It would be great for you to try a new app every day. You can find apps that will help you better visualise your stats, as well as global stats. Other apps will help you to manage your posts, your votings and even securely store your Steem Keys (your different access passwords). 

Imagine this apps, as an extension to the platform. Think of Steemit as a word document, while those apps will help you see the content as a Powerpoint document. You know it, and I know it, that you really need that. It will help you to get over confusion faster. 

5. Discover yourself on Steem

I'm sure you have a lot of unique traits and hobbies. You may think that you won't find those on this platform. Well, my dear, you would be wrong. Head over righ now to Steemit Chat (yes, it requires a different account). Hit the search button for more channels. Did you now there is also a meme channel, linked to a meme challenge?

We all search for like-minded people. If you find your type of people in the chat rooms, you will enjoy more your experience. They can help you with anything you need on Steemit. Also, you will find a sense of familiarity and it is more likely for you to stay on the platform. 

Bonus: Have fun

Don't get to harsh on you. Don't try to understand it all. Also, enjoy your stay on the platform and look for fun, experiences and knowledge. Don't run after the money and Steem. It will get you tired and unhappy with the results. Keep it natural. 

This post is part of Dragos Roua's  story telling crash-course. It contains 15 sessions, and each of them has an assignment to be completed in 24h. Today's assignment was:  write a small list about your most effective Steemit routine.

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Good start. Upvote )

Hi @roboid, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads yesterday and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


Thanks mate, glad you liked it :)