Apr. 18 -- Steemit Ramble #96 -- Don't You Hate Missing Good Posts?

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I’m starting this on the 18th but will likely end up finishing it on the 19th as today is our monthly meetings at the branch and I do have paperwork for the meeting to get ready for distribution and of course to finalize my agenda. Tonight is nominations and elections will be next month.

That means I have two more meetings to chair is President as I’m stepping back this coming term and hopefully letting my 1st Vice President step up. There is another planning to run against him. In my book, anyone who hasn’t demonstrated commitment to the Legion, the branch and the community by coming up through the chairs is being self-centred. After fifteen terms as President, I think I’ve earned the right to that opinion.

Steemit proposed a change to the voting curve yesterday. I wasn’t able to listen to the voice chat on Steemspeak but from what I saw in the text chat, there was a very lively discussion about it.

Onward to today’s rambling

New Tool - Pending Payout Calculator

@ausbitbank shares a new tool he has created which will total your pending payouts. If you write regularly, with the new 7 day payout system, you will constantly have payouts pending. Nice tool.

Crowdsourced Marketing Protocol: Ideas, Proposals, Projects

The first version of the protocols to put forth growth ideas to Steemit Inc and the community is released in this post. So, if you have ideas to help grow the platform and STEEM network follow these protocols to see if they can gain support.

Win Steem and SBD from Yours Truly: Promoting Community

You likely wont manage to win @dreemit’s contest but you can sure use this post to visit the art postings and see some great posts. Enjoy

Personal Venting - feel free to ignore

@shayne writes about his personal struggles with finances and how that impacts on his struggle between having a ‘real’ job and doing what he loves which is developing games. It’s never easy to find balance. When the system aka jobs and debt get their grip on you it becomes even harder.

My art for ipad!!! (part 2)

I think these sketches done on the iPad Prop are pretty decent work. They would be good work done on a sketch pad, I’m even more impressed they are done on the iPad. I’m sure the Apple pencil made it a lot easier but still there is a lot of detail captured.

How a Social Media Pro Joins a New Platform and 9 Tips for Success.

@hilarski discusses how his friend @sandstorm has joined Steemit and is quickly doing well because he’s using the almost exact same tactics that @hilarski used when he arrived. He then goes on to share those tactics for building and developing your brand. So, unless you really are so casual you don’t care, you need to be building your brand.

Plein Air and stuff - preparation to summer outdoors drawing sessions:)

@inber discusses the joys and challenges of creating art outside in the warmer weather. I don’t create art anywhere so I respect those who can do so, inside or out.

Steem Shop - buy or sell anything with steem!

Exciting times with people thinking up and working on ideas to grow the STEEM network and Steemit the site. One of the ways to increase the value of STEEM is to put the currency to use in commerce. @samstonehill puts forth his concept for a Steemshop. Great work @samstonehill.

AN ACCOUNT WORTH OVER $10,000 – ONLY ON STEEMIT – You Won’t Find Facebook or Reddit Rewarding You Like That

@papa-pepper is one of those who came onto Steemit and worked steadily and consistently to grow his account. He didn’t get involved in a lot of the politics and complaining, he just kept posting and doing his thing. His account reflects that. So, when you think you’re not going to get anywhere on Steemit, just take a look at his material.

10 Websites that will Make you Smarter

I was having a conversation with a friend just before I came across this post. We were talking about how the two of us are constantly adding knowledge to our world while so many other people really don’t care to continue learning and expanding their horizons. It’s a mindset I have difficulty understanding.

@motosteamer has shared ten sites you can visit to continue to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world.

How it feels to be new to Crypto

@trafalgar writes a humourous but true to life post about what it feels like to come into crypto as a newbie. It’s both exciting and scary.

Wrap-up on Day #96

So, I said at the start I expected to take a couple of days to complete this Ramble, it actually took me three. Between having to sift through more than usual the number of shitposts and being busy offline, I guess an extra day is not so bad.

So, I’m approaching 100 Steemit Rambles. I think I’m going to make it my goal to make sure I’ve passed the 100 mark before the end of April. This weekend is going to be very busy for me as I have to help with a dinner this evening at the branch and then my 1st Vice and I have to head out about 6:15am tomorrow & Sunday morning to attend the District Convention. District is a meeting of 54 branches that takes place every year. This year is elections so, more pressure for us to show up.

Still Pending Posts

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Below are the posts still pending payout as of the time of the writing. I invite you to visit the posts and upvote them if you like them:

Steemit Ramble #94 — payout Apr. 22th
Steemit Ramble #95 — payout Apr. 23rd

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Excellent collection of posts once again!

Thanks for the mention and I was glad to see that you included @trafalgar too!

Thanks buddy :)

You're welcome!

Thank you for including me in your post!

Thank you for including me, I know I've said it before, but this is such a great idea! Good call on @trafalgar as well, that was a great description :)
Resteeming ;)

Thank you... your support is very much appreciated

Thanks very much for the mention here. It is my firm intention to see the Steem Shop grow and grow :)

I think it is something that is needed to stimulate the use of STEEM and/or SBD as a currency

Totally agree. And I am working with a few others now to make sure this is exactly what happens :)

I find it funny that when I tell people it's ok to ignore a post, it suddenly gets a bunch of attention lol. Thanks for the mention. :)

people are like that LOL ... although I likely would have missed your post if not for @seablue's mention of having enjoyed it.

Yes I do

haha thanks for including me in here :)

LOL! I just commented on how pleased I was to see you mentioned here!

haha great timing :)

I'm still trying to find time to be able to consistently post like others which I found them so pro on their daily blogs. Nonetheless, I would try my best to be able to catch up and be able to share my knowledge as being a part of the steemit community. Thank you @shadowspub

Thanks for considering my article for this curation project.