AN ACCOUNT WORTH OVER $10,000 – ONLY ON STEEMIT – You Won’t Find Facebook or Reddit Rewarding You Like That

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Seriously? I think steemit just got a little more exciting!

When I first joined steemit, I knew that there was a potential to earn some money. I was skeptical at first and had no idea how it worked. Slowly but surely, I tested the process and found out that I could indeed transfer my STEEM or SBD into USD and spend the cash.

Today I hit a HUGE milestone. My total account value crept over $10,000 USD. I always knew that this was a possibility with the amount of Steem Power and STEEM that I have, but still, to see it happen was amazing. Last week the total value was in the $7,000+ range.

When I consider how other people in the world spend their time online, it really makes me glad to be here on steemit. After all, most of the world is either spending their time or wasting their time online… while we are investing our time!

Honestly, I have never invested any money in steemit. I’ve poured countless hours and an incredible amount of energy into though. To see that these past 9 months of hard work could actually pay off in this sort of way is huge. It shows what steemit can really do to change someone’s life.


All day long @papa-pepper is hard at work off line too. Today I woke up at 3:30 am and probably won’t go to bed until midnight. I’m travelling all day cutting lawns for a job right now, and I’m working hard to make as much money as I can. My goal is to purchase some land and then build a house out of pocket, so that we won’t have any debt and we will own it outright.

I’ve got over $10,000 cash in hand to purchase the land and cover a few other expenses, but I’ll still need over $20,000 for the housing materials. It looks like eventually steemit may be able to help build me a house. Time will tell.

I know that once upon a time @thedollarvigilante made over $10,000 with a single post… That sure would be nice, but even a nobody from Arkansas was able to work his way up to earning that much total, though it took a lot more posts and over 9 months to do it!


Somehow, I have become somewhat of a local legend here in steemit, as my post payouts, number of followers, and reputation will testify to. However, I’m just some random guy without any real online experience prior to steemit, so I’m a good example of what can happen with some hard work. Many times I have felt like giving up and quitting, but interacting, sharing, and encouraging others has kept me coming back. Thanks for being there steemians!

I hope that STEEM continues to climb in value, and that in the end we can all be blessed because of our time and effort on steemit. In the mean time, at least we can all watch our account value increase as the price of STEEM rises!

As always, I’m @papa-pepper and here’s the proof:


Until next time…




Flagged for annoying Steemit circle jerk.

There are no posts on Facebook about how amazing Facebook is. Same goes for Twitter, Reddit, etc.

The time for the circle jerk was last summer, and it got us nowhere. Stop stroking Steemit's penis, please.

A man spends 9 months on steemit, ends up with over $10,000....

People spend years on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, never get paid...

There are no posts on Facebook about how amazing Facebook is. Same goes for Twitter, Reddit, etc.

I wonder why?

Personally, I was just amazed and impressed, so I posted about it. Hopefully one day you will know that feeling.

well done on 10k , yes there are not any facebook , twitter posts etc but go on youtube which also pays its creators and there are many videos of people buzzing over youtube add money

Excellent point! Thanks @thepuppetbunch!

That is not totally accurate. There are ways to monetise your page content on Facebook. There are advertising programs that can be utilised.

Ok, good to know. Thanks for creating a steemit account just to chime in and add that. I'm not on facebook, had never heard of anyone making any money there, and was working off of hearsay, so thank you for letting me know.

If perchance you stck around on steemit, let me know so I can check some of your stuff out.

I heard a lot of people making money on facebook but with advertising programs and they have to spend some money for traffic if I'm not wrong, but the point is that how many people know and have money to do that. Steemit is for all kind of people and they can make easy money, so Steemit is definitely​ the best. Nice post @papa-pepper.

Yeah, I was going to ask that guy from facebook who created an account just to comment here what his story with earning money on facebook was.

Thanks @the-future!

What had been your experience with earning money on Facebook?

The way you put it sounds a bit harsh but I would tend to agree with you about having too many Steemit circle jerk posts going around in general.

I feel that when trying too hard to attract newcomers to the platform it reaks of desperation. Kind of like going for a job interview or approaching a girl with all kind of worries that it won't work and attracting that very result of failure you apprehended in the first place. Or like a salesman who over-insists on the quality of his product which triggers doubts for the customer. A natural approach is better i.m.o., by bringing our own value to the platform like @papa-pepper does so well on a daily basis, I believe things will eventually fall into place with time.

Thanks for your encouragement once again @heroic15397!

Congrats on the $10,000 landmark: you deserve it!

Steemit circle jerk or not, $10K is $10k! I don't know anyone (of all of my friends who spend countless hours on FB) who made 10 grand. Nice going papa!

Thank you for that. You got my point, and thanks for rejoicing with me. I needed that!

In DEED! Where else but here on!?! I share the good news with as many as want to hear... So far, it is almost too hard to believe to be true, for most... ;)

Great job again, namaste :)

Thanks. It does sound too good to be true!

It's the peppers I tell ya... Everyone likes them.

Seriously: Good job, and thanks for sharing the motivation we all need. :)

You're welcome, and thanks for your support!

Well done papa! V.few others on here can know how much energy you've poured into here except perhaps myself. You deserve every $ and cent! Now lets go chase them bots brother!! Da Hunter!!

And you even took a break!

I know! If I hadn't I reckon I'd be on 21/22K posts with reputation 72 (I roughly calculated) :) Steem on @papa-pepper! Cheetah is only +2940 posts ahead of me now - I'm catching her!!

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. What a great reward for all your hard work.

Congratulations @papa-pepper you are one of a kind to encourage everyone to stay tune.

Thank you so much my friend. Steem on!

Congrats! This is a very good achievement, and your success here will be an inspiration to many new content creators here :)

I hope to inspire and encourage others! Thanks @valth!

You are an insperation and role model Papa! Big shout out to you for helping my brother @justinashby in his goal to get a service dog! You're a true gentleman. Thanks for being you!

Oh yeah, I knew he had a brother around here, but I forgot who.

Thanks for the compliment!

Well congratulations on your achievement.

Thank you! It's been an exciting adventure!

OG Rasta-Pepper with the fat stacks of cash. YAAAAA BOOOOIIIIIII!!!!1!11!!

Yeah, steemit's got me fat paid!

I feel like there's a great marketing campaign in what you just wrote.
Steemit , Invest your time.
Don't waste time on social media, invest time in Steemit.

I'm gonna work on that idea!


There are a lot of good slogan opportunities there! Thanks for pointing that out,

It definitely jumped out at me. I think the "invest" word choice gives a much better sentiment than saying something along the lines of "get paid" to blog. It really engenders a long term, dedicated mentality vs. a quick cash out feel.

It would look nice on some t shirts or something too!

Excellent idea! One of us should run with that idea!

Good thinking!

And this post is already up over $72 - Well done :)

Congrats! And I enjoy your posts :)

I'm glad that you enjoy them! Thanks for the encouragement!

I've never had a Facebook account and I've always thought: "How can people to be so stupid to create value contents for someone else earn on it!?". Not to consider that Fb doesn't not only waver on users contents but even on their personal and sensitive data!

Yeah, me too. Never felt like wasting my time on Facebook...still glad I didn't!

WOW! just WOW! you deserve it man. KEEP IT UP!

It is amazing! Blows my mind!

Thanks for your help!

Great! well done, @papa-pepper , it's a really great milestone and this is a great motivational post for me. You're not just a random guy, believe me, you're a guy with many interesting things and toughts to say/write and we all appreciate you! ^_^

Awe, thank you for your kind words my friend. I really appreciate that!

You are doing it right, that's for sure! Here's to your continued success here on Steemit -- and you getting your homestead! Steem on!

Thanks so much. I really appreciate everything that this community has to offer!

Congrats! You have the best posts! I enjoy seeing you with all of the wildlife!

I have some good posts... not sure if they are the best, but people seem to enjoy them. Thank you for the compliment.

Grats @papa-pepper That's a real milestone and something for many of us to aim for.

Thank you for being an inspiration.


Obviously such accomplishments are possible, even for a guy like me. Be blessed @jdbry, steem on!

Congrats! That's a milestone :)

It is a milestone!

I am very impressed with the story about you using Steemit, I am very motivated to read your experience story. Thank you for sharing it.
follow, upvote and resteem.

Thank you for checking it out!

You are welcome 😍😘😊
Good luck.!!

Well done @papa-pepper. Be proud of yourself because you earned that cash. You did the work, invested the time and effort and positivity in your posts and stuck with it when other threw in the towel.

That's why when I welcome a new person to Steemit tell them to follow you.

You are our success story. You are proof it can be done. You are leading the way for the rest of us and giving us hope that one day we might achieve the same milestones.

So well done, and thanks for being you. ;-)

Wow! You certainly have a way with words! Thank you so much!

I'm so happy for you and your family @papa-pepper! Plus, I am super happy that we all have been a part of each others' Steemit successes...
I guess I'm just happy...and thankful, too. ;)
Keep "Steeming On", my friends!

Well said my friend! Thank you!

Well done mate. It all comes down to the hair... Hehe , I joke of course. I really hope that steem goes up and you get enough through this site to build that house. You are an inspiration to many here and your hard work has truly paid off!

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement @meesterboom!

Thanks for the hair!

these 10k are worth nuts if noone wants to buy, or if you don't have a way to convert them un USD or another real currency.

I've already cashed out over $4,000 SBD into USD, so it's worth "real money."

nice, how much were worth those 4000 SBD in real USD ?
I find it strange, you wallet is still at 10K, not 6K if you had cashed some 4K USD as you say.
Another question: how did you proceed for that ?

I cashed out over $4500 in USD of my SBD last year. A couple hundred more this year already. I'll link a post I did that will show you the basic process.

Thanks, I am interesterd in such a link.

No problem. I was skeptical at first too!

Others have made much better "how-to" posts on withdrawing STEEM/SBD. Mine was more humorous with a point, but the basic idea is still there.

I think the last time I cashed out about $175 SBD and is was worth over $250 USD...

Here is a post with the basic process I use.

Cool. Mine just went over 1 G. Thanks for the hope !!

Excellent news, congratulations !

how long did it take for you to reach 1G? Nice Effort!!

A little over a month. It's great!

Congratulations @papa-pepper. You have worked hard and always kept and positive attitude. Hope you soon find the right piece of land and we will have a whole bunch of happy peppers :D

I think we've got the land lined up, just gotta finish the house design. Thank you @lakshmi.

Share designs you want for you're house ! I'm sure some architect and technologists would be glade to take a look on it here :p (And curious will be glade to have a house to dream on !)

Good idea, I may have to do that! Thanks.

gratis du har det bästa inläg thanks

Congrats! You been powering up this whole time?

I powered up 5000 STEEM a bit ago, but that's about it. Cashed out most of my SBD, but I hold my liquid STEEM or give it away in contests.

This is amazing
Hope steemit is able to help you build your house soon :)

It is amazing! Thanks!

Wow thats amazing @papa-pepper but not surprising considering how well you been doing so really congrts man it gives me hope one day I can make some good coin from steemit, miles away from you and been here 7 months, upvoted.

Steemit does provide opportunity, and for that I am grateful.

I have no idea how @papa-pepper became so successful here on steemit, but I've been blessed by it. Thanks man!

THAT FEELING!! Paying for your own home with your hard work, so rewarding!

I'm looking forward to it! Thank you!

Congrats! This is really awesome news! I'll read your post probably tomorrow.

Thank you @teamsteem! You've been with me a long time now, and I thank you for that my friend!

And a 10K congratulations to you.

Thanks @ace108!

It's been a good ride so far!

You're welcome. i'm enjoying the ride so far.

Very good writing, makes me more excited to be in steemit.

"After all, most of the world is either spending their time or wasting their time online… while we are investing our time!"

Great quote. I've only been here a few days and I really see the potential.

Thanks, there is a lot behind that quote!

Papa, I thought I'd been following you this whole time but it turns out I haven't. I'm sad, but now I am!!!! Congrats my man.

Thanks! I just followed you back! Steem on!

Wonderful achievement!

Indeed it is! Thanks @darthnava!

Nice! Keep it up dude.

Will do, I'll definitely keep it up!

Congratulations! @papa-pepper I hope Your dream will come true and You will have a good home)

Thank you. Me too!

Wow! That is amazing! Glad that you are doing so good. You wrote that you tested the process...could you do a post on how you did that. IOW if you know how to cash out funds into USD that would be hugely useful info!

Nice to see your incredible milestone @papa-pepper! What kind of house are you planning on building? Stick framing?Tire House? Cobb House? Adobe House?Shipping Container House? Block House?...As you can tell I love building. My first job at 16 was a carpenter. I have plans on building tire house one day. Can't wait to see you achieve your dream.

Considering a grain bin house right now, but we've got a few ideas.

Nice choice!

Well done, you deserve it. I'm pretty happy that my account is worth $2000 :) I'd never make that elsewhere on-line and I'm having a lot of fun here. I think Steem could go much higher

I agree! It is a fun way to potentially make something online!

Who knows how high STEEM could go!

It only needs to get to about $25 and you'll be a millionaire!

Hmmm...that sounds good!

Congrats @papa-pepper! This is a wonderful accomplishment, keep up the goodness :)

Thank you @sandstorm!

I'm still amazed at it!

Your welcome @papa-pepper! Let it soak in and just enjoy the fruits of your online labor!

Congratulations @papa-pepper ! Such an inspiring story, I love what steemit has achieved for you with hard work of course.

It goes to show what is possible. There was no guarantee and it took a lot of work, but this time it sure paid off.

congrats :) good job !

Thank you. It is truly amazing.

Thanks for sharing .. This community is amazing

It as an amazing community we've got here!

Thanks @iamsgr.

Love it, keep up the good work!

Thanks man! It's been fun and exciting.

loving this post , I couldn't agree more , the reason why I love steemit ;-))
Plus, we are like family here, helping each other. Truly a social media that pays while enjoying doing our stuffs . Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper ;-))

P.S : upvoted and RS . God bless @papa-pepper ;-))

You're most welcome @papa-pepper, steem on ;-))

It's such a no brainer! Go Steemit!

Indeed, why post or vote anywhere else?

Congrat's Papa-Pepper!!
Now I'm sure I wanna be a Pepper too!!
Steem on!!

Congratulations @papa-pepper! Lot's of work and lot's of fun here on Steemit!
"even a nobody from Arkansas was able to work his way up"

To your family and your friends on Steemit you are a SOMEBODY! My wallet is looking kinda special too today.

Glad to hear about your wallet! It affects all of us!


Awesome to read how you empowered yourself to become substantive through putting time, effort and energy into Steem.

Best of luck getting to that extra 20K!

It did a take a lot of time, effort, and energy... so it's nice to see such a return on that investment. Thank you!

fan freakin tastic!!! wooo I have been here since nov of last year so about 5 months and my account has a value of near 2000$ I cant believe that, In all my 8 years as a professional music artist, I havent made any money off any of my online postings untill now. Its absolutely amazing.

Incredible and excellent to hear!

Steem on and thanks for the encouragement!

Congrats on getting the money for the land... I hope you get the other 20K too so you can build your dream! if the house still has to wait at least you have a planting and camping spot!

Actually, I've got the cash for the land in hand already, Plus an account worth 10k... so it looks like I'm halfway to reaching my house money goal... just from steemit!

Hi @papa-pepper, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the link!

Im happy for you 😊 that you made it this far to $10,000 account value, your post gave me more motivation to work hard and patiently, someday I will get there too, thank you for sharing 👍 and I will follow you 🐤

Yes, if you keep working hard, it could happen. If you give up, then it can't.

Thanks for letting me know that it helped motivate you!

Papa ballin now!

To a whole 'nother level.

Very impressive! £10,000 in nine months thats around £37 a day! I wonder what the tax is for online work?

It's claimed as regular income and taxed accordingly when it is withdrawn.

Have you checked this out by the way, just discovered it recently, amazing track record of bitcoin and altcoin trading by a kind of hedge fund, totally legit and very profitable:

No, I hadn't seen that yet. Thanks for the link!

wow! how come I miss this milestone post! :p ... You have 10k dollar value, and I have 10k SPs... We are 10k buddies... whoopa!