How a Social Media Pro Joins a New Platform and 9 Tips for Success.

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Just Two Weeks Ago @Sandstorm Joined Steemit.

@Anahilarski and I have known @Sandstorm going back to our days of domination on Google Plus. When I first joined Steemit back in August of 2016 I saw the similarities of Steemit to GPlus. So I knew that we would fit in well. Now I am seeing a few of my Gplus friends find a place here as well.

What I want to point out is how to quickly gain a food hold on a new platform like Steemit. @Sandstorm has done it brilliantly. I laugh because he used almost the same exact tactics as I did. Now I am going to go through a few of these techniques to help new users.

Tactics to Be Successful on Steemit.

  1. Social Media Tip #1 Collaboration.
    Be part of the conversation don't just scream your opinion. You have to keep the SOCIAL in social media. Make friends, collaborate and have fun.
  2. Social Media Tip #2 Connect.
    Start following other users. I know I spend alot of time saying this but it is so important for your long term success on Steemit.
  3. Social Media Tip #3 Tools are Your Best Friend
    Use tools to share your content automatically. Set up IFTTT, Social Jukebox and build your Twitter followers with Crowdfire.
  4. Social Media Tip #4 Quality Plus Consistency for Success
    Social media is a game that requires you to create and be consistent. One of my pet peeves on Steemit is when I see people only posting when the value of Steem rises. This makes no sense since you are rewarded in Steem tokens not USD. You receive the same amount of vests when you have the same exact vote count whether the price of Steem is $.07 or $.30.
  5. Social Media Tip #5 Promote Your Work..
    Share your content far and wide. Do you want your content to be viewed and indexed by Google and other search engines? Put in the extra effort and you will see your view count go up.
  6. Social Media Tip #6 Interconnect Your Channels.
    Take the time and add your Steemit channel to your other social media platforms. This is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Check out what happens when I do a search for Hilarski on Google. BOOOM! #1
  7. Social Media Tip #7 Protect Your Personal Brand Online.
    I recommend people stick to a few core subjects when writing. Also do not engage in arguments unless of course your brand is about trolling.
  8. Social Media Tip #8 Build Your Twitter Following Quickly!.
    Jump into Twitter and be part of the conversation. Crowdfire is an amazing tool. Make sure to read the article before you start using it.
  9. Social Media Tip #9 Use Memes to Convey Your Brand or Message..
    Memes are the most powerful tool in the social media arsenal. I know video is powerful but anyone can do a meme in under a minute. It is the quickest way for you to convey your message. Don't worry about meme haters. I want you to be successful.

Watching Steemit Users Like @BarryDutton and @Sandstorm Make Huge Waves Brings Me Joy.

I remember when @BarryDutton first started his Steemit journey. He was so hungry for knowledge and then put that knowledge he learned into action. Today he is trending at 14th on the SteemWhales site. One thing that I noticed about this list is that many of them do exactly what I recommend above. Put in the work and get rewarded folks. I know @Sandstorm will be in the top 50 trending accounts (Currently 393) in no time.


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Like this article. Thank's for you'r shared this tips.


No problem, this is a path to success on any social media platform.

Wow! Solid pass. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Randy!


Now time to get to work ; )


What? We have to work?

Great post @hilarski! There is a ton of valuable information here.

I think you are right in that memes are great for building brands. I am of the opinion that they are great for building personal brands, just not corporate / company brands. Otherwise you get this:


Bwahaha, it depends on the company goal. When I say memes they can be like this as well.


Personally I would consider that a promotional / marketing graphic. It looks super clean btw.
For me, a meme has to be a joke of some sort, satire if you will.
If every picture with words on it is a meme, then info graphics and every advertisement ever made are memes. Meme culture doesn't include those things from my standpoint.

You know, I've been saying I don't really want to do the whole marketing thing, but... when you lay it out like this, so simply and logically, and with each tip coming with a more detailed article... well, maybe I might slowly work my way down the list and gradually start implementing these tips. It's actually easier to consider this now that I kind of have a clearer idea of what my schtick on Steemit is going to be. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing. You just might make a marketer out of me one of these days...


It really is a recipe for success. I have implemented it time and time again for ourselves and for clients.


Well, I've got the article bookmarked. It would be fun to try it, one baby step at a time, as in... if I can do it, anybody can.

Thanks, very helpful post! I Love it! Very inspiring.

Wonderful piece, I sure have learnt a lot..Thanks for sharing

I'm determined to implement all of these steps sooner or later. I read Tip 9 on the memes and am starting to get your point. Are some places better to use memes than others? Is Steemit good for memes? Or is it more Twitter or some other platform? Using memes here on Steemit would help with my consistency, but for content (not meme-humor), would there be too much variety in the type of content? I'm more used to the long-form content. Thanks.


Memes are universal, have fun and mix it up. I use all forms of content across the interwebs. If you can do it video is wonderful as well.

What I want to point out is how to quickly gain a food hold on a new platform like Steemit. @Sandstorm has done it brilliantly.
Thanks for that bro! I've got to say @hilarski, this whole post is F#@KING EPIC. I truly appreciate the recognition man.
I laugh because he used almost the same exact tactics as I did.
You caught me, guilty as charged :) I realized that since the Google+ heydays, you know your stuff, inside and out and back in again.

You freely share your strategies and tactics in literally every single one of your posts, directly and indirectly. This is pure GOLD in every sense of the word. If more people took notice, social media, would truly be "social" media again, like back in the day. And Steemit allows people to level up like complete BOSSES.

Nowadays, the flavor online feels cold at times, but no matter how busy you and @anahilarski are with your clients and businesses, you guys always make & find the time for a reply or a private message.

Keep rocking Steemit brother, you & the Mrs. are an inspiration to so many of us :)

I watched you over the last two weeks and said to myself, "this guy has skillz!" Once you told me who you were I was not surprised at all. Keep on Steeming!


Thanks again dude. I'm still learning my way around this place, it's always a continuing education type of situation in the social media game, but I think I'm slowly understanding some of the mechanics on Steemit a bit better now than I did 2 weeks ago when it was all brand spanking new.

Excellent post dear friend @hilarski, thank you very much for sharing your experiences and recommendations

Keep spreading the word. Lots of people haven't heard of Steemit yet and they are missing out


RandyHilarski Randy Hilarski tweeted @ 19 Apr 2017 - 16:57 UTC

How a #SocialMedia Pro Joins a New Platform and 9 Tips for Success. 😎 @Steemit #Tips…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Agree. What I like about @sandstorm is that he is active and also authentic. He has fun doing his thing!


Thanks for that @old-guy-photos! This will be a pretty fantastic place if we can all enjoy it and have fun along the way :)

I'm really glad I found this, I never really played the social media game until came along and the whole PC war began. I'll take these points to heart and practice them, so I thank you for the plan!

Hi @hilarski, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.


Thank you for that!

Hi Randy, fancy seeing you over here. Looks like all is going well for you and your loved ones. Great post, and yes, I agree, it really is the formula for success on any SM platform. Hey, I have a question. If I want to post on different, unrelated topics, should I have two separate accounts for them? What is your opinion for here on Steem? Secondly, how did you make and place your banner at the end of your article? Thanks in advance!


Hey @Blairwarner welcome to Steemit. Nope, you don't need two separate accounts. This is just like Medium or Google Plus. Just add up to five tags. As far as images go you can make one on PicMonkey and just load it up at the end each time.


Thanks, man.

Wow Awesome! Very informative. Thank your for sharing, it is beneficial to the crowd . UV and RS!

Thank you for the great tips!


You are welcome @orsonfl! Followed

Nice tips, I'm new at steemit and enjoyed this post.


Bienvenido @curiosidades sigue @Anahilarski por tips en Espanol.

I missed this until just now! I used @sandstorm as an excellent example in my post just seconds ago.

Great article!

Great advise as usual and glad to have a great new steemian on board