SPU Poetry Contest #5: Announcement (& Winners of #4)

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SPU Poetry Contest #5: Announcement (& Winners of #4)



Before getting started, I want to introduce myself. I am @run-the-bits and I will be handling the contest in @poetrybyjeremy 's place. I recently jumped the gun on starting my own contest before really contributing enough to the community, so I am grateful for the opportunity to grow with SPU. Let's all continue to wish our former host well and show our gratitude by writing some more truly awesome poems this week!

Results of SPU Poetry Contest #4

Rank Poem Poet SBD Prize
1st Rain Dance @lazarus-wist 2 SBD
2nd Witch Prey @tessaragabrielle 1.5 SBD
3rd Hiding Place @shawnamawna 1 SBD

I can't wait to read more of your work. This week, I've also donated 1.5 SBD divided equally among the winners and am donating 1 SBD to next week's first place winner. Congratulations to the three winners!


Rank Prize
1st 2.5 SBD
2nd 1 SBD
3rd 0.5 SBD

Poetry Prompts

You all are familiar with this format. Choose one of the following options and write a poem inspired by the quote presented, a line from the quote or, possibly, the original poem. This week I'm highlighting a poem by @poetrybyjeremy, one from our second runner-up, and one of my own, which fatefully led me to SPU.

Option A

Enclosed within cool walls of concrete

through the only window, I peak,

grey skies crash above

flooding a valley so bleak.

from An Alternate Reality by @poetrybyjeremy

Option B

how the quiet of a tree

is a better partner

for the articulate soul.

from Tree Swing by last week's winner @shawnamawna

Option C

You should always take me seriously

As I rarely say things sarcastically

And I came up with a thought fantastically

That everyone should change so drastically

from Blasphemy


  • Your poem has to be inspired by ONE of the quotes provided. This includes taking inspiration from a word, a line, and even possibly, the theme of the quote or the poem its taken from. Interpret these prompts as you like.
  • No restrictions on length or rhyming. Feel free - use your freedom wisely.
  • The post's title has to be "SPU Poetry Contest #5: POEM TITLE". Obviously, replace POEM TITLE with your poem's actual title.
  • Use poetsunited as the FIRST tag.
  • Upvote this post. Resteem is optional, but appreciated.
  • Copy the link to your poem, and post it on the comments below.

Deadline for entries are before this post's payout (On Friday, 30th March). Once this post has paidout, no more entries will be accepted. We will do our best to announce winners and the following contest as quickly as possible.

You must respect Steemit rules! No plagiarism allowed. If you are going to use photos or pictures on your post, make sure that you are allowed to use them, and to source the content. Any breaking of rules will be notified and the entry will not be accepted.

Feel free to ask any queries in the comments. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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#POETSUNITED (use it to be considered for the Daily Dose)

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First of all, thank you for taking over! You have done a great job at selecting the winners, some of which I am already familiar with. Resteemed, I hope you get some competitive entries!


Hey, and thanks for carrying the torch. Appreciate it. Blessings. Oh, and I used the prompt of your poem for another.


My pleasure. I look forward to reading some great entries this week and in the coming weeks. Happy to help :D

Wow, I feel honoured! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing my work and for the generous award. I'm looking forward to reading lots more great entries in this week's contest :)


congrats! I did not know your poetry but now I do and you definitely deserved to win this one. :)


Congrats! Along with the runners-up, your poem was definitely one of the most unique last week :D

Congratulations to winners. This is a fantastic contest going on, thank you to @poetsunit. My entry for contest#5 is https://steemit.com/poetsunited/@hemendrapatar/spu-poetry-contest-5-a-perfect-soul.

I am so grateful to have placed and have one of my poems act as a prompt. Squee!


It's well deserved :D I really look forward to reading more of your work

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P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Thank you so much for hosting such an opportunity. Congratulations to last week's winners! Here is my submission:

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Thank you again for all this shout out love. I very much appreciate it!

First and foremost, congratulations to the winners. You guys rocks and I enjoyed reading your poems.

Secondly after reading their poems I was inspired to compose my own and join the contest. As this is my first time joining a poetry writing contest I hope you guys would go easy on me. Okay, enough from me. My entry is below.


Heeey! I'm excited for this contest, to be honest...

Here's my entry!:


Happy day¡ Here my entry

@poetsunit - Thank you for the opportunity: Here is my entry inspired by prompt A.


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Wawawa Can't believe I had forgotten to put my submission in the comments lol. Here's my entry:


No worries, I still saw it scrolling thru =D