SPU Poetry Contest #4: Witch Prey

This is my entry for Week 4 of the Steemit Poets United contest. This piece is perhaps sexually suggestive, but not explicit.

I am writing off the following theme and image:
“witch hunt”
image source

Witch Prey

my quest now ended
here lay my quarry
i stood in ready stance
she rose unhurried
wrapped brown flesh in leopard pelt
fell lazy forward
crouched four-footed
caught by her golden gaze
i dropped my spear
we both were changed
i witched
her wicked
mother’s words cried in my head
but i’ve never done as bid
and so sure i knew this great cat
i followed where she led
lithe sway the spell that snared my mind
a siren’s call to cavern dark
the mountain’s heart her winter home
there piled furs cradled me down
her shadowed bulk swooped in
breathed copper warmth across my throat
teeth dragged delicate on my skin
i shuddered and clung to her muscled frame
and did not think of my husband
as she kissed and caressed my scars
tongue lapping each mark
until at last i came undone
she purred pleasure at my surrender
so overcome i never wondered
which of us was prey
and which one was the hunter


I love the sensuality of this and the duality of the cat. These lines felt very true:

but i’ve never done as bid
and so sure i knew this great cat
i followed where she led

As in, like something I've experienced. Beautiful.

Thanks, I'm glad it resonated with you!

That particular set of lines actually came out of my 'poetry bits' file, along with the concept for the poem itself. It has very little in common with what was in my file, but it's spiritually linked to the original idea. :)

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I love the contrast between this surreal, animalistic experience and the matter of fact, very much real, "did not think of my husband". Like you're pointing outside the poem and throwing a new shade of context over the whole thing - makes it that much more engaging. Personally, I'd have broken it up into a few stanzas to highlight changes in focus, but that's just me. Otherwise a great read - thanks!

Thanks for your thoughtful comments! I played with stanzas and decided I liked it without; I thought it might evoke some of the confusion and swirled-togetherness of the narrator. But that's my own style, for sure—I tend to read aloud as I go and break lines based on the kind of flow I get that way.

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So I've read your text yesterday night, and you got me into a delish state of confusion.It's metal-like and at the same time filled with sensuality, very troubling. :)

Thanks for the feedback!

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