The Kitchen Table Edition 13: Recipes, Cooking & Food Curation Day

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Bagde By @facelessmyth

Saturday- Cooking & Recipes

Cooking and baking have always been a favorite past time of mine and I am always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, meal plans and different things.

So I want to not only share my love for cooking and baking with you all, but I want to share other steemians posting some delicious looking recipes. I have come across so many great members and their posts; which I must say, rarely get noticed. So every Saturday I will be dedicating an entire post to the chefs in all of us. From fabulous meals, delicious sounding recipes to satisfy every craving and even some how-to instructions for unusual recipes.

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Recipe & Food: SOUP

Ulog # 10: Cooking from the Scratch by @sherylneil

The soup was very tasty. The broth can really make a difference to bring out the taste of the soup, the coriander leaves gives a zingy kick on the dish

NOTE Posted today this recipe has 61 UPvotes and only 1 comment.

Recipe & Food: ENTREE

Whose the Jerk? Oh Yeah, the Chicken! by @canadianrenegade

We're running low on beef and, if I am being totally honest, my parents don't eat quite as much beef as we do. Usually, we pasture a steer in the summer and fill the freezer at the end of the season but this year we decided not to. What beef we have left isn't where we're staying so I've been trying new proteins and new recipes.

I tweaked a paleo jerk chicken recipe I found when the mister said it just wasn't spicy enough to really be Jerk Chicken the first time I made it

NOTE Posted yesterday this recipe has 172 UPvotes and 13 comments.

Recipe & Food: BBQ

Bob's Sweet and Sticky Baby Back Ribs w/ Corn Bread and Corn on the Cob| Crockpot Creations # 1 by @slowcookingchef

I woke up today with a hankering for some ribs. So I ran out to the store and picked up 2 racks of some beautiful baby back ribs. You can go with any kind of barbecue sauce you like but for my money I recommend Sweet Baby Rays, This might be due to the fact every restaurant I ever worked at used it. Furthermore, you're gonna want to go with a thicker Sweeter sauce rather than a vinegar based sauce. I love barbeque, there is nothing like baby back ribs and once you've given the slow cooker ribs a try you'll never go back to a grill. This is a dish where you want to go low and slow on your crockpot. This will be cooking all day but its well worth the wait. It's a simple recipe that will impress whoever your cooking for

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Oh those BBQ ribs look amazing, definitely have to try that recipe out. He also explains the recipe in great detail. Recommended read!

Cooking for me is a passion just like the pastry, everything I do I put love and passion, I try to do things with delivery and to the greatest possible perfection, I like when I see dishes as beautiful as these, I have my blog food and there I can give testimony of what I like to do. I love this publication, congratulations and many greetings.

That food is looking delicious @goldendawne :P

Thanks so much for sharing our Jerk Chicken post! It's delicious and deserves to be eaten by many. -Aimee

I thank you for finding all of these yummy recipes and putting them into one post for us!! They all look yummy!!! 😋

Oh i cant wait for crafting day 🧡🧡 i also need to get on it with my crafts. TGIF i get time to craft lol