Curie Author Showcase (May 12th, 2018)

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Introducing Steemlookup brought to you by @curie!

We here at Curie have been developing this great new tool for ALL of the Steem Blockchain to use absolutely free! Curie Curator @laniakea1 and their team of developers have been working tirelessly to complete this new search tool. While some small details are still being worked on it is now ready to be released to the public.

Steemlookup has so many great features built in. You can search posts while specifying different parameters. If you want to see posts with 10 images, it can show you. If you want to find posts that are really engaging people, search for posts with a certain number of comments. There are tons of combinations you can use in your search to refine it and see only the content you really want.

This will prove to be a great tool not just for Curators, but for any Steemian who wants a more powerful search tool. Those that are tired of simply looking at Trending or New posts. Now you can search your way.

We at Curie work to discover the exceptional content here on the Steem Blockchain all the time, now let us help you find it on your own as well.

Featured Author: @poss
#6. Hiking day - The blueberry pastries hunt on Dobrča (1634m)

Image used with the permissions of @poss

Our first post this week takes us off to Dobrča, a mountain in Slovenia, but not quite for the reason you might expect. While I am sure @poss and friends are into the thrill-seeking, adventure of climbing a mountain after the final snowfall of the season, that's not what this trip was about. They wanted what I am assuming has to be the very best Blueberry Štruklji in the world, and in the end they were rewarded with it.

Štruklji is described by Wikipedia as, "a traditional Slovene dish, composed of dough and various types of filling. The dish comes in the form of rolls, which can be either cooked or baked, and can have a wide range of fillings."

@poss is off on their latest adventure in Paris, France. They were nice enough to take some time to talk to me at 2:30AM local Paris time last night. During our brief chat I learned of some other amazing adventures they will be sharing with us all here on the Steem Blockchain. Before we get to hear about their Paris trip we will learn all about their trip to Malta two weeks ago, and then another hiking trip from a week ago. They certainly keep themselves very busy to keep us entertained with amazing travel posts.

What's to be added? I love mountains and nature, traveling and cycling (no posts about it yet, but planned).

Featured Author: @mourningnoodles
Horror Clowns / COMEDY OPEN MIC ROUND 12 / ENTRY #2

Image used with the permissions of @mourningnoodles

I do not want to ruin the tremendous suspense of this incredible video so I will let @mourningnoodles and the video itself do most of the talking for this one. It is however, one of the best things I have seen on the Steem Blockchain.

Excuse me while I slip into some mourning noodles. I'll put on my best mourning noodles attire for this post. "What is mourning noodles?" you ask your keyboard...or your computer screen...or your Labrador who's moist nose is perched sweetly on your lap. I ask my keyboard the same question.

Sometimes I see something that inspires me to make a film or write a thing. Sometimes I smoke marijuana and unlock the secrets of the universe.
Sometimes I sing in the shower. Nothing is wrong.
But I always seem to be mourning noodles.

Noodles. Flaccid, wet noodles. You wake up in the morning after a night of heavy clinking, drinking and look at the messes you've left behind. A half scribbled thought on a junk mail envelope, empty cartons of mochi, burned out joints, ashes everywhere and of course your bowl of leftover pasta. Noodles. Flaccid, wet noodles. Sad and funny at the same time.

I do love mourning noodles.

Be sure to go check out @mourningnoodles Director's Reel or some of his Snowmen Comics.

Featured Author: @ferjart
ART EXPLOSION WEEK 38: ''Looking Home'' (my entry)

Image used with the permissions of @ferjart

Our next post is an artwork done for @juliakponsford 's #artexplosion contest. This contest has become one of our favorites here at Curie because each week it produces so many amazing pieces of art from dozens of very talented artists. This one in particular comes to us from @ferjart , an artist from Venezuela with a very unique style. This is actually his second Curie vote, but first time being featured in the Author Showcase.

My work is an image that represents those people who for various reasons are far from their country of birth, their culture and their people, feeling that they are on another planet in the face of the great changes that may occur from one country to another.

While this post is on the verge of closing out you can still check out some of his newer posts to see his Photography or a Gallery post showcasing all his art from April which includes a shot of his art that earned him his previous Curie vote.

Featured Author: @nolasco
An adventure at the desert, Morocco
#BeautifulSunday and #SublimeSunday :)

Image used with the permissions of @nolasco

For this next travel adventure, rather then head off to the snowy Alps in Slovenia, we are off to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. The thing that struck me the most about this travel post is just how many colors there are to be seen in the desert. Normally you think of the desert and you picture one color - sand. Instead you get all of these various shades laid out across the intricate landscape of the Atlas Mountains and the sand dunes of the Sahara, and even the occasional lush green areas. Also lets not forget all of the colors brought on by the incredible sunsets.

Isabel and her family take us along with them on this awesome adventure, led on the backs of camels. They met up with a Berbere tribe and got immersed in their culture for the night. Taking in all the food, music,and dancing that they can handle. Come sunrise they headed back towards home after another camel ride.

I think my favorite part of the post however is this shot with the shadows of the camels stretched across the sands of the Sahara.

Be sure to check out Isabel's page for all of her amazing photography. You can learn more about her love of photography in her introduction post.

Featured Author: @jayna
The Char Man of the Candahashee Bridge

Image used with the permissions of @jayna

Once again we finish up the Author Showcase with some great fiction. Our author @jayna takes a local Ojai, California legend, the legend of The Char-Man and makes it her own for this interesting horror-fiction. As usual I do not wish to give away the story and would rather allow you to read it and discover it on your own.

I will say that I really like how @jayna constructed the different characters and really created her own story based on the legend with its own new twists along the way.

I have been writing all my life, but just recently returned to fiction writing with serious intent. I am a member of The Writers’ Block @thewritersblock , and I recently completed the 16-week Write Club boot camp sponsored by The Writers’ Block as well as a 30-day NANOWRIMO challenge. I write flash fiction (500-1500 word) and micro-fiction (50-word) stories for Steemit and I run the weekly #fiftywords challenge. Off Steemit, I am busily polishing longer short stories (5000+ words) with the hope of publishing in mainstream markets.

Be sure to check out @jayna 's page for details on her #fiftywords challenge.

Since there are no new #mycuriestory this week I will be skipping it, but would like to put out a call for more @mycuriestory. If you have gotten a vote from us, have become a curator with us, or have just heard of us but like what it is that we do - please tell us and all of the Steem Blockchain. Just share your personal story and tag it with #mycuriestory. Your story could be shared right here in the Author Showcase!

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @randomwanderings (Gene) with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. Author permission was sought and obtained from all authors featured in this showcase. All works are the copyright of their respective authors and used with permission.

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It is amazing how already for such a long time this is running and helping so many people here on Steemit

Thank you very much for showcasing my story, @randomwanderings and @curie. I am honored! I love the work you do to support those who are committed to producing quality content. Thank you again.

Yay! So glad to see you featured @jayna and so well deserved! You are one of my favorite posters here, both for your own fiction and of course your inimitable writer's workshop series (can't remember if that is actually what it is called LOL). Much love - Carl

Thanks so much, @carlgnash! I truly appreciate your kind words. I really had fun with the writing workshop series. It has been a while since I produced one of those posts, but perhaps I should get back to it. 😊

Thanks for being a part of it. Definitely some well-deserved attention for you and your writings. Looking forward to seeing more.

I'm more than grateful and much honored, @randomwanderings and @curie, for showcasing my history. I've been on Steemit adventure for almost one year, and this recognition is really priceless and meaningful to me. Thanks for the beautiful work and support to the ones who commit themselves to bring quality content to Steemit. And thanks for the beautiful words about my post. Cheers to all!!! Yuppeee!

Thanks for being a part of it. Loved many of the photos in your post and will be watching for more. Great to get you some much deserved attention.

I will do my best, always, even if I have limited time and a lousy Internet connection here where I am now (East Timor). I love to travel and blogging about it! Another one posted and more to come! Thanks again!! Stay excellent!


Thank you very much for showing my work, I really appreciate this kind of support for the steemit community, keep it up!

Thanks for being a part of it @ferjart . I can tell you I know for sure there are quite a few Curators at Curie who love your work, myself counted among them. Always so unique and amazing. Great work.

I'm glad to hear that, my friend. Thank you very much. :)

This comes at the right time and have to say thank you for helping those working hard to post valuable content! This reinstates my belief in Steemit. I was thinking of quitting. I'm tired to see people promote stupidity and people posting all kinds of garbage getting high upvotes. With this new tool we will be able to find those with valuable content! Many thanks again for your valuable work!

Thanks so much, my dear @erikah. Always there for giving some support! Big xoxo!

Yeah, a bad habit, help everyone even if you get nothing in return :))

No, eventually the law of return works... never forget that! Big xoxo!

If you say so 😃 😘

I do... I´m old and wise and already have seen it work ;)


I happened the same as you, but I remembered that there are always bad things in everything and that we should discard what does not help us and look at what we do. Also when reading this publication, I was inspired and educated. Bravo for all those who promote a post with good resources for the community and deserve respect, they are great.

Hey @curie, Great search tool. I look forward to trying it out! Also, I don't suppose you might consider checking out my Steemit community project would you? It's a good idea (I think)... I haven't tried appealing to whales 'til recently as I have been trying to get organic growth, but no luck yet. Been around Steemit for a year. Here's a link to The EN community's recent blog on Steemit: Would really appreciate any help. Nice job on doin' what you're doin'! Keep it up! Cheers.

Well... just read in the Discord about the curators roles etc... I guess there's a process. I'm not familiar with Streemian yet though except for a cursory look a long time ago.

Great, now this will give people the hope that not everyone in steemit is self centered.
Keep it up @curie you have my support.

that a one of best writing topic


thanks for support.....

That's a great art, I appreciate your traveling ...

Good post @curie, i like your post

It looks like an excellent tool, nice job!
And the featured authors very very interesting, as always!

Wow, what a cool post feature steemit users. You're one of the 1st people I followed when my account opened.... about 48 hours ago. 😜

Welcome to Steem!

Thx so much // I really appreciate the warm welcome! I'm really enjoying the Steem community alot.


Great post brother..

Wow that's totally awesome. What a great tool! It makes finding posts of your interests so easy. Great great great work !!Thank you guys for putting so much effort in to develop this tool!

hello friends this is good, I really like this post is great, very good image and article too, can count on my vote and my criticism, nothing more to say eme dismiss his friend @manduto 👋


wooow nice post, Saludos.

Curie, i like the way you people are dedicated to your work.....
I have been in the curie discord channel only support quality content and that is how steemit works...Great....

Steemlookup sounds like a great tool to use to bypass the New and Trending tags in the search for something good to read/look at. Thanks!

Yes, it gives you so many different ways to find just what you are looking for.

👍👍👍 @curie

So I'm unfamiliar with Curie; do you have to be on Discord to try for it (I ask because my only internet device is a Kindle, which has its own app store and Discord isn't in it, argh)?

No, not at all. Discord is just an addon type thing where you can interact a bit more. You can still follow us @curie for the twice weekly Author Showcases, resteemed exceptional posts from time to time, and more. If you'd like to see all the posts as they get upvoted you can join Streemian and then head to . There it will show the ten most recent posts we upvoted. We are working on a new platform as well that will make seeing all the posts even easier.

If you are asking how to get a Curie upvote for yourself - Just simply continually created exceptional content here on Steem. We have a large group of more than 60 active Curators out searching all the time for the best content. If your great content is out there one of us will find it through various methods.

Awesome! Thanks! :)
If I see a great post by someone else, there's no nomination process though if you're not one of the chosen curators?

You guys @curie are doing a great job.

Awesome variety in today's showcase. But the best part of this post is the steemlookup news :) Glad it finally launched. Great job on this post, Gene

Thanks Jazz! I have really loved doing the showcase since I started with it last month. Interacting more with some of the people we are upvoting day in and day out is a lot of fun.

Thank you @curie for the work you are doing for quality posts...and, your recent support.

A very interesting news and gave a very good idea for friends in steemit. This must be followed for progress. I read this post. So there is a hope from you for friends.

Penulis hebat dengan cerita yang bagus

I happened the same as you, but I remembered that there are always bad things in everything and that we should discard what does not help us and look at what we do. Also when reading this publication, I was inspired and educated. Bravo for all those who promote a post with good resources for the community and deserve respect.

Excellent all the works shown here. Thanks for sharing @curie. Regards.