The EN "Main Exercise Center"

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Community of healthy people who want to Exercise and Earn, Motivate and Be Motivated, and Do It From Anywhere,

----> Welcome to our virtual Main Exercise Center! If you are brand new to the community, don't be shy... post a video of yourself doing exercises and earn some upvotes! We'll have a Community Leader on the look out for your participation!

~Check out the EN Exercise Network website, if you haven't visited yet and also, be sure to get an invite to join our Discord -the main communication meeting place of the community.~

Let's get right to it.


Please, in the comment section below, post video(s) doing your unique workout routine and/or the exercise of the category (see Eniquette guidelines for basic format compliance) and/or respond with posts/videos/upvotes for the community.
For these exercises, there is:

No minimum # of repetitions required
No minimum # of sets required
-unless a Motivator specifically states so during their post.
Please use (and get used to using) the starting/finishing validation/passphrase. They are a deterrent against those who would not create original video content (Spam). Also, while shooting your videos: when you pause and restart the video, please (again) use the Starting Passphrase upon resuming as per the Eniquette.

Starting Passphrase: "Just the beginning"
Finishing Passphrase: "Just the beginning"
Note: From time to time (usually monthly) this "Main Exercise Center" post will be posted anew so that the post itself and some of the exercise categories can be refreshed to gauge their popularity and get fresh upvotes. If this post is a month or more old and still the apparent newest one, still use it. A fresh upvote from a Community Leader and/or other browsing participants' will still earn you rewards from the reward pool. Also, invite people! The more people who join and vote up @the-en, the more voting power @the-en will have and the more rewards @the-en upvotes will be able to direct to our participants!!

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Hello Everyone! I'm a Community Leader for The EN and will be on the look out for your participation posts. I aim to check out your exercises and to respond in turn by doing some of them myself. I also hope to give out some upvotes and help direct rewards to those who participate in compliance with the "Eniquette"! Glad you're here. Now go ahead and get a-postin', I'm ready to do some exercise.


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Hey @showoff! I offered to do some "community sharing", if you will join my crew I will recommend them to your system as well! Perhaps we can share members, I have a VERY Strong Bot that multiplies upvotes in a trading setup, they vote up my bot and the Bot votes up their posts once a day, the going rate is now about 13¢ per vote. If you are interested I will leave a link but only if you ask for it. #minnowbootcamp is one of the best arrangements for NEW Steemians, and we can also school them in better content as well. You offer better physical fitness, and as a BOOT CAMP I Know that is a definite need!
I could use your program for my minnows and then you can award them points for their participation, and I can add it to their spreadsheet report. LMK if you think we can arrange something, if I make it a "points system" for doing your program, many will do it, a few at first, and then more.

Messaged you in Discord.

I was thinking of a stationary sandbag if one cannot set up a heavy bag, either for room or cost. It will still toughen the fists and give some arm work...


Non-Copyright-Protected Workout Music
(If we share some links to good music that we can use in videos that would be cool!)