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Don’t look later, look at this right now, ASAP!

You don’t want to miss out on engaging with some awesome Steemians and encouraging them before their post pays out! We all love it when someone takes the time to not only stop by our blog and read our posts but actually engage. As a fellow plankton, I know and love this feeling. It’s super disheartening when you put hours of effort in, for a post to get lost at sea never to be found again.


I know there are some amazing curation teams out there and we are not by any means trying to step on any toes but with over 250,000 posts a day I am sure there is room for an additional team. With this in mind, I would like to introduce to “READ ME A.S.A.P” the mini curation project, designed to showcase undervalued Steemit and other Steem platform users.

What makes this different?

We are going to use @steem-plus to profit share* directly with our curation selections. For this reason the selections will be limited to three each “READ ME A.S.A.P” issue, each writer receiving 10% of the SteemPower, for transparency the author of this curation post will receive 50%, 15% stays with the @asapers, the remaining 5% automatically go’s to @steem-plus to further develop that tool for our use.

*We are testing this so bear with us for the first few weeks while we iron out any kinks.
To find out more about @steem-plus click HERE, it’s so much more than profit sharing including the added bonus of a voting slider for those of us on Steemit and under 500SP

READ ME A.S.A.P is the first project brought to you by the @aspers.

Who are the @asapers?

We are a newly created team of six that have been handpicked by @hitmeasap for his inaugural delegation “experiment”. A small yet substantial delegation in the eyes of the six chosen. I can’t say why he choose us, other than he has confidence in our efforts to date and faith in our ability to continue growing into the future. As for why he is doing it…

An attempt to "pay it forward" and in a way of saying thank you and show my appreciation towards @fulltimegeek and his awesomeness. @hitmeasap Source
As for the six, we are a varied bunch, just the way I like it. We consist of in no particular order, myself @insideoutlet, my hubby @shai-hulud, @wdougwatson, @braxton101, @frankabelle and @yogajill. We may put up an introduce yourself post in the near future but feel free to check out these awesome steemians at any time by simply CLICKINGon their name.

What else does the @asapers have to offer you?

Great question! What else do you want? Below are some ideas we have in the works but would love some additional ideas, feel free to comment away!



We are looking for CONTEST IDEAS, what do you like to participate in, what do you think there isn’t enough of? What type of prizes would you like to see?

Additional curation

An #introduceyourself curation post up and happening with any luck in conjunction with @gogogadgetupvote's “Daily "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty” in the near future
Just putting it out there @gogogadget

Post promotion

We will also be setting up a #post-promotion channel on Discord for newbies to share quality posts in Discord, there will be rules and we hope to emulate the fantastic culture @thesteemengine has created around fellow post support rather than dump and run. If you haven’t joined them yet, I suggest you check them out, they are a great team!

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Now for the promised goods:

Again these were all chosen from our awesome followers who blindly hit the follow button with the knowledge that we would be worth it!

How Do You Feel About Sex with More Than One Person, Open Relationships, Polygamy, etc? by @mandelsage

I met @mandelsage at @dolphinschool, he is always consistent albeit a bit controversial, but only on Thursdays. I love that he starts his blog with my wife knows about it, the standard get out of jail free card. It's a very interesting read and I am sure it will be worth your time.

There is still 5 days until PAYOUT. For quality check him out and upvote away!

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Superstarxtala Production #18: 💙Love Bali💙 (Eat·Pray·Love Capital of the World) by @superstarxtala

Her trip to Bali and the adventures that followed, lots of photos and food to be shared.

Bali is just under 4 hours from Perth, West Australia, it takes us just a long to fly to the east cast of not longer depending on where you plan on landing.

There is still 5 days until PAYOUT Got some spare VP to help fellow traveler out!

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Butt naked with 2500 other cruise line passengers! by @insideoutlet Me! Note: I am declining my 10%

We started today a bit risky so why not end it that way with this piece on nude cruises. It also gives you some insight into who is currently writing your curation posts.

There are links to some personal stories down the bottom I think you would also get a good laugh out of. The one regarding love had been featured in multiple curation posts and won the #howwemet contest

*There is still 5 days until PAYOUT. Help a writer out, an upvote can make a plankton's day. I'm worth it, I promise.

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Thanks for reading now to help a plankton out and upvote!

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Issue 1, 2

Giving back A.S.A.P!!!

This curation post was written by @insideoutlet on behalf of the @asapers.


this will be a great project to help other steemians in the platform.

Thank you we hope to.

@insideoutlet you are really doing a great job. Thanks so much on behalf of the asapers.
This article was well structured. Keep up the good work👍

Thanks @frankabelle.

You are welcome.

I think for any contest, if something can be really subjective, point it out when explaining it so that those who want to participate know that they are entering a contest with subjective judging. If you can set up some guidelines, do it, that way those who want to participate know what it's all about.

So cool to have been selected... And that post, of all posts! lol... In the end, I feel like the pic I used ended up being more controversial than anything I wrote in it.

I'm curious... How does the curation process work? I know you've all just started this but do you have certain criteria worked out already? (Cause, you know... I want to be featured again! ;P)

Anyhow, keep up the good work guys!

Haha yes that was an interesting picture. Hence why I went with the more mild meerkat one lol. At this stage we don't have a huge set of guidelines other than following us and undervalued. It's a bit ad hoc. I plan on setting some guidelines but haven't found time yet lol.

Aahh okay =) Gotcha. Well, in the meantime, I've decided to do some curating of my own ;) ... Every Sunday. Lemme know what you think of today's one ^^

Will do. 😁