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Don’t look later, look at this right now, ASAP!

You don’t want to miss out on engaging with some awesome Steemians and encouraging them before their post pays out! We all love it when someone takes the time to not only stop by our blog and read our posts but actually engage. As a fellow plankton, I know and love this feeling. It’s super disheartening when you put hours of effort in, for a post to get lost at sea never to be found again.


I know there are some amazing curation teams out there and we are not by any means trying to step on any toes but with over 250,000 posts a day I am sure there is room for an additional team. With this in mind, I would like to introduce to “READ ME A.S.A.P” the mini curation project, designed to showcase undervalued Steemit and other Steem platform users.

What makes this different?

We are going to use @steem-plus to profit share* directly with our curation selections. For this reason the selections will be limited to three each “READ ME A.S.A.P” issue, each writer receiving 10% of the SteemPower, for transparency the author of this curation post will receive 50%, 15% stays with the @asapers, the remaining 5% automatically go’s to @steem-plus to further develop that tool for our use.

*We are testing this so bear with us for the first few weeks while we iron out any kinks.
To find out more about @steem-plus click HERE, it’s so much more than profit sharing including the added bonus of a voting slider for those of us on Steemit and under 500SP

READ ME A.S.A.P is the first project brought to you by the @aspers.

Who are the @asapers?

We are a newly created team of six that have been handpicked by @hitmeasap for his inaugural delegation “experiment”. A small yet substantial delegation in the eyes of the six chosen. I can’t say why he choose us, other than he has confidence in our efforts to date and faith in our ability to continue growing into the future. As for why he is doing it…

An attempt to "pay it forward" and in a way of saying thank you and show my appreciation towards @fulltimegeek and his awesomeness. @hitmeasap Source
As for the six, we are a varied bunch, just the way I like it. We consist of in no particular order, myself @insideoutlet, my hubby @shai-hulud, @wdougwatson, @braxton101, @frankabelle and @yogajill. We may put up an introduce yourself post in the near future but feel free to check out these awesome steemians at any time by simply CLICKINGon their name.

What else does the @asapers have to offer you?

Great question! What else do you want? Below are some ideas we have in the works but would love some additional ideas, feel free to comment away!



We are looking for CONTEST IDEAS, what do you like to participate in, what do you think there isn’t enough of? What type of prizes would you like to see?

Additional curation

An #introduceyourself curation post up and happening with any luck in conjunction with @gogogadgetupvote's “Daily "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty” in the near future
Just putting it out there @gogogadget

Post promotion

We will also be setting up a #post-promotion channel on Discord for newbies to share quality posts in Discord, there will be rules and we hope to emulate the fantastic culture @thesteemengine has created around fellow post support rather than dump and run. If you haven’t joined them yet, I suggest you check them out, they are a great team!

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Now for the promised goods:

This week they were all chosen from our awesome followers who blindly hit the follow button with the knowledge that we would be worth it!

Pancake Day - What is Shrove Tuesday? by @dan21050

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Valentine's day, did you know that? I didn't but I do now, but who really needs a reason to eat pancakes. Interesting to see how it all came about.

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT. Drooling yet I'm sure @dan21050 would be willing to share for an upvote.

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Neuro-Marketing for the Homeless - Advertising for Compassion by @seaslim

*"Begging Sucks, Having Compassion Doesn't"* What a powerful thought. This sign sparked something in @seaslim, what if a more powerful sign could help the homeless raise not only more funds for themselves but more awareness for their cause.

There is still 6 days until PAYOUT. Good purpose, how about a vote?

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My Life as a Doctor in a Developing Country! by @frankabelle

This steemian is a mum of two with a bub on the way and a doctor in a developing country, talk about having your hands full. The struggles you had too and still endure daily to help yourself and others is admirable.

Keep on steeming on!

There is still 7 days until PAYOUT. Some voting power to share?Did you know she uses her steemit funds to aid patients that can't afford treatment? Want to upvote now?

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Thanks for reading now to help a plankton out and upvote!

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Giving back A.S.A.P!!!

This curation post was written by @insideoutlet on behalf of the @asapers.


Heck yea!!! This is what I'm talking about. Looking forward to seeing which contests you come out with and to see the #asapers community grow! Way to go @hitmeasap and the rest of the @asapers team!

Thanks @jamesgetsit, what contests would you like to see? We are open to ideas!

Hmmm... I think what might go great with the whole idea of ASAPers and because of how @hitmeasap does his blog... maybe who had the most active/purposeful/engaging week on steemit?? Would be a very different contest, right up your alley, and would be very steemit oriented.

That would be interesting and in line with @hitmeasap's theme I wonder how we would select a winner for that one. I know that there is some complicated work done behind the scene by @abh12345 to get that info. But we could do that for engagement with our posts or something similar.

Could always do a point system type thing. Have a certain amount of traits you are looking for, and then assign scale 1-10 on each of them. This can also even be on the design of the post or whatever. 5-6 top traits would probably work well. Then you average em, and bam... Have your top 3 or however many top people you want to do.

Thanks, sounds a bit complicated for my current time frame but will put in great ideas bank on our discord channel for later.

Giving back A.S.A.P. is awesome! Those sure are some worthy Steemians! What a great idea @asapers to highlight such deserving folks. Everywhere i click on Steemit i see amazing things happening! Big Ups to ya!

Thank you @medicinewheel, I see you have followed us, great work we appreciate that. We will look at your posts over the coming week and you could be in the running for the next curation issue.

oh new curation project! good to see it! support!

Thank you for your support! We look forward to showcasing awesome writers with you. :)

One thing is for sure. You guys have one awesome name for curations group. Anything which helps great content creators get little more exposure I am all for it. The more quality we have on Steemit, the more value of Steemit in general rises. :)

Great picks. I am sure people curated appreciate your work. Keep it up. :)

Thank you! You guys do an amazing job at @thesteemengine. I hope we can become as well received as you guys in the future. It's excited to be featured anywhere, so I hope these three appreciate it too as I sure they will.

Thank you, I truly appreciate it. It is all about caring for your members and helping them succeed. Getting to know them and sharing your life and Steemit journey with them. It is all about making friends and creating relationships. We all about working hard and having some fun while doing it. :)

I am sure you will do good with your curation. You have a positive energy and people will notice it. Keep it up. :)

Have an amazing day. :)

The @asapers is a new one for me, so I'm excited to be seeing this and learning of a new curation project. I have found being an active curator helps me enormously in my Steemit experience - discover new (or just new to me) talent, seeing posts that rock and learning how they were done, and feeding that knowledge back into my own endeavours. End result is Steemit wins, and then we all do.

Thanks @naquoya, This is or first official post and we totally agree, I read a much wider variety of posts and love knowing that our little bit can help another. Together we will grow strong.

Congratulations on the endeavour, and to the selected posters! ... I'll be watching this project closely as I, too, get started here on Steemit. And yes, I'm sure there's space aplenty for another curation team =)

As an artist, I know very well the feeling of putting work into something only for it to go unappreciated..... Of course, the "true artist" is supposed not to care about attention, only about doing the art, but man, some praise and even critical feedback goes a long way in keeping us motivated.

Looking forward to seeing what sort of stuff you guys come up with =)

Thanks @mandelsage we appreciate your kind words and look forward to checking out your work for future curation posts.