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Finally, I got approval from to "Become A Tester". Read my previous post if you haven't (do not vote because it is more than 7 days old already).

I followed the instructions received via e-mail. I logged in to my Google Play Store e-mail address (not my e-mail address).

Updated android app and found the ETH wallet :)

How to Buy Ethereum (ETH) via

  • If I have no Bitcoin nor Altcoin, I'd do THIS
  • If I have Bitcoin available at, I'd do this - Convert BTC to PHP then PHP to ETH.
  • If I have Bitcoin from external wallets i.e. WirexApp and/or #Coinpot, I'd Send BTC to PHP wallet (not BTC wallet) then CONVERT PHP to ETH.
  • If I have Altcoins (Bitcoin Alternatives) at #Poloniex (my favorite exchange), I'd sell it to BTC then buy and withdraw DOGE (transfer to Coinpot to SAVE fee), convert Dogecoin to Bitcoin Core and send to PHP wallet (not BTC wallet) then CONVERT PHP to ETH.

I read that Verge is the best alternative to Dogecoin if you want to SAVE blockchain/transaction fee when transferring coins from/to exchanges but haven't used it.

Since I still have available BTC at, I used the PHP CONVERSION feature.

Just like here at Steemit, I won't send my SBD to BlockTrades to buy Steem though I know it would work too. I prefer to use INTERNAL "Currency Market" for SBD/STEEM or send SBD to BlockTrades to buy Steem Power (SP not STEEM). They are there for that purpose so why not use it for CONVENIENCE.

Let's continue with ETH Beta Testing.

After converting my BTC to PHP I then converted PHP to ETH.

I input P920 but only P20 was debited for creating my ETH wallet so I converted P900 again to try buying Steem Power (SP) with ETH.

P900 was debited from my PHP wallet but my ETH wallet was showing zero until I fall asleep. LOL! I checked my ETH wallet when I woke up and the money was already credited.

So, I went to to buy Steem Power (SP). Copied my deposit address and went back to my ETH wallet, clicked "Send", "paste" my @blocktrades receive address and "SEND".


I then tried selling 1 SBD to ETH via and


I hope ETH wallet will become available in public soon! Will sell STEEM/SBD to ETH if I need IMMEDIATE CASH and to DOGE (convert via Coinpot) if I want to invest in Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, etc.

Why Ethereum (ETH)?

Transaction FEE is lower than Bitcoin (BTC) when sending FROM exchanges. See below screenshots from BlockTrades:

But, BTC transaction fee when sending FROM to external wallets is now lower than ETH. So, if you want to become an instant STEEM WHALE, just cash IN P400,000 and buy Steem Power (SP) with Bitcoin. LOL! No joke! I only used ETH to buy few SP because I am a "Beta Tester". (^_^)

How to turn Ethereum (ETH) into Cash?

Convert ETH to PHP and Cash Out. READ THIS.


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Images are my screenshots edited with PhotoCollage iOS app

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finally they add ethereum on their wallet, I am waiting for its release to public. but it would be much better they try to make steem and sbd wallet too.

Malabo po yang Steem/SBD 😂 pwede siguro BCH and LTC next 😂

Na try ko na po mag withdraw ng sbd as eth..mas malaki ang palit kesa btc

Yes po dahil sa fee :) pero tinesting ko ulit DOGE mas malaki pa rin net in peso :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Uy I read abt Verge din. Try ko kaya. Leche kasing Doge. hahaha. Sinisi pa. Lol.

Salamat s pag-add ng links. haha. May 3rd cash out n ako pero ndi process, tip sha.

Ano ginamit mo pampaliit pics?

Sa Wordpress ko po inaupload para pwede ko madelete kung kailangan (^_^)

Add ko 3rd link sa next post ko :)


Thanks for the mention @pinay
Gusto ko rin i’try 😁

Available na po ETH in public sa android. Hindi na magkakamali sa BTC/BCH (^_^)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Welcome po! I-chat nyo lang po CSrep apply kayo need lang nila email na gamit nyo sa android :) level 3 verified ako di ko lang sure kung pwede ang level 1 & 2 :)

Updated na po ma'am ah. Sana sa website meron na rin. full na mobile ko di na kaya mag add pa ng apps hehehe

Baka matagal pa po yan sa web hindi pa napperfect eh tagal ng conversion nakatulugan ko talaga 😂

I saved on my bookmark! I will definitely need this helpful post of yours @pinay!

Thank You po :)

Yay mas mababa fees.. kelan kaya nila eto ippublic

Pag wala na siguro problema (^_^) hindi pa nagconvert agad yung una kong try eh 😊

So pano yan sis nagrereport kaba sa knila pag may bugs?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yep. Nirereply ko lang po original message nila. :)

wow..thanks for additional info sis..eth's trans fee is lower than btc. il try to transfer my sbd to paypal through ETH. is it possible sis?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

link GCash MasterCard to PayPal lang po and cash out from Coinsph to GCash. Mag auto debit na po yun pag nagbayad kayo online with PayPal :)

Uh oh! Thats ok sis..

Thanks much sis :)

galing naman nito sis, save ko to ha...di ko makuha sa isang basahan lol...thank you sa pag share neto.😊

Iniedit ko naiinis talaga ako sa formatting hindi tugma Wordpress at :( at ang hirap sa pag mahaba naghhang sa mobile di ko maedit edit umiinit ulo ko pag nagppost ako mahaba 😤😤

haha cool lang pag may tiyaga may nilaga, maasar talo....ganyan din ako hirap na hirap sa formatting tapos pag send mo na bigla lalabas bandwidth mamaw😂

Haha! Power Up po kayo para no bandwidth limit 😂

Abay magpa jollibee kna ? hihihi

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Pangburger na rin yung maSSAVE sa fee pag nag cash out SBD 😅

Push friend! Bookmark ko to para may guide ako sa mga technical stuff.

Ang genius mo talaga, sis. Nabrain bleed ako.