Simplified Cashing Out from Steemit

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Have you read @BlockTrades latest post?

Cashing Out from Steemit (selling Steem/SBD) is now simplified! See below screenshots:

As I mentioned on my previous posts, I would never sell my Steem/SBD to BTC due to blockchain FEE and transaction DELAYS. I prefer to sell STEEM to DOGE if I want to withdraw Philippine PESO.

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  • ***Images are my screenshots edited with Phonto and PhotoCollage iOS apps***
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    Thanks u good information.pinay

    Doge is still a viable crypto? I heard a lot of people jumped ship from that digital currency.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    It is good for WITHDRAWing cryptos from exchanges because of low fee (i.e. From Poloniex I "Sell" BURST to BTC then buy/withdraw - DOGE #Coinpot address to SAVE fees, convert to BTC and transfer to our local Bitcoin wallet provider for fiat) but for investing I like BCH because it has a higher long-term earning potential. 😊

    Thanx for nice informative post.. You made it easy to understand.. Can you please tell me that doge can use for transfring to any country?

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Yes, we can transfer Dogecoin to any country. I use to RECEIVE Dogecoin and CONVERT to BTC/BCH/DASH/LITECOIN for FREE. I do not know how and where to withdraw DOGE to fiat in other countries except Australia and Philippines (my country).

    Ok thanx dear for your support

    Anytime ;)

    Coool! Thank you for informative info sis, will surely takr note of this hehe

    really helpfull, sis. ty

    Thank you for remembering me. This does look a little easier. The "worry bug" will not leave me until after I finally do one on my own though.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    You're welcome! Thank you too for giving me idea what to post. You know my favorite topic is MONEY MONEY MONEY. (^_^)

    I think that is the favorite topic of most Filipinas. I know it is of my wife.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Haha yeah (^_^) you can Power Down after 505 Steem Power at least, set the amount to 5 Steem per week (can stop after receipt of 5 Steem) to test it. 😊
    5 STEEM is more than P1,000 and you can use it to top up mobile phone thru PayMaya app. :)

    I'm trying to save enough for a decent vacation for my wife and me. One that we don't have to worry about running out of money while trying to have a good time. I'm talking more like P200K. I do have 7 Steem just sitting there doing nothing at the moment though. Maybe I'll try that to get that initial cash out, out of the way. So all I need now is a DOGE account? No other extra accounts?

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    You can use for SMALL amounts i.e 1-10 STEEM. You will have multiple crypto addresses you can decide if you want to try Eth, Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin. I tried them all :)

    I have a Filipino friend who wants to invest in Eth and buy it from me so I'll just cash out Steem to Eth next time and sell it to him instead of going to exchanges like pinoybitcoinexchange.

    If you have iPhone or android phone Jaxx mobile app is the easiest to use. Just install the app and that's all you need. Copy your ETH or DASH or LTC or DOGE receive address and paste it on BlockTrades reference above screenshots. No more sign ups / passwords that's why I only use it for small amounts if I need immediate peso. Your phone can be your wallet. :)

    You can install PayMaya mobile app too and register your Philippines cellphone#. If you want to exchange few ETH or DASH or LTC or DOGE at pinoybitcoinexchange just send a chat message on their website that you want to sell i.e. 3000 DOGE pay to your PayMaya account. Agent will give you their DOGE address, just copy and go to your Jaxx dogecoin, click SEND and paste their address, amount ie 3000 then press send. Agent will ask your PayMaya acct, that's the phone number you registered on PayMaya (ie 09171234567).

    On PayMaya app you can top up Philippines prepaid SIM. You can order PayMaya prepaid VISA card too and verify your account if you wish. I linked my PayMaya VIRTUAL VISA card to PayPal and used my Steemit earning for my domain renewal yesterday. :)

    You can use Bitcoin via and Philippine bank for HUGE amount later.

    I don't use my phone to do anything except make/accept a few calls and take a lot of pictures. Using it for anything to do on the internet I try to avoid. I'm more of a PC guy.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    So you can use Jaxx desktop version but I haven't tried I do not know the difference. You can also try (not .com).

    Coinsph is for Bitcoin only and requires verifications (phone, email, selfie and proof of address) before you can cash out. Fee is quite high if you sell Steem to BTC via Coinsph. So I use Coinpot DOGE wallet and convert Dogecoin to Bitcoin then transfer to Coinsph to save fees. 😊

    0.002 BTC transfer from Coinpot to is FREE but processing takes 2 days to 2 weeks which is just fine for me at least FREE :-D

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Use steemiteducation tag for such tutorials, that brings more traffic. :)

    No enough space hahaha Thank You! (^_^)

    Wow. Thanks for the info! For a newbee like me, this would help a lot :)

    Thanks for sharing this information..

    You're welcome! Hope your next cash out would be successful. :)

    wow trending. congratulations po! ;)

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Thank You! Di ko po alam yung trending trending na yan basta post lang ako kung ano maisip hehe mahilig lang ako sa usaping pera 😅

    baka dahil kay cleverbot hehe

    ano ba ginawa mo kay blaktreyd ginayuma mo yata eh., nag setenta dolares na oh., galing.

    Haha kumapit ako sa pantalon nya 😂

    iba na pala, i want to try with my 30SBD kaya lang baba ng value ng sbd ngayon

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Binibili ko po lagi ng Steem ang SBD ko at STEEM lang po lagi ko winiwithdraw :) pwede STEEM to DOGE then PayMaya po sa ok naman :)

    @pinay pwede pacheck magkano sa peso na ang 30SBD to steem to doge then paymaya? please hehe

    sa value ngayon ng sbd nasa 7K plus pesos lang yong 30sbd, im not sure if tama ginawa ko pag convert sa doge pero nasa 9K plus siya meaning mas mataas ng 2k pesos

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    6.5 Steem po sold ko today + 1.5 kahapon naging 3,000+ dogecoin P1,693 :) mas mataas po talaga ng konti gawa ng maliit FEE pag Dogecoin :) ibili nyo po muna Steem kasi mas mababa din po fee ng Steem kaysa SBD :)
    Steem sell ko lagi :)
    Nasa P7,600 lang po computation ko :-D magiging 36 Steem ang 30 SBD sa current rate. 36/8 x P1,693.

    halos parehas lang pala i check nasa 7,900 pesos ang 30 sbd pag through btc

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Pano po fee? Laki fee ng BTC :) Kaltas fee na po dyan sa doge :)

    Subukan ko nga sell SBD pag nareceive ko reward nito para macompare ko kung magkano actual conversion :)

    Thank you very much!

    Welcome po (^_^)

    wow! parang mas less hassle cya!

    Yes po :) pero BTC ang taas fee kaya yoko magsell BTC diretso Coinsph :)

    Yun oh. Galing galing!!!!

    Yep. Mas madali na 😊👍

    Congrats for this blog friend. I just know this method now. Woahh!

    Thank You! 😊

    Thank you @pinay this is what i have looking for. great help.

    I loved to help ;)

    ang galing galing naman , di na yata kita ma reach hehehehhe

    Hilig pera eh (^_^)

    Ako din gusto ko din... Ng Pera hahahah

    magaling. salamat for this :)
    ask lang, ano yun dogecoin? :)
    pano kung gusto ko mapunta sa Gcash yun pera? :)

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Kung hindi naman ako nagmamadali, sell STEEM to DOGECOIN address then convert to Bitcoin then transfer to then to GCash or bank accounts. Mas matagal lang process sa pero FREE conversion and FREE transfer of 0.002 or more BTC po. Pero sa Coinsph hindi ka po pwede magcash out if hindi selfie-verified account. Verified naman yata account nyo dahil Bitcoin dati bayad sa bitLanders :)

    Kung need ko po immediate peso pang mobile top up, sell STEEM to DOGECOIN (altcoin) then sell Dogecoin to Peso via pwede po nila pay to GCash or PayMaya or SmartMoney.

    an nice. Thanks po for the info. gaano naman po katagal? tsaka saan po yun pinakamura yun fee? :)

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Within 48 hours standard pero nong minsan inabot ng 17 yes seventeen days :-D

    Dogecoin po pinakamura blockchain fee kaya pwede ka cash out kahit 1 STEEM :)

    Pero kung Bitcoin hindi ka makacashout kahit 5 STEEM kasi kulang pa yan sa fee pa lang po. See comparisons here:
    Mas tumaas pa nga po ngayon :)

    wow 70 dollar na o

    Akala ko nga naduling lang ako 😂

    Congrats! Umpisa na yan pinapakita mo na experties mo at nakikita na nila...more power!

    Thank You! Matagal na nila ako kilala sa Twitter (^_^)

    I will try to read this and your other related posts again so I can understand it better. Does this mean I have to open a DOGE account? What other accounts do I need to open? Pasensiyahan mo na lang and matanda ha. Ngayon lang na-expose sa ganito lol.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Haha kahit bata marami pa rin po walang alam gaano sa crypto :)

    I use to RECEIVE Dogecoin and CONVERT to BTC for FREE if I want to transfer Bitcoin via to bank accounts.

    I use Jaxx wallet on android if I want to sell/exchange DOGECOIN to Peso (GCash or PayMaya) via

    Upvoted this post.
    Galing mukhang veteran kana d2 sa steemit
    thanks for sharing this

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Thanks but DO NOT upvote posts older than 7 days paid na po mga yan sayang voting power nyo 😊

    BlockTrades lang po SteemConnect ha pag ibang exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, etc. "Manual Transfer" ang cash out.

    Iba ka talaga AddGoggleKo. hehehe

    Basta usapang pera pera lang 😂

    ay kaya pala... ganyan din nakita ko kanina..nag alala tuloy ako.hehe

    Pwede pa rin yung dati select "Manual Transfer" lang pero mas maganda na tong SteemConnect. :)

    sis laki ng upvote sau ni blocktrades ahh.mahal ka na nya!

    Oo nga akala ko talaga naduling lang ako hehe ramdam nya rin sigurong luv ko sya kasi haha ako siguro kasi unang nagpost about dyan 😂

    yey... damihan mo pa sis...

    Good post you share the tutorial

    Thank You! :)

    Wah nakita ko nga eh. My gosh. My head is spinning from learning a lot abt cryptocurrency and exchanges and all the rest. 😵

    Hehe (^_^)

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    I was browsing through a lot of wallets and exchanges and reading the reviews and the app reviews.

    At least i see here you're using some of those i've seen but have not signed up for yet. Reading reviews can be discouraging. 😵

    Basta kung alin mobile and user friendly dun ako kasi you know I'm on mobile lagi 😂

    Ako rin, hirap maghanap ng user friendly.

    Yung faucets/apps pa naku nakita ko. Dami ginagawa para kumita bitcoin. 😂

    Nice onethanks

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Ok sige ganito... Binance kasi gamit ko.

    So SBD to Doge wallet ng Binance ko, then withdraw Doge in my Binance to PHP via pinoybitexchange going to GCASH?

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    NAKU! Wag na wag ka magBinance kung magwwithdraw ka in peso ang laki ng minimum at transaction fee nila. PangTRADING lang yun kung gusto mo invest sa ibat ibang CryptoCurrencies like EOS, IOTA, etc. 😤😤😤

    At wala ako makitang DOGE sa list ng Binance.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Pero meron kasi nakalagay pwde mag-deposit using Doge. So coinpot lng tlga or jaxx pala...

    Kahit pa may dogecoin Binance wag na wag nyo gagamitin if magwwithdraw peso kasi nga ang laki ng fees dun. Ok lang Binance kung magtrade crypto not fiat.

    Coinpot or Jaxx ka lang if magsell ka in peso :(

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Ginamit ko n coinpot. Blocktrades to dogecoin wallet address from coinpot.

    Naloka ako kala ko iba pa yung bitcoin core. Kaso ang withdraw to coinsph antagal. 48hrs?

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Oo matagal pero ok lang sakin kaysa magbayad fee na sobrang laki :-/

    Bitcoin Core yung BTC papunta sa Coinsh :) blog mo na 1st cash out mo haha

    2SBD = P664 after transfers and small fee. Ayos ah. 😂 Nkuha ko n now

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 may blog ka na? Hehe

    Meron n. Nag-comment ka n nga eh. Hahaha.

    Oo nauna ako dito hehe

    Ay pag nkuha ko ibblog ko. Hahaha.