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Hello dear friends. Are you planning to have children? How would you like to be able to design your child to look just how you envisioned them? How about if you were able to pick what your child excels at? Perhaps an all class athlete, or brilliant academic? Would you do it, or would leave it up to nature to decide?

Well, in less than 2 years, you may (for a hefty price) be able to design your baby to exactly how you want them, through the Brave New Science known as gene editing (CRISPR).




I want you to watch these two videos. They were done by a group of students for an international’s summit or whatever, I can’t remember. So it’s not a ‘real’ product. The product they ”Par-tu-ri-ent” and it is an artificial womb (which we will get into later).

The second of the two video is the promo video. The first video is the mock interview for the couple featured in the promo. Just give it a quick watch and you’ll see why I’ve included this.

Mock interview


Right? Pretty interesting stuff imo. I mean so maybe this parturient thing isn’t mainstream stuff, and not many people have seen the video. However, it’s all very indicative of where the technology is going.

I think most of these promises will be false advertising, and time will tell of what horrible side effects will come out of this CRISPR baby model of human reproduction. One thing’s for sure, the gene edits are irreversible and passed on to the next generation.



This is patently absurd, our DNA is quite brilliant. We have been well adapted for survival from many diseases and viruses on this planet. However, due to the constant daily assault of modern living has had a drastic effect on human health. That’s why we have such diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia. These diseases are not the problem, they are the symptoms of our sick society.

Changing our DNA isn’t the answer, we have to change our lifestyles! Get the chemicals out of food, water, etc. Stop bathing humanity in radiation for a start, but no! They are only going to make it worse, and will alter humans to be compatible with the modern assault.

Alter the genes, and man with machine. This is new world order’s answers to a problem they created in the first place. It’s all by design!

“The ‘Jaffe Memo’ is an infamous document produced by Planned Parenthood in 1969 which, in a single page, conveys the lengths that elitists are willing to go to ‘manage’ the U.S. Population.” - source


Oh, yes the scientist who wanted to make human’s HIV resistant. Isn’t that interesting? Why HIV? Is it because they want you in there their LGBTPQ-HIV Mind culture? Regardless the scientist remains unfound. However, what I wonder is where are the twins he supposedly edited with CRISPR?

Purely coincidental (Coincidence theorist! lol), the mass media just came out with some brand-new articles about the Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s research papers, as well as a few talking about the crispr twins Lulu and Nana.

Obviously, this isn’t a coincidence that they came out with these articles around the same time as the designer baby articles, it how they program the normies. Hammer it into people’s heads that this is what they want you talking about (without critical thinking of course).

NOW, let’s take a look at these articles before we proceed with the rest of the designer baby story.




I know! I went a little screen shot crazy in this post, But I feel it’s important stuff.


Sure, but if it weren’t for all the work they were doing before the 70s to stop people from having children. The IVF wouldn’t have been necessary to begin with. They created a market whilst actively slowly down population growth.

It was also a way to get science’s foot in the door of human reproduction. Get people used to the idea of lab intervention, and now here we are today. Closer than ever to doing away with the natural process of human reproduction altogether.

“YUE SHAO wasn’t trying to create an embryo. But, a few years ago, working in a lab at the University of Michigan, he witnessed something mind-boggling. The cells he was working with seemed to assemble themselves into what looked just like an early-stage human.”


Oops! LoL Do you buy such a ridiculous lie?

These are all legitimate concerns, and they’ll always point them out I’m these articles so that they can explain them away, and assure the public that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

They always push the angle “oh, but this will wipe out Alzheimers or dementia. This has the potential to save many lives” That’s just their ostensible reason for this stuff, I mean they say the same thing about the brain chips, but ultimately these things will be used to control humanity. Absolutely!

If CRISPR is truly is the future tool for humanity. It is all too likely that the elites will use it themselves to create offspring far superior physically and mentally to that of the common class. At the very least a way around all the inbreeding within their bloodlines.


I think this will be pushed early on as a ‘cure’ for diseases, but will quickly move on to superficial edits. In fact, they are programming the youth into this type of instant achievement all the time.

Take Marvel movies for example. It’s all about the weak becoming strong without the hard work.

Science is being dumbed down. I take my kids to the space and science centre in my city. Well, it used to be the space and science centre when I was a kid, until it was purchased years ago by a big telecommunications company in Canada. It’s called the Telus World of Science now.

This Telus world of science has a featured exhibit that changes every few months. Guess what the featured exhibit is on now?


Yup, that’s right! Friggin Marvel! Super heroes are science now. Do you see what I mean? They are putting it in children’s minds that science and Marvel are one and the same. I think that CRISPR could very well be marketed in such a way in the future, as a tool that creates ‘super humans’.

Fertility in the west is down nearly 60% over the last 40 years. It’s likely that our youth won’t even be able to conceive their own children without some form of assistance from a lab. That’s if people even are allowed to reproduce naturally at all in the next 10 - 20 years from now.







Okay, blah blah blah. You get it right? Now let’s move on to the other half of my post.

“When they are in this environment, they just feel, and see, and smell, and hear the same sounds as when they are in the womb of the mother, he said.



Here’s one of my first posts really diving into a subject. The title was taken from an actual conference in Oklahoma in 2002.

"The End of Natural Motherhood?"



This was back in 2002, they had successfully planted embryos into artificial wombs. They have been working on this for a long long time.



That is of course insane! I mean, a regular and healthy minded male loves women. Getting rid of them is the very last thing we would want to happen. However, this is the feminist mind control. I love women so much, they just amaze me (I’m quite happy being a male though lol), so I really hate it when I see women getting manipulated in this way. It’s the agenda to split men and women apart, because together we are the greatest threat to the new world order.


Something alien in her body? See this is the disassociation they have created in the minds of modern woman, ALIEN!

“'At present, this means killing the foetus. But if artificial wombs are developed, the foetus could be placed in one, and the woman told she has to look after it once it has developed into a child.'”




Now this is a very good possibility. In fact, I think the same case will be made for things like smart wearables e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc. In the future you won’t be able to get insured if you don’t have one of these biological monitors on you at all times, feeding data directly to your insurance company.

Scary thought. Alright one more article I want to go through before wrapping this up.



Alright, so this one was written in 2014. The writer is a futurist, and thinks that Ectogenisis (term coined in 1924!) will be here in 20 years. That’s would be by the year 2034 and then widely used ten years later (2044).

Now, remember the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I think I might have mentioned it before. 😝

Well, I was recently made aware (by the Corbett report) that in 1956, CBS did a radio broadcast of the story “Brave New World” narrated by Aldous Huxley himself

You can go and listen to it here.

CBS Radio Workshop - Brave New World

In the opening to the broadcast, Huxley talks about his book and how even though the book was set 600 years into the future. He says that if he were to write the book now (1956), he would have set it for a lot sooner in the future (like 200 years at the most). Well, it’s sooner than you thought bitch! 😂 (sorry, couldn’t help it)

Just as a note, if you were to look into the history of Aldous Huxley and his connections, you’d see that he was definitely on the inside, and Brave New World wasn’t merely a fantastic piece of fiction, but rather a NWO blueprint for the future.

Brave New Television Series Coming.




Sure these things can be true, but most women really enjoy their time being pregnant. There is no closer bond than that of a mother and her child inside of her. Without a doubt, it’s a one of a kind experience for woman to have.

Destroying a child’s bond with her mother will undoubtedly undo what makes us human from the start. What are the long and short term effects on a human being’s first unborn experience with humanity is hijacked and replaced with a synthetic version of it?

Well, we will have a Brave New World in my opinion.


Oh, my! Really? Are these the justifications for doing away with carrying a child in the natural womb? That’s some McDonald’s logic there lol


There ya go, surveillance state from the womb and beyond. Just like in that Par-tu-ri-ent promo video. The fetus would have constant monitoring in the artificial womb, with the data being uploaded to the hospital frequently.



All of this is just an attack on nature. They do it with our food, our medicine, even our natural psychology state is messed with via media. So why not human reproduction? They can’t trust humans to reproduce responsibly, we are too viviparous! We will overpopulate the world over, and it’s their duty to mankind and the earth, to take control of the process completely.

Again this is right out of brave new world. The eggs were taken from women and kept in a warm solution of sperm (gross lol). Then the ones destined to be alphas and betas are chilled for a bit, while specimens that are destined to become lower castes (the gammas, deltas, and epsilon’s) are taken out after a short while, and under a process called the “Bokanovsky” process is used to cause the egg to divide over and over into many eggs, potentially making up to 96 identical twins from a single egg (Creepy). But I digress.


Indeed reproductive rights, that’s the right to kill your unborn child (inverse 🤡 world), and it is still a hot issue as more and more women are pulled away from their natural, biological instincts to have and raise children, and replaced with puppies, sports, and glass towers in hopes to one day topple the patriarchy which they have been programmed to believe is their oppressor. However, the oppressors hate all of us and are simply using women against men, because we still pose a physical threat to the powers that be.

Happily Ever Alone Woman Happiest Without Children or A Husband

Yah damn skippy they are trying to sever the internal bond that tethers man and woman together. That’s without a doubt. Moving on!



Yes, this is a very important point. This will play a huge role in the lgbtpqwxyz community. There will be a strong rallying cry for this technology so that gay men can have their own kids. Heck maybe even Shkle, Shklim, Shkler could have their very own Shklid in a complete abomination of all that is natural in the world.

Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is a pressing need to do so. This is a precursor to incubator reproduction as described in Huxley’s 1932 book, Brave New World and is already linked to gay men being able to ‘have babies’. ⁃ TN Editor

Ahhh, have I ever told you the story about the same sex mouse having babies? Oh, why yes I have!

Oh, Brave New Science: Sex Mouse Parents Give Birth Via Gene-Editing

Welp, that’s gonna do it for now. Thank you so much for your time and attention. I hope you found this post interesting and informative. I’m definitely going to write more on this in the future. Thanks again and until next time.

Reporting from the BRAVE NEW WORLD, I am...


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It's with great appreciation I read this post, as you have extensively researched and considered the matter, providing sources.

Something you may not have considered is that today for <$300 you can buy a CRISPR kit to edit the human genome yourself on your kitchen table, in your shed, or the back seat of a fucking car, for that matter. CRISPR is in the wild, and tens of thousands of people are practicing genetic engineers today, not including any that are involved in educational, governmental, or corporate institutions.

Leaving this power in the hands of institutions will bite us hard in the ass, since we become nothing but chattel, and existentially vulnerable to the whims of our posterity's creators - not parents, but psychopathic overlords. Not particularly brave. However, just like 3D printers, CRISPR is tabletop open source individually owned means of production, and I reckon that genie isn't getting back in the lamp.

Take the bull by the horns or get gored. That's about the only choice we have with every technological advance, and none more existentially than our germline. Frankly, I have complete confidence that more than a few CRISPR babies preceded He's limelight grabbing, but without the fanfare for reasons - obviously damn good reasons. I've seen folks inject themselves with stuff they engineered themselves via CRISPR. It's happening, and sticks in mud become traction for folks traversing mud.

Will bad shit happen? As surely as the sun rises daily. Will corporations seek to profit? Just as surely as popes wear pointy hats. Will anything prevent technology from advancing? Only our extinction. Nobody has a choice regarding what technology is possible. The universe is what it is, and rational people make the best choices they can regarding what to do given the understanding they attain.

Nothing has ever had the potential CRISPR has to empower individuals and humanity to prosper in joy. It's not evil anymore than any other feature of physical reality. What we do can either be good or evil, and we will face such choices regarding CRISPR, just as we do with pointy sticks. We see that the UK literally seizes pointy sticks from civilians today, because it's possible to do bad things with them.

Is that how we want to live? Utterly disempowered proactively by totalitarian despots?

I reckon not. Every single one of the human beings alive today has an opportunity to gain this incredible power to improve their lot. What we each do with that opportunity will be entirely our personal responsibility, and we will merit the consequences of our decisions. Whether that's becoming enslaved and the property of psychopaths who undertake every possibility to profit from us, or to become immune to those psychopaths that consider us chattel, is up to us.


Yes, that’s a good point that am aware of (lots of crispr kits advertised to me last year), and I was planning to include this into part 2 of my “the road to human invention” series.

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate the feedback.