I'm on a quest to follow people and give away some whaleshares (Details Inside)

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The OCD project is on hold again due to outages and issues on steemit.chat. I don't know what to expect from that chat client in the future, but I hope it stabilizes and becomes operational once again.

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Recently I have been taking a closer look at the people I follow. I noticed that some accounts have been inactive for a month and other only ever updoot themselves, posting 10x a day! I am not impressed by people who refuse to give back to the community, so they are being removed from my fee. This is great because it makes more room for you! If for some reason I haven't clicked that follow button yet, please let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to do so. I would also appreciate it if you each recommend at least one person for me to follow who shares good quality content.

In return, I will be sure to reward five people whose recommendation will be selected, with 10 whaleshares each. To determine the top suggestion, I will be multiplying the value of each comment by the number of voters, and the highest number wins. This way it will be more fair as a single whale can't necessarily outvote many new members.

However, if I see any abuse by trails or paid upvotes, I will not take those votes into account and take them out of the equation.

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Only comments with a valid recommendations and genuine votes will be considered.

Each participant may only win once.

I am excited to view your new posts! I have finally recovered my voting power after accidentally going overboard. I should be receiving my slider within a week, so it won't happen again. I have been waiting for a long time for this and will be very proud once I have finally it. I can't wait to safely share the updoots with you.

If you don't know what whaleshares are yet, come chat with us on discord and find out! https://discord.gg/NTKXJhK

Thank you for your participation

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on steemit.chat or the whaleshares discord server. https://discord.gg/NTKXJhK.

As Always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!


I want to recommend this girl @asterix, I've been watching a lot of her cover and I think she deserve more.

what's her steemit name?

Hi, you would want to follow these and for these reasons:

  1. @luvabi- great stuff focusing on parenting
  2. @jeanelleybee- her posts are as colorful as her personality and definitely reeks of positivity!
  3. @deveerei- if fine art and some poetry is your search, dev's posts you must have heard.

And of course.... I'd include myself on the list. I've started a DEAR STEEMIT (ASK) Contest, somehow an advise column on its 2nd week. A boost on this would definitely help for the succeeding weeks' prizes. It's amazing the thoughts put into on the comments here.
I've also just started today DEAR STEEMIT STORIES, a story of ordinary people having an extraordinary focus on the article. If this picks up, I intend to give back to the subjects a portion of the earnings. :)

Voting cause my Kuya is there!

And your kuya is well-deserving!

PH Support coming right up!

Thank you for this :) wippeee!!try to check out my Bee Positive, Bee Happy contest. Have a good day! :)


Neat! Thanks for the detailed suggestions. I'm going to take your advice and follow all of you! Looking forward to some great stuff, definitely going to check out that contest :)

I was going to recommend @aashishkandel, but he is already on the list :)
he does some very good stuffs, also his last post is really encouraging!!

wow! so nice of you Deepa,
thank you so much for the recommendation :)

Yes, he is great :-) Do you have another suggestion?

There are so many great steemians here, but I know very little
And some of you have been already followed by you, but yeah, one great steemian and a great inspirer is missing,
you would definitely want to follow @surpassinggoogle !!

Done. Thanks so much.

Hello! I am not being followed by you yet and i would like to recommend @suesa . They really make some quality content and if anybody hasn't checked out their page I would highly recommend it!

Thank you for being a positive influence in the community and for your continued support of minnows. You already follow me, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due since there's been a lot of less-than-good behavior on the platform recently. It's folks like you who make a difference.

That means a lot to me. Thank you for your kind words. Do you know of any other great people I should be following?

Let me first say to the nation of claymation I really appreciate the opportunity and since I only follow myself @road2wisdom because I feel like,like , totally awesome and like I do like, great posts and admin a room in discord and like yeah! I would also like to say. Like I like to say like a lot and that makes me the clear winnner of all 5 prizes right???!?! Like I read this intense book once called the cat in the hat and it totally changed My life. Like how does the cat actually fit into the hat? Like Omg! Like vote for me and like you can also vote for like @mindhunter cause his shit is really good! Like really really freaken awesome. Ok now so is that like a double follow? Oh and if your following me and mindhunter already like just like smash that like button anyway. Toodles

lol @akrid 🌞

hahahhaa you like got my uplike. It's like you really like steemit or, like something like that :-D

Lol i can't stop laughing. Ok see you there in a few

I could do with my Daily Dose of LMAO from the road! Hee-hee! I'll wait for you in chat once I've processed my latest pay day :)


Cannot process pay. Bittrex slowed to a poop halt due to the July 4th holiday! GRRRRRR! Cup of tea, then off tae the chat :)

If you're into science articles I can really recommend @mystifact.
Other than that @alexbeyman has some interesting technological articles and @timsaid does some Mythbusting and shoots some really beautiful photos.

Awesome, thanks!

thatsweeneyguy and holoz0r ! Hope things have been good Ak!

Excellent suggestions. I've been following holoz0r for a while now. Thank you sir!

Thank you for your continued support! :)

My vote is for @holoz0r

Thanks @dabeckster What angle of my content is it that you enjoy? (Because I do post in a variety of topics!)

I am into travel photography and you have some nice pieces in that genre, but I had to vote for someone willing to put an original novel on Steemit! That's quite an effort that shouldn't go unrewarded.

Thanks for the honest reply :) There's a fair bit of stuff I haven't even looked at from trips I took over a decade ago, so rest assured, there will be more content coming in that field, eventually!

I'm really happy with how the novel is coming along, looking forward to seeing what happens to my characters. Currently starting work on the eighth chapter!

Great. If you get a chance, check out my blog. I have traveled quite a bit over the years and am having fun putting my photos into travelogues as I reminisce about the trips.

I'd recommend @thesimplelife. She does good things.

awesome, thanks!

Hello @akrid. I also did some housekeeping yesterday, despite being new here, I already found many that I was following were dormant or not interesting for me.
Have a look at this profile @nakedbakers very unique concept about nudity art and baking!
Would be great if I have you on my followers list !

Awesome Thanks! It's easier to clean once a week than it is to find a huge mess 6 months down the road haha.

You are right dear, I will for sure do my weekly housekeeping going forward, I don't want to find myself in a big mess later on!

Wow, nude baker, this is what I was looking for!!!

It is really a very unique concept!

Me and my sister have just joined the site i am going to be posting content about crypto mining and she is posting about her work which is bulldog breeding (her name - beautifulbullies).

I use reddit alot and am hoping to make steemit more of my goto site. However i do wish they had an official app for my phone.

Excellent! Following you both. Hope to see great things from you :-)
Her name didn't work, can you make sure it's correct or have her comment on here??

Ok well i have commented on one of her posts when she said she is new her name on here is beautifulbullies

ahah! there we go. I think I made a mistake the first time. Thank you

I don't know how I haven't followed you yet hahaha. Thanks for the suggestion!

@akrid I will suggest @mughat and at @dinoo
They both focus on bringing equality and profitability to every steemit member whether whale or minnow.
I would even go ahead to say they share the same vision with @aggroed and you @akrid. Thanks for checking my post on "donating to get upvotes" which as well translates to buying upvotes from whales. Upvoted and following you!

Thanks! I chatted with mughat in steemspeak a couple time, interesting and intelligent guy. Glad to hear there are so many people who share my respect and care for the steemit community.

You didn't pushed the follow button on my page, but I want to rcommend you @Detlev or @redtravels

Done, done and done! Thank you very much friend! Excellent suggestions.

I have followed you and I recommend @joeyrocketfilms ...he is hauling ass to help out noobs and I think it is great that he just got a group in PAL started. I am just learning the ropes and look forward to learning more from you :)

Thanks, that's awesome! I have a lot of respect for people who care about the community.

I would like to nominate @kenchung, he has been holding so many good math competitions, and recently he has built an awesome Chrome Extension! Even if he can't win this contest, I think he definitely deserves upvote from all of us!

Awesome! That sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks so much

I recommend @scrooger in case you have not checked him out yet. He does great work informing about how-to-Steemit and is especially helpful for minnows. Furthermore his posts are always teaching valuable lessons!

I've seen scrooger around a lot. Dont know why im not following gim yet lol. Thank you

I would highly recommend following @hopehuggs and @robyneggs for awesome poetry. They write wonderfully but they also run poetry contests so you can discover even more poetry.
Also let would recommend to follow @inber @opheliafu @barbara-orenya and @arthuradamson for truly awesome art.

Also @aksinya will bring you wonderful contests all about art. Follow her for even more inspiration :)

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I followed every one of them, and you :) Looking forward to the adventure

I liked your recommendations @sumsum

Im a photogrpher and like @shieha, very good work, and if course you can follow me and join my photocontest if you do any photography. Thanks

Thanks! My friend is a photographer. He is always looking for great photographers to follow too.

My vote is for both @soonidrift and @shieha.

Happy to help a fellow minnow!

Please follow me! =)
I'd highly recommend following https://steemit.com/@revnissan
I don't know the guy but I practically joined Steemit just to follow him as his TA and Invesment calls are golden! Posts very educational stuff for any would be investor.

He also just joined steem this month.=)

Awesome, followed. Thanks for the great recommendation! I like what you're doing.

Greatly Appreciated!

Hi Akrid. I would recommend @worldtraveler and of course myself. He has some great content, although he does not post as often as he used to.

Im a work in progress and trying to improve on my skills one post at a time.

Hey man, thanks for the recommendation! We are all a work in progress. Keep and it and you will go far

I highly recommend @hien-tran. He is trying to help some minnows with a nice faucet and daily updates on cryptocurrency. good for noobs.

Excellent, I'll be sure to check him out. Thanks!

Feel free to check out my blog akrid ;) I'm still new and trying to gain traction

OMG I thought I had followed you already! Looking forward to working with you. Do you have any other suggestions who I should follow?

Yes same here. Are you mostly looking for new users or just undervalued? I'm in both categories lol

of course I love discovering new and undervalued posts, I'm open to all quality content :-)

Ok cool I'll send you some names and posts. Feel free to check out my newest ones in the meantime and let me know what you think or any suggestions. I appreciate it!

I def will. I have to help a friend move fore a bit, but will have some time after that.

Hi ! This post is such a good idea !
I can recommend you @acryptotrader ;-) Good and frequent posts concerning crypto news. My personnal blog concerns scientific studies related to human sexuality! I try to post every day and I'm keeping it ... until now !😄

Very interesting! Thanks so much for your participation

I would like to recommend @aleister who posts excellent posts related to photography and also @thecryptotrader who makes posts about travel and dessert recipes!

Excellent suggestions. Now I can pretend I'm traveling and dining like a millionaire without even have to leave me seat, or be a millionaire for that matter! xD Thanks man

@hannahlicious (with first place of Bounty4love contest)
@droucil (myself, second place in B4L contest)
@akrid (yourself haha, third place)

Just feel like the contest was fairly judged by the quality of content and that all deserve some extra credit :)!

Great work man! I really enjoyed the contest and the results.

me and my girl ingie https://steemit.com/@ingie <3 I've been into crypto since 2011 became a pretty big miner was eventually living off it especially through 2014 could turn $1 electricity into $10 with a 7970 haha .. went broke since then trying to get back into things love steemit knew about it back in 2016 they were offering $10 on signup i sat on the signup page then went looking for my phone and forgot what happened after that but I didn't complete the signup. Glad i'm in now though <3

Haha wow what an experience! I'm glad you made it back, we have a great opportunity here! Thanks for the suggestion.

I see you already follow me, so thanks for your support. @samuel-earp-art and @vividrange are putting up some quality posts. I am sure thy would appreciate some whale love.

Yep :) Thanks for the suggestion! Don't forget to vote on the the best suggestions for a chance to earn even more whaleshares!

I will! Thanks!

I would love to recommend @sassal. Contents are so informative.

Excellent, thanks. Hopefully I'll learn something!

If you like fitness my friend @demilee-fitness joined recently, she is getting used to the platform, but I think she has some great information to post in the future.

I'll definitely check her out. Hope to see some of the subjects listed in your description from you too :)

I am thinking ............ damm need some summer follow cleening !

yup. gotta keep a good clean feed of quality writers to follow

I needed it bad and now I have room for more!! Have any suggestions?

I always do but i need your criteria for it :)

anyone you think is a great person to follow that i may not have already noticed ;-)

You can just chek my operstionsupport room i post every day minnow is it wort to follow :) Its diferent categories :)

Perfect, thank you! To those who may not know, operationsupport room is on the whaleshares discord server

+1 on that too

Thanks! There must be a reason he is so successful.

I recomand a person that posts awesome content @guyfawkes4-20 You should check him out. :D

I sure will! Thanks man. followed :-)

I am new, I will be posting on a variety of topics...
Image of dksartSteemit

I'll give you a chance ;-) Followed

I reconmend @doubledeeyt he poasts decent stuff and pictures!

Thanks, followed ;-)

There are alot of accounts that havent been active since last YEAR, if you look around youll see many people havent posted since june 2016

Yea, I noticed that. Maybe they will come back some day.

This dude is new on here, but both of his posts are amazing! @realitylvn

Sweet, will do.

put investing articles which i find is relevant. But to each its own. Nice of you to continue reaching out to more minnows. Thumbs up

I do enjoy some investing advice. One day steemit will make me rich enough to put it to use haha

Am sure many will start putting investing advice on steemit in near future : )

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Well I don't know if he's already on ur following list or not but I won't mention myself coz im still at the early beginning spectrum of writing with a yet to be discovered niche but my bunny buddy here is just amazing @infobunny

Thanks, just followed him and you too :-) I'm curious what that undiscovered niche will be.

Thanks for your sweet support :)

I would like to recommend @acidyo - has been very helpful to me with some great advice on steemit.chat - definitely has some very interesting / funny posts. oh, and uh, if you wanted to follow me you could always do that too :)

Yea, he is great. I've been following him for a while now. I was actually chosen to be part of his OCD team!
Followed you too :-)

Follow @sirlunchthehost if you don't already ;)

Done, and followed you too!

I think you should follow me and my friend @mauriciovite. I'm also part of the OCD project, so double reason to follow me :)

Awesome! Can't wait to start working with you. Thanks for the suggestion man.

I recommend @sauravrungta for his excellent content!

very good suggestion. thank you

This is a great contest! I would like to nominate @thelastsage
I have found the content very informative and inspirational! I am brand new to steemit and saw his post.

I already have him followed, but I followed you too :) Welcome to steemit, It's a lot of fun!

@retailtrader has been blowing up my feed with good crypto investment updates and @kingofdew is my go-to for youtube updates. Thanks for spreading the love!

Thanks man, nice suggestion with kingofdew, however retailtrader seems to abuse the system. He ONLY ever upvotes his own posts and comments, while never ever giving back to the community. I don't follow people like this.

Thanks for the tip!