The Deadpost Initiative - Week 36 - Share your most undervalued work ($17 SBD rewards last week)

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What is the Deadpost Intitiative?

The Deadpost Initiative is an attempt to give love to some posts that were overlooked during their short 7 day life span, a chance to bring your old posts back to life and maybe make some friends in the process. The goal is not only to share some love with SBD but also by engagement to generate discussion.

Last week

Once again I need to apologize for the delay. I’ve got so many things on my plate, applying for jobs, playing 2-3 shows a week and also a Japanese study group. I will try to be on time next week.

This we we had great contemplative posts but not so much engagement. Please remember to come back and check out work by others. Resteem if you would like to support this initiative, the more the merrier.

Last Week's Winners


@fjmb86 - $7 SBD prize

A look into the psychology of the selfie. @fjmb86 bring some up something that some may not realize how deeply influenced they have been.

“Homo selfie ” 📷


@artisticscreech - $5 SBD prize

One of my favorite steemians offering another great look into an aspect of psychedelics. Reality is absurd!

Psychedelic Comedy and Learning to Laugh at Life


@acesontop - $5 SBD prize

Context is everything! When people say “you’ve changed” what do they really mean by this? @acesontop shares ideas on this.

You've Changed When You No Longer Fit Patterns


Week 36

(From pexels)

Share your best Deadpost in the comments!

The best posts will be rewarded with the fluid payout from this post (split between winners) and will be featured in a future post.


•Please only submit 1 post.
•Posts must have a payout of less than $5.
•Posts must be at least one month old.
•I recommend you don't enter the same post twice in the same month if you didn't win the first time.
•Vote for 1-3 post by others. Please share WHY you liked their posts. If you don't vote for someone else's post by commenting you will not be eligible to win.
•Winners will be chosen based on how original, creative, informative and well written their posts are, as well as how well received they are in the comments. I will use the quality of comments as the main factor in judging who wins.
•There will be a slight bias towards smaller accounts but large accounts are welcome to join and compete or join just for fun and to share their old work.
•There may also be prizes for stellar comments and engagement.
•There will be 2 or more winners depending on how big the payout for this post is and depending on how many quality posts are entered into the contest.

Please upvote generously on your favorite post in the comments below, we'd like to generate a sense much support as possible for all participants and the prize pool is still growing.
Upvote and resteem to help us raise our reward pool! And remember to comment and upvote on comments in this post please to show support for deadposts! :-)
The prize pool will be the fluid rewards from the post plus any donation to the initiative.
I'm still looking for more SP delegation to offer larger upvotes on all submissions. Thanks to @krnel for his delegation and @tribesteemup for their trail support.

This is not merely a contest, this is an opportunity to have your material read and an opportunity for us to really discuss each other's posts.
The Steemit Zombies and Deadpost Initiative discord channel

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Congrats to the previous winners.
I love what @whatamidoing is doing with this initiative.
I hope the steemit whales get inspiration from this and reward newcomers and undervalued contents.
This is my first contest and I hope its fun. Good luck to all contestants.

This is a really important post. I hope the initiative succeeds. Sounds like good common sense.

Thank you for your kind words.

Its a great initiative, I must say. And congratulations to the winners

I wonder why I am just finding this out though. But well, better late than never, yeah?

Here is mine;

Yes the ability to listen is something we need this days. And it is probably one of the most important thing in a conversation. But now we are so impation with the phones around, cheking them all the time.

Yeah, the gadgets can be a great source of distraction. But putting an effort to listen by keeping them aside for a little while will be a great start. Thank You for reading through it!

Knowing how to listen is a skill that not everyone has, it is an art that develops to interpret in the best way the words of others, not only for the fact of understanding them but for being placed in a context similar to that of the one who says them and acting under rational criteria... It's not easy, big post. :)

Yeah, it's not easy at all, but with constant practice and a conscious effort, we will get better at it!

Being able to interpret it in the best way is a great point as well but can be quite tricky...

lots of good advice here :)

Yeah? Thank you for taking out time to read through it!

I'm glad you do.

Very good article. One of the most important things I've learned about the art of listening - and communication in general - is to try to set aside the ego. This is not the same as getting walked over by the other person, because as you develop the skill of managing your reactions you present less of a target for anyone who is in an upset frame of mind.

That's true. Ego stands in a way in several ways when it comes to our relationship with people in general. And how much we listen can go a long way in strengthening our relationships with people.

And yes, its not the same as getting walked over by others. Thank You!

This is my entry: Importance of art And Culture

I think it is extremely influential, to estimate art and culture in today's society. Rescue values, share family, re-encounter with our culture, with what represents us, with what we identify.

This topic is very relevant! They should never be lost and left in oblivion.

I did a post on a similar topic "The Value of Art" that did pretty well, so I think this one was just overlooked. Or maybe you don't have that many followers yet. In any case, I wholeheartedly agree with the point you're making and that more people need to think about this.

Thank you very much for the support and for your wise words. I totally agree with you. Regards!

Steemit amazing me every day, what a noble thing to do.
This is my submission:

besides i think no human have an 'absolute power', in the social systems decentralization is the way.

Yes, no man have "absolute power" over the humanity. But we have people with great power that for sure.

I agree about your reflections. However, it does not consider the problem of inequality in the property of cryptocurrencies. Few accounts own most of the cryptocurrencies.

An example:

First of all thanks for choosing my post as a winner one. Congratulations for the other participants and for you in keeping this initiative going on!

Now that it goes further I am sharing another "dead post" that could probably get some more attention than it has, so here it is:

Keep up with the good work and good luck with your future job! Hope is a good one in any aspect you may consider.

Personally, I believe that cryptocurrencies are already part of the global payment and exchange market as a form of digital money.

I see them more as an asset.

Very interesting, I am very attracted to these topics

This is a great initiative. There are lots of good articles in Steemit that do not receive upvotes because they do not get enough visibility.

This is my submission: Human papilomavirus and vaccines Please read also the comments, when I debate with another user about benefits and side effects of these vaccines.

EDIT: My votes are for:

  1. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely by @dalz. This article explains very well the dangers of people accumulating power and it remarks the change that cryptocurrencies could make in the current world order. However, it does not consider the problem of inequality in the property of cryptocurrencies.

  2. You’re Not Broken ... You’re Art The goals of art are either show beauty or create emotions in the viewer. This article describes emotions about creating art, making it an art piece itself.

  3. Language Keeps Getting Looser and Loser A debate about the meaning of language. In spite of the art of the literature, this post states the importance to take care of the inaccuracy of language and I totally agree about it.

This was quite an informative post. Unfortunately, the translation may have been an undermining factor.

Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to improve my English.

What a great initiative, I congratulate you for such an original idea and that makes us review those posts that we liked.

My Deadpost for this week is not really mine, it's my beautiful girlfriend's @gatoconbotas, although we are doctors, her passion for cooking is indisputable. She is currently taking a cooking course and I must say that the food she makes is simply delicious, I think my palate is crazy with her flavors. I have convinced her to continue publishing her recipes in steemit and a month ago she published her first article in English where she develops the previous steps of the kitchen:Mise en Place (I've learned a lot from her.), I loved that post very much although sincerely underestimated. I hope to continue to convince her to publish her delicacies. Greetings to all friends.

I love the fact that you are sharing your Girlfriend's post, its so cute! Plus, I love food!

I like the fact that she didn't just share a recipe, but also those little steps that we might likely miss out or skip when in the kitchen. Well, all the little steps contribute to making our dishes delicious. The Miss en Place cooking!

Thank you @audreybits, if you were in front of me saying these words I'd be blushing for sure. She is a great cook and I am her most faithful taster heheh

That's amazing! And you should keep tasting. lol.

nice stuff here as always. a had the strange dreams and understanding it all connect.

When I was in primary school, I had friends who would feed on the nectar of this plant. That I found hard to do.
Very lovely pictures you have there.

Its such a beautiful flower, no wonder it attracted attention from poets!

What a great idea. I'll definitely take a look at some. Also will see if I have anything neglected to dig up. I love your creativity. Good luck with the job hunt!

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